Dear Universe - Good Home Required by SWF


Needed: One Good Home
Well I apologize for being an absent blogger lately but I've had a few distractions.
It seems the cosmos is playing games with me. First it sent me the dreaded lurgy and I've been under the weather for a few weeks. Then it sent internet problems, pc problems, camera problems, threw in a few medical issues and mixed it up with a work issue or two. Then feeling unsatisfied with the level of confusion it had created ... it has now given me the prospect of being homeless..

Ok perhaps I am being a little harsh.. it hasn't quite made me homeless yet, but it put me back in the rental search market and one that is extremely scant at present.. It would seem my landlord needs his premises for his own use.. [his long lost sister/brother/uncle twice removed/dog down the street needs a home...] and now I am in the position of looking for somewhere new to live with Dday [departure day] looming in the distance.

Those of you who remember the movie 'Single White Female' will understand why sharing is not on the agenda. Many years back..[in my long lost youth] I had a flatmate who's actions eerily reminded me of Jennifer Jason Leigh's character. I guess it created some level of amusement to speculate what personality she might be wearing each day, but seeing I value my possessions and my life I think I will stick to going it alone. However, as there are thirty odd interested parties for every vacancy.. a little divine intervention wouldn't hurt.
So I'm sending a letter to the universe to ask for assistance
... Required: A Little Good luck ...
A quiet comfortable home conducive to rest and renewal
Internet connection for blogging mandatory
View is Optional
Once again apologies for my lack of visits.. assuming my mouse stops freezing and my internet connection remembers how to travel faster than the pace of a snail.. I will be back to visit soon.. that is if I can find the MAC under all the packing boxes.

A heartfelt thanks to all those who have been emailing me concerned over my whereabouts!!!
Got to love bloggers!!!

.. Thank you everyone for your well wishes..
Seems the Universe took note and I have just heard my application for a new rental was successful. Will tell you more about it soon
Can't believe my good luck!!

Julie b


IMAGE SOURCE: Photography, text and altered images by me - [Being Ruby]
Taormina Sicily 1996



Dream House Trish said...

Good Luck in your search, although it sounds like the perfect place is just around the corner because you have well & truly served your unlucky period, its gotta be all good from here...Thinking positive thoughts for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Julie, you poor love! It doesn't sound like things have been going your way, I really hope you are feeling better soon. I will be hoping for a lovely rental to fall in your lap very soon, and it will be a perfectly condusive blogging environment!
Take care of you...
:) Flick

Jane said...

oh dear I have friends looking in Sydney and Melbourne and they tell me some sorry tales. And I don't blame you for wanting to live alone but what about with a male (friend) they are not as psycho (sorry I know that's sexist but there you are). Then you could get something bigger plus a sea glimpse? Sorry you have been sick I have had a hell year too. In fact had an operation last week and now have 10 staples in my head. It's true. Best not to think about it xoxo.

Kerry said...

I'll send some good thoughts out too! What a pain to have to go through all that...but, you'll probably end up somewhere that's perfect :)

nerines said...

You have no need to apologise Julie, I'm so glad your back though. Thought perhaps you were just having computer issues I'm so sorry it's been so tough for you lately, I'm sending out to the universe with you. xoxo

desde my ventana said...

Hi Julie,
A lot of luck Julie I'm sure you will find a good place for you ....soon.
Big hugs

La Petite Gallery said...

That's understandable. It's a confusing time.
Making a move is a very stressfull time. God willing and best wishes, Here's hoping you find the place of your dreams. Some things are meant to be. God has another plan for you..yvonne

Jeanne Henriques said...

Perfect timing Julie...I have been thinking about you. I look and look....and you have not been there. I can certainly understand why now. If our house was free I would definitely put you on to it. We have tenants moving in today. Have you thought about a change of scenery and moving to the Northern Beaches??

As the English say...Keep Calm and Carry on my dear friend. Thinking of you and hoping it all comes right soon...very soon!

Jeanne xxx

Exquisite Accessories said...

Hi Julie so sorry you havent been feeling to good & the pc has been coursing you problems, dont apologise on the blogging front, I have not been much of a good example lately myself, I'm sending you all my best & lots of posative vibes out to the universe for you :)

the old boathouse said...

Hello Julie,So pleased to see your new post calling to me on my side bar...also glad that you seem to be in slightly improved spirits despite your current brings to mind my favourite southern girl scarlett, swooning and crying..."What'll I do?..Where will I go? Gone with the Wind the only difference being of course we all do give a damn about you my dear. Be brave my sweet..and don't forget to rest, eat well and keep Ruby in check, cheers Katherine

rjerdee said...

I'm so glad for this update. I've really begun to worry and was about to send out an email...but holding back because if you were sick or something, it could just be an additional thing on your plate to think you needed to respond.

I'm so sorry about all your setbacks and am sending all my best wishes and thoughts your way, hoping for a good outcome. It's just absurd that I have an empty house in Florida that I'd be so willing to send your way...sometimes the world is truly upside down, isn't it?

Best wishes, my dear!!! Godspeed to your next safe home. Maybe something good will come of it.:)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Julie,
Well, I did wonder where you had been. Wow, what a lot of negative things that have been happening to you. I think that you are due for some good times. The forced move might be a blessing in disguise and you will probably find an even nicer place to live. I hope that you are feeling so much better and that the dresded lurgy has now been given its marching orders !!
I'm sure that there is a wonderful apartment out there just waiting for you to find it. I will be sending positive vibes out to you and will be thinking of you. XXXX

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering where you were! Sending positive thoughts & hugs your way, Julie!!!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hey Julie...
So happy to see you post today! I am sending up prayers for you and some new awesome digs!
Change is good! I hope you are feeling better and that it all works out! Take care, Laura

Giulia said...

I can't think of anything helpful to write, so I will drink some more coffee. As you know, my circumstances are dodgy so I can relate. Will see you in email...don't worry about replying. At your leisure. Just wanted you to know I was concerned.

xo from GG...I wish we could find at least summer places near Taormina for the summer. Well, we could...but I have to sell the cheesy memoirs or win a lottery ticket. In which case, it would be useful to purchase one.


Beach House Living said...

Goodness, I'm sorry to hear this. It does always seem what can go wrong happens together. I truly understand about going it alone. I hope the planets align perfectly in your favor.

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

Oh my goodness! Well, good luck finding a new place. I would offer my spare room, but it's a little far and I have a student in it at the moment. Still, my sofa is really comfortable! I am certain that the Universe will come through for you and send you an even better house than you currently have. I do have one question, though: what is lurgy? I am guessing it is something you don't want to get but I've never heard of it before. Whatever it is, I hope it is gone!

I am sending lots of positive energy your way! ;-)


oldgreymare said...

Added my hopes on your behalf out into the cosmos.

Fly good!


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I was once looking for a rental when it seemed impossible... I contacted all the property management firms, got on every list, and found the perfect little apartment in less than 3 months. It's a new adventure, no?! May you find the perfect place, dear Julie!!!

Angie Muresan said...

I would invite you to the US to stay with me, however, my home is anything but quiet. Still, I do have room for you, and would love it if you at least came for a vacation.

Stephanie said...

You poor dear! I hope things are soon on the mend, and that you find a fabulous spot with gorgeous light, and space. Wish I could be more help from way over here, but we'll keep our fingers crossed for you.

simon said...

gosh! What can I say? Life is like that and it seems to throw a "curve ball" when we feel a little "less". By that I mean if our health is not the best.

I went camping over the weekend and my blood disorder reaked havoc with my bones as I walked around..almost reduced me to tears in fact..anyway, I will blog about it!

BTW being a real estate agent I do have "connections" if that helps. drop me an email and I will see what I can do... said...

Here's me sending love and better luck for you from this moment on honey!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

hey ruby.... lots of awesome rentals in ontario. in fact my house is for rent sept 1. its got a great pond. im moving to the city for a change of scenery
~pooch x

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry....I had troubles with PC too...dumped him for Mac....smiles.

Jennifer Beaudet said...

There you are! I was starting to worry a little but glad to hear your ok! I'm so sorry about all of your mishaps and problems. I will be praying you find a place. I thought I was going to have to find a new one at the end of the month but my landlord has extended my lease for a few more months! Yay! I know how hard it is to find a place and am wishing the best for you!
Take care,

erin's art and gardens said...

sending good, good, good, good vibrations your way, sweety! oh, and do NOT take a roommate! take care,
thinking of you,

Sue said...

I continue to send only good thoughts your way...wishing you a silver lining, soon.

Lee said...

Dearest Julie, may the rental gods smile upon you (and very quickly too by the sounds of it). Good luck! Lee :)

June said...

I'm sending out well wishes for you dear Julie. So frustrating to be in between. Oh yes, you must have a space of your own!
hugs to you...

nevin said...

My dear I really hope you are feeling better soon.. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. sendin my love from my heart.. XXX

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Ruby...I'm sure all your problems will find a solution ...a pretty house is waiting for you.
I hope hear from you soon.

Luiza said...

Sending you lot´s of good luck, better times and positive thoughts.
Every negative thing brings something good...
I hope you´ll be better soon.

Love and hugs/

Carole said...

Not apologize!!! lifes messy sometimes and I'm sure in the end you'll end up with even a better place then you started. Hey you can come live with me and G and all the cats if you're brave enough. Miss you so much!!!


red ticking said...

oh sweetie... you know God is watching over you... He will never leave you... and you will find the PERFECT spot where you will flourish.... a move may be exactly what you need (although right now it sounds daunting)
xoxo to you friend....

Splendid Willow said...

Oh Julie my friend. I am sorry to hear about your dilemmas.

We have a spare guest room. Come out and hang out w. us if you need a break from it all - and a new perspective! We will explore the art scene in Seattle and you can help me hang your lovely art piece!

No apologies needed, dear. Take the time you need - your friends are going nowhere.

Much love, Mon

Millie said...

How about doing something totally crazy with your new accom. Julie. A houseboat on the Hawkesbury, a cottage in the Blue Mountains, a teepee in Nimbin? You can do this girl, just go for it!!
Millie ^_^

Maryline said...

Hello !
First time I come on your blog... nice feeling here !
Hope you will find the right place for you... By experience, I would say that when something ends, it is always for a good reason and that a
''best ever '' is on the way !!

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Julie!
Please tell me if your requests will be satisfied! I need some luck too!!! I hope things will be better for you very soon!!!
You don't need to isn't always easy!!!!
I didn't sneak the fhotos of my neighbor's garden...the problem is that the spaces are open beacause is an ancient walls or gates between my and her part of gardens!!! So I can see that shame every day!!!
Good luck my dear!!!
Big hugs

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Oh Julie, I'm sure I'm not the only one to have missed you over the past few weeks - who would have thought that such a busy blogosphere could feel a bit quiet !! You are an essential part of our blogging day.
I will be laying offerings at the feet of any deity who might be able to control rentals and internet connections!
Hope you'll soon be buzzing around like before.

Princesa Nadie said...

Thank you Ruby,I'm waitting for your new photographs ...

C.J. said...

Hi Julie, I certainly understand your dilemma, and am sorry about it. I cannot offer a home for you or fix your illness, however if I could like all the others, I would. First things first, your health is the most important, once you feel better you will have the energy to look for a new home and I bet this one will be exactly what and where you need it to be. God bless you and heart felt wishes are coming your way. Take care, I care.

Shellbelle said...

Well my dear, since I was having issues of my own, I didn't even realize you were MIA. Part of mine included the purchase of a new iMac (which I love and adore) and the other was a deep personal loss of my beloved dog, Sheldon.

You know I recently had to make a BIG move, so I know what you are going through. Finding a new place to call home is never easy, but I trust the universe will lead you in the right direction. Sending out good thoughts across the miles.

I'm leaving you a link to my post today, no hurry, drop in when you have a moment to breathe.

Julie and Jane — Artful Bloggers

Roberta said...

Oh Dear...Sorry to hear Julie. The Universe is listening to us all in your behalf of a great little place! It's already picked out in fact..just waiting. It's one even better than you have now and you'll be able to hang your beautiful photos on the walls!! Lots of Love, xoR

Sarah Klassen said...

Aww, Julie! I feel for you right now. I hope you won't take offense (and please excuse this if you are) but I hope that a quick prayer for you will bring peace to your heart and mind, and the perfect solution. A hard lesson that I have learned most recently is that some things we go through are not exactly related to us — perhaps you need to move for quite another reason. Maybe, maybe not. But as your friend (even if just a blogging friend) I hope that all turns around for you very, very soon.

Most warmly,

Ella said...

Julie you are in my thoughts n' prayers; I hope you get some good news soon! I am sending you well wishes and the strength to endure all of this! Moving is tough, when you are well!
I hope you vitamins kick in and give you some extra pep! Crossing my fingers for you~

Jane said...

Welcome back, Julie! I have missed you!!! And your gorgeous photos of places I have only dreamed about seeing.

So much has been thrown at you...most are just nuisances, but nevertheless, they are draining on the psyche. Here's hoping you will find the perfect home in a very short time...and all the other inconveniences will fly away.

I am so pleased that you enjoyed my post today. The first photo is my Goldie with my daughter-in-law. She has that 4 legged baby totally wrapped around her finger...and her heart. (She is the owner of the Boston and the Blue Heeler you often see in my posts.) When I saw Rowdy rolling in the grass, enjoying the sun, this song came to is so meaningful...

Blue Muse said...

There is a perfect spot just waiting for you, and I know you will find it. I'm sorry for what you have been going through - it's been much the same in Museville. I just close my eyes and hang on, hoping the roller coaster ride is on the last loop the loop.
Good thoughts, luck, and love your way, dear Julie.
xoxo Isa

Ella said...

Oh, a little something on my blog for you~ xXx

Dash said...

Julie, I have been away and am just catching up on the blogosphere, my thoughts are with you and I am mentally sending you luck and a turnaround in fortunes, keep positive. lots of love and hugs.

annechovie said...

It's never fun to have to move out....I wish you all the best, Julie! xx

red ticking said...

hi darling... i am so happy for you... all of the prayers and well wishes have been heard!!! and you truly deserve the most special place...
have a lovely weekend xoxo

Beatnheart said...

All the best darling one. I hope the Universe will hear your plea and accommodate you...You are in my thoughts...We can’t let your talented be buried beneath any problems. Long may you wave...Love from California.

Elaine said...

I am reading this a little late so I am so glad to read your update that you've fond a new home. And I agree never, ever live with a roommate if you can swing the rent on your own. I love living alone with just my cats as roommates.

Leigha said...

Isn't looking for a place the worst? I am knee deep in my own search...I could also use a little luck.
Glad you found a place!