If It's Tuesday: Down By The Seaside



If It's Tuesday
This must be the Sydney: Down By The Seaside


[some rocks]


[more rocks]


[more waves]

Down By The Seaside

It's been a while since I posted a Tuesday Travel Post . .. Well this is not one either! ... Unless a five minute journey can be considered travel.. Then we are on the money!!


A five minute journey.. across vast lands, treacherous roads, and a couple of roundabouts and we find ourselves at the seaside. For those of you not living in Sydney.. this could be a travel post .. right? Travel by proxy... as that would be Sydney skyline in the background folks. I know, I could have made it clearer.. but then it wouldn't be mysterious.

... Ok darn you.. Here's a close up!...


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Julie b


All Text, Photography & Artwork by me - [Being Ruby©]


mermaid gallery said...

I'm a big beach fan and Sydney looks like my kind of town. Would love to visit and plan on doing that one day when time is on my side.....

Jeanne Henriques said...

I am missing the ocean....big time Julie. This is just what I needed!
Thank you...I have to wait until December to get back to Sydney and
the first thing I am going to do is head to the beach...and then the ferry...and then back to the beach again :)

Jeanne :) xx

Splendid Sass said...

SUch beautiful photographs! I love the seaside. A peace you can find nowhere else.
Have a nice day.


Gorgeous images! Thank you for sharing. ~ Angela

Ella said...

Breathtaking and calming detour!~ Loved these...I so love my escapes to the sea;S hore side interlude! Gorgeous pics~
I am so happy you are so close! xXx

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Ruby
Excuseme I'm a bit lost this days but my holidays have finished and I'm returning to work.On Friday I receive to my pupils again and I have lots of things to do
I'm glad you are happy waiting for Spring after a cold Winter ,Isn't it?
Your flowers are beautiful and your sea and your beach too
Australia is far away but very closed in my heart

Drawn to The Sea said...

You have the prettiest way of looking at the world, Julie. Moody, romantic, mysterious... delicious art! After looking at them, I feel I must go daydream for awhile... makes me wonder what you daydream about when you create them.

Thank you for the beauty.

Stephanie said...

So pretty! One day next week, I think I am going to go to the beach without the kids and enjoy a quiet lunch and book! And yes, go ahead and call it travel. You probably packed something for the journey, right?

La Dolfina said...

Lovely, Thank you!!
Perfect for a Monday kind of Tuesday :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This was a wonderful respite!
I could almost hear the crashing of the waves.

Anne Marie said...

that first picture looks like an oil painting kind of........very cool

I didn't see that giveawy yet.....gotta go!

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear Julie, I love this photos! What a beautiful beach!
We was last week in italy on the sea and it was so great!!!
Have a nice weekend,
Big Hugs, Yvonne

Sue said...

You can be there in 5 minutes...I'd go every day. How wonderful and beautiful!

Jayne said...

Oh that sea! Especially on that second picture. It really does look like a painting.

Giulia said...

You know how much I love the beach, the sea. I have a whole playlist on iPod dedicated to ocean sounds. Called "Ocean." (Yeah, I know, not clever.) These are gorgeous, as always, J, & it is a travel post for tons of us. Thanks! xoxo

Just Martha said...

Julie, you made me laugh! Such exquisite photos to linger over called 'some rocks', 'more rocks'... lol. They are too beautiful for such a basic title. That first one is breathtaking... Always a pleasure to visit you - a great way to start the day...

Killiecrankie Farm said...

what a unique way to include the city scape but phase it into insignifance compared to the seas

erin's art and gardens said...

lovely dear julie...just lovely. i hope spring comes back to you...but anyday at the beach is a good day...

Ann said...

You are so lucky- seriously, 5 minutes away?

I am also 5 minutes away from Lake Erie, but it doesn't occur to me to photograph it. Geez, what am I (not) thinking? Except that my photographic skills aren't even close to being in the same league as yours!

I'll just enjoy your blog instead. ;)


the old boathouse said...

Hey Julie, the first image is just amazing...reminds me of a 1920's~ 1930's English painting or novel even...maybe "Rebecca" ...has a touch of the deco going with the seagull....perfect for a bit of the old mind travelling...hope you are having a lovely day my dear, cheers Katherine

simon said...

reminds me of a wonderful quote of Kenny Everitt "show me a wave....and I'll wave back" ! :o)

nerines said...

They're gorgeous Julie! I thought for a moment you had swapped your camera for paint brushes, really lovely:) xo

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...


Angie Muresan said...

I love the seaside! Ours is about an hour and a half away, but we still go every chance we get.
Gorgeous photos, Julie!!
By the way, can you pick me as the giveaway winner? ;)

rjerdee said...

Oh...these beautiful paintings make me long for my Florida seaside...pulling my heartstrings. I'm almost finished with my summer schedule and am beginning to pack a few things. We leave the north in just three weeks or so....back to my love on the rocks by the sea.

Mise said...

Beautiful, beautiful images. Rivalling Portofino in my affections. It's not that my affections aren't fussy, but that you are a woman of many striking subject matters. I can't look at an image of yours without mentally choosing a frame and a wall of my house for it.

Mary-Laure said...

Oh Julie, these pics are just amazing! So peaceful and beautiful.
I got back to LA on Monday evening and the first thing I did on Tuesday morning was walk to the beach to say hello to the Pacific ocean.

Carole said...

As you know I rarely travel so a visit to your travel posts is always welcoming! Makes me think of all that I miss out on but hey don't feel bad ....it is what it is!
Sometimes the travel planning was the best part of my trips anyways!!!
While I was waiting for the page to fully open up I was fixated on that first image. It looks like an oil painting. Just incredible. Whenever I've tried that it comes out to distorted and unrecognizable. Hope your loving you new PS.


Delishhh said...

As always your photo's are amazing! Love to come and vistit and dream about them.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Beautiful photographs of the unpredictable sea. It has taken me back to our wonderful holiday. It must be lovely to live by the sea. At least, living in the UK, we are never far from the coast. XXXX

desde my ventana said...

My day today it will be happier , your photos have filled me with energy and it abates at the same time,thanks you Julie,

Kerry said...

So wonderful Julie. I really should get to Sydney more often!

Unknown said...

Dear Julie, sorry for being so late in visiting you back. I´m in awe with your pictures, these ones and the ones from the other post, you are a so great photographer, my darling!!!!! Spring is arriving here too and everything is blossoming again!!!
Regarding the Mary Virgin, really this is the first one I have, I saw it and fell in love with her, plus knowing the story behind her it attracted me much more. I have been flea marketing for 25 years and have seen many Virgins during this time but never wanted to have one before.
Thank you for your so lovely comments
maria cecilia

Renée Finberg said...

these are fantastic.


Pooch Purple Reign said...

well, im going to live near the ocean very soon. awesome photos as usual ruby!
have a good weekend
~laura x

Francine Gardner said...

5 minutes from such beautiful landscape...a dream

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Seaside photos just capture my heart. Couldn't tell you why really, they just do. You are so lucky to live so close. One of these times I hope to have a huge photograph blown up as huge as can be done of the rolling sea hanging in my home. Once again Julie magnificent photos!

xo xo