If it's Tuesday: this must be Santorini [II]



As you can see by this late post.. it's been another crazy week for me.. though things are slowly falling into place.. today was pure pazzo.. It took a large chunk of my day to organize some medical tests.. who would think it would be so hard!! Eventually sanity ruled and I managed to get everything booked but with a wait of a few weeks. This seems to have been my path for the last few months.. I like to call it 'running the blood test gauntlet'.
In once instance it took me two visits to the doctor and two different pathology labs just to get a simple blood test.. First I was told I didn't have to fast.. so I arrived at the doctor's surgery to be asked.. 'Did you fast?"... huh? Ok.. come back tomorrow after fasting. Next day... twelve hours of fasting later... arrive at doctor's surgery to be informed.. 'Oh we can't do that test here you need to go to the pathology lab'... huh!.. Drive to pathology lab... 'Oh the girl is at lunch can you come back in an hour?'... errrh.... car is in one hour parking zone ... drive to alternate lab.. ... "Did you fast?' .... 'YES'... 'Oh well you didn't need to'..... huh!!!!! We are now at 15 hours fasting and counting!! OH and to really increase my confidence.. the practitioner had to look up how to do the test.. and kept referring back to the notes...
On another instance... twelve hours fasting later.. arrive at pathology lab for blood test .. which will be followed by a one hour wait [still fasting] .. then another blood test .. all the while holding my 24 hour sample of you don't want to know what.. So in I walk... and the girl looks at her watch and says ... 'Oh Gee.. could you come back next week.. we are really busy'.... Is this candid camera??? does she think I am going to collect a 24 hour sample again? Does she think I am going to fast again??? Geeezzz... Suffice to say I refused to budge... .. I guess I'm a little mean without my morning coffee... Finally time to get the blood drawn and she points to the doctors request and ask ... 'do you know what sort of test this is'... HUH!!
So today was very similar.. although only involving phone calls thankfully .. many many phone calls later .. two pathology labs, two cancellation of appointments.. two new appointments for July... and a partridge in a pear tree!!!
... AND ... the desire for a 'Simple Life'...
OK... enough complaining.. this is supposed to be travel post!! Although I think you can see the humour in all this!! Meanwhile I've been thinking a lot about those bay views and the tiny glimpse of the bay I will be leaving behind. Not complaining [did enough of that above]... No.. I have decided I just need to take the views with me... and what better views than those of Santorini ...




Julie b


PS Pop over to Michael's Spice of Life [here] for a great post on Santorini.. Beautiful photos and a great review of what to see and do..

Production Notes: This is Julie 'being Ruby' signing off from beautiful Santorini as the sun sets on yet another Ruby Time Production

IMAGE SOURCE: Photography, text and altered images by me - [Being Ruby]
Santorini - Greece - 1996


Knicky Knacks said...

That pathology nightmare is...pathalogical! Beside manner I'm sure was a thing of the past. I think anyone in the medical field at the client face should have to run the gauntlet each year so they know how it feels to be human. I hope it's nothing too serious and wish you a fast recovery. Santorini looks great. Haven't been there myself but with views like that, it will remain on my wish list when my kids grow old and leave the nest, leaving me to spend what remaining money I have touring the world. Like the intentions of my own parents who refer to themselves as SKI's (Spending Kids Inheritance), I will leave nothing but bills!

vicki archer said...

What a drama....I hope all is ok and you are enjoying a delicious treat to make up for all that pain and suffering. Love the photographs...as always, they are so beautiful, xv.

Francine Gardner said...

What an ordeal! I just became hungry and restless reading your post. I hope that you are OK...
I spent a wonderful vacation in Santorini with my girlfriend, husband and my 2 boys....the beautiful hikes, wonderful hotel in Megalaory, the swims around Anafi...simply beautiful

Sahildeki Ev said...

I hope you will get a clean bill of health very soon Ruby...Somehow your photos did not appear on my screen but it is probably due to the lousy internet connection of this compound, but I am sure they are lovely as always..

Mise said...

These are beautiful, beautiful images, some of your best yet. And I hope you're ok, and not beset by illness. That medical system sounds absolutely chaotic and awful. Many good wishes to you - it's sounds as though you're struggling to make the best of things.

Kerry said...

You can write a prescription for me any day Julie! I do hope things sort themselves out for you very soon.

La Petite Gallery said...

Julie, It happens here too. The medical Profession is not what it used to be. They don't speak to each other and wires get crossed. They are like BP don't do the homework and when things go wrong, they try to pass the buck. I hope this is just a reg, check up. Glad you found a home.
What are they looking for??? yvonne

Ella said...

I can so relate..augh!~ It is an exhausting road of patience! You will get through it; Gorgeous photos, giving hope of how stunning nature can be!

Thinking good thoughts for you, (((hugs)))

rjerdee said...

Oh, Julie, dear Julie, what a nightmarish band of medical mistakes to live through!!! But I'm glad you made it through--at least the first part--and hope the second part reveals something good for the future. However, they also can make lots of mistakes on the results of the tests, too. Hope you get some decent information about your health and can move forward.
Wise of you to go the computer and play around to ease your soul. It was a LOVELY post, sailing to Santorini. Thank you--I feel much better!!!!
Hope you do too.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I'll take the simple life too!
So sorry about all the frustrating lab drama! Hoping it all turns out well! Your images are stunning!....Santorini...it's on my list!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Ruby I'm happy as soon you'll have your new house.
Beautiful post and pictures

myletterstoemily said...

hi julie!

this was like good medicine this morning. i
love your inspiring quotes and photos.

sorry about the blood tests. good for you for
standing your ground!


Jennifer Beaudet said...

Oh...as you know, I would really love to visit Santorini! Absolutely gorgeous photos and I love your quotes.

I hope your blood test all come back ok. That sounds awful! I really hate to fast and to be run all over like that...you really do have a great sense of humor! Take care Julie!


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Julie...oh poor you with all that medical stuff happening...Hope it's nothing too serious.
What absolutely stunning pics (as always!!!), especially the first one...I couldn't stop staring at it...kinda like an open book with a boat sailing across it...Hope all is well...Take Care and thinking of you...Dzintra♥x

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I love, love the color range in these photographs!! Beautiful.

oldgreymare said...


I am thrilled to hear your wit and humor returning with a vengeance. Reassures me that you will be "fit as a fiddle" in no time.

Those pictures of Santorini take my breath away. I feel so uncultured to have traveled so little. I am thrilled just to be able to get away to Portland and New York! No world travels for me, except via you, dear girl...so keep 'em coming. Where do we travel to next?


desde my ventana said...

Hi Julie,
Good news about your health.I love your images fom today, these blues are impressive,

Shellbelle said...

Oh my gosh Julie, you out did yourself on these! Amazing, breathtaking, absolutely stunning!

Sorry, but I had to laugh at the runaround you got. I could just picture the look on your face as you went through this whole ordeal. Sounds like something from a sitcom in your telling. I wouldn't have budged an inch when ask to come back next week. That's why I laughed, I knew you would never put up with that request!

I know you'll miss the view, but you're going to have a little yard and that, my friend, is awesome!

Ange said...

Seems we just both need the courage to lose sight of the shore. I can't believe I found the same quote written differently - and it's by André Gide none the less!! So sorry to hear you're running the blood test gauntlet.

Would sail away any day to meet you on a shore somewhere (Santorini if you wish) and take in a bit of the simple life. I'll be in touch.


Giulia said...

Oh I miss it (Santorini) but love the shots, Gide was correct (about that anyway:), & I would add, a drink at ___. Not giving away where I love to anyone but you & a few others. (And it's not in Oia, people who put down any other place on the island.)

ciao ciao, J.


Jeanne Henriques said...

This is wonderful Julie and I love that second photo....something about the light. It is the sort of photo that would be great to look at each time you walk thru the front door. Maybe for you new home?

Throw in some blues and whites to induce calm and clarity...that says it all :)


PS...many thanks for your notes this week...always lovely to hear from you Julie :)

M said...

Julie -- how artful you are, and how dreamy your Santorini images here. Casting modesty aside, I'd like to think my own Santorini shots featured on my current post are aesthetically pleasing, but yours? Really, just plain dreamy and gorgeous. But no wonder: Doesn't Santorini simply inspire dreams? Never seen a lovelier place, anywhere. I almost regret not having booked for this summer after loving it so much the past two, but alas, 2011 will see my comeback in Oia, Fira, Imerovigli... Bliss!
Thanx for sharing.

Lou said...

Hang in there...:) Love your post!! Gorgeous as always! Love the Dr's orders... too funny....:)
Lou xx
PS you know le tour starts soon.... jumping for joy!! Soo hope you do some more pics.... hint hint.. lol!!!!!

Brabourne Farm said...

My goodness Julie it's all been happening to you while I've been away! You may be leaving your water view but I can only imagine the beautiful things you're going to find in a garden. These photos are simply divine - as usual! Have a lovely weekend. Leigh

Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous views of where I guess a lot of us wish we were on holidays.

Congrats on finding the new place to hang your camera bag and good luck in fighting the challenges of every day life. Am totally with you on the fasting routine - if they ask us not to eat or drink for that long, we have every right to expect a smooth process.

Lise said...

Julie, just love the quote and I will be dreaming of beautiful Santorini tonight! Once again dreamy photo's that take me away! I hope you (finally) get the test's you need and all is OK.. Lisa xxxx

simon said...

pathology! Well I am very experienced. They took a pint of blood out of me every week for 2 years, every month for two years and now every 8 weeks for the past 5 years.

When I broke my arm and waited 12 hours at the hospital for someone to see me the nurse came out with a needle to kill the pain. I said "no thanks.. I have had quite enough needles" and just sat there and put up with it.

Fortunatley I see a specialist who takes my blood... but I have had experiences where the "nurse" has inserted a needle several times to find a vein..... URGH!

So you are not alone in this Julie :o)

Pooch Purple Reign said...

great shots. between you and michael, i really want to see that place.
be well
~pooch x

June said...

Julie, these are doctor's orders I can live with! Beautiful pictures as always...
I definitely enjoyed the read. What an awful, bloody day you had!

Millie said...

Oh dear Julie - you should make a complaint to the relevant Path. company. They have accreditation/quality standards to meet & they failed. Might save some other poor customer (& that's exactly what you are!) the same fate. Good luck.
Millie ^_^

nerines said...

When I saw that top picture in my thumbnails, I thought ooh, what's this? Has Julie been making miniature boats? Very tricky indeed...
and omg! but I'm glad you can laugh about it and share (so that I may also have a giggle but in a nice way of course:D

nevin said...

My dear Julie, I am So sorry about all the frustrating lab drama! I Hope it is all gone now. And Those pictures take my breath away!! So beautiful.. please take care.. Hugs XXXX

Anonymous said...

Love 'Ruby's Orders', Julie!!!

Carole said...

Nice to see you're able to laugh about it now....but I know at the time it was quite maddening. As the saying goes...what doesn't kill us makes us stronger....that goes double for you.

Blue and pink always soothes me too... a whole village of those colors would be heavenly..don't you think?
Hey I was going to write to you last night after seeing the most beautiful full moon....of course I tried photographing it and it was awful:)) of course!


Stephanie said...

Your photos are always gorgeous. I love how you took the expected shots and transformed them to the extraordinary. And I'm sorry about all those tests and troubles - yikes! She had to look up how to do the test? You poor hungry darling! All that fasting! I hope you soon find that you are in the clear and all is well!

Angie Muresan said...

I am loving all the photos, Julie, and I want to start buying them somewhere. When, dear friend? As for labs and their blood tests, sometimes I wonder why don't they train their personnel better. After all, they take blood all day long.
Hoping you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I think I would have thrown my "sample" at the practitioner, that's how we do things in NYC.
Unfortunately the medical system in every country is set up to create stress when we can least afford it.
Focus on the beautiful work you create to see you through these anxious times.
Much love, David

Beatnheart said...

Julie, your are a shining diamond in the crown of the blogworld. Your posts are a total delight to all of my senses. The only problem is is that I then so want to go to where you go. I haven’t done much traveling. Lacking!!! and do so want to. one day soon. Hope all is well with your health...I hate doctors and the whole system. They are enough to make a well person ill.

Leigha said...

Love the Andre Gide quote. Also, I will start packing for Santorini!