Clearing The Path For Christmas

It’s almost that time! The time I have been dreaming and wishing for .. months in the making. The time when I get to leave the corporate world behind to be done with;

The Project That Ate My Life!!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, it is almost over. In just a few short days I will be saying adieu to the relentless schedules and timeframes that pushed the boundaries of my Work/Life Relationship to a new level of frustration. Yes indeed… Adios, Arrivederci, Caput, Done, Dusted, Abbastanza!!!! Time for rest, renewal and finding my sense of humour. It’s also time to be getting on with Christmas!



I have completed ignored the fact that it is just over a week away. I’ve done no shopping, no presents, no decorating and worse … no Christmas Tree!! My one small tradition, which I admit I have overlooked for a few years now, is the acquisition and decoration of said Christmas Tree. Now before you call Social Services on me for neglecting my children, husband, Auntie twice removed, cousin in Outer Mongolia, doggie down the street! Don’t worry!! It is only me in this tiny apartment I call home. That is probably why I have become so lazy about this small indulgence of a tree. And small it is… considering all the lugging, lifting, rearranging and car squishing transporting will be done by self only … small will be the order of the day.

OK.. So first things first. Before I can even contemplate purchasing the prized possession, I need to get my house in order … literally. Months of 7 day working weeks has left not just my body, mind and sense of humour in a crumbling mess, but my apartment is bearing the brunt of Hurricane Julie. Organizing and cleaning after the months of neglect will take a small army and.. well … as the Governor- General is unwilling to assist in that department, I have considered calling in the big guns!! Yep… Mary Poppins!! I’ve heard there’s a new Mary on the block, a younger, prettier, more agile Mary. Not that I have anything against Julie Andrews, but seeing youth is no longer on my side, it better come with the cleaning lady.


Oooh Look.. Here Comes the New Mary Now

My type of gal… bringing the moon with her!!

new mary 2


Mary’s brief will be simple; Clean the mess, organize the chaos and transform my tiny unit into a charming, yet unpretentious cottage, with private verandah overlooking the sea, somewhere far away from the city limits. Perhaps a small brook bubbling in the yard and perpetual rainbow crowning the roofline. Not too much to ask I say? We all know Mary’s carpet bag is just brimming with possibilities. Throw in a few butterflies and blue birds for good measure and life will be wonderful.


scan0016 2a


By the time Mary has finished sprucing up the joint, I hope the place will look a little like this. Peaceful, pastel loveliness. Nothing too garish, simple decor waiting for the season’s embellishment.

*scan0015 2 a


scan0016 2b


scan0013 2


Only THEN I can get down to the business of decorating and consider the purchase of the prized Christmas Tree!


OH .. and as we Australians are in the midst of summer, I’ll need the outdoors tweaked a little ready for my R&R and the zillion new friends I will make. Couldn’t hurt to throw in a pool!


scan0014 2


Only THEN can I look around me and say yes… this is the place I deserve to relax!


scan0015 2


If by some sick twist of fate Mary is not available next week, I’ll go with Glinda … I hear she’s got the goods also!


glinda 2a[23]


Until next time.. when I will be celebrating the start of my fresh new life

[well at least until I get my next contract!]


Ciao Julie


IMAGE SOURCE: # Mary and Glinda, Google Image Search. # Interiors: Scanned from Romantic Homes Magazine


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

No work and all lucky (or smart) can one get? I say leave the clean up and enjoy the holiday but what do I know, I don't have a tree yet either. thank you for your lovely visit.

erin's art and gardens said...

yippie-skippie!!! julie is back!! so happy, happy, happy for you that your project is nearly finished...feels good don't it?! you know, mary is "practically perfect in every way"? so let her work her magic and then you can enjoy your well deserved time! i just lerrve all the images you have chosen today!! i could sink into that sofa and never leave until the outdoors called me and THEN that patio would be the place for sure! i'd love to know more about your work? or would i.........
take care,

koralee said...

Love this sweet post today...we all need a Mary ...I need one to bake 8 doz cookies today as I am having a cookie exchange on when she is finished at your home..please send her over.
Thank you so much for your kind sweet words yesterday...because of them I am able to carry on today. We so miss our Rosie and your kindness is so so much appreciated..your love has brightened my day. xoxoxo

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

-chuckle- Life happens. I'd not worry too much about all that cleaning and straightening up and a tree.

Well, how about a wee little table top tree? It would do and not be a major production to get it up and all... Yes?

Oh and if that new Mary Poppins can do all those lovely transformations for you... do please send her over here to me! I've got a few wishes I'd like to try out on her, too!!! >,-)

And you know, if you've been so busy -- why not just give yourself relaxation for Christmas? Sounds delicious, doesn't it? :-)

Aunt Amelia

Ange said...

With a swish place like that you'll definitely be able to click your RUBY slippers and say, " There's No Place LIke Home" ;-) I like that Mary Poppins of yours but no French woman in her right mind would hire her ...She's toooooo pretty!! If she's good at cooking and housework as well ... I'll have her though. I 'm not scared heheheheheeheee

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

And you do deserve a charming place to relax!

Unknown said...

When you've done with her, send her to me, please. In fact, tell her to give me the same decor, inside and out. Gorgeous!!

Emilie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a post...Love all the pics so charming good inspiration...Hope you will have a very Blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year...Emilie

Anonymous said...

My humble unsolicited advise to you is--------
get the tree and put it up!!!!! Don't clear a space, clean a floor, pick up a paper, or pet the cat------GET THE TREE!!
Get into your vehicle, go the nearest lot, pick one out and get home with it.
Drag it through the door, kick your crap out of the way and set the thing up.
You'll feel much better and THEN you might have some motivation to do a few other things. Then again, you may not and that too is o.k. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy the break and have a wonderful holiday!
annie grosvenor

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Julie! What a gorgeous post!!! The photos are faboulous...I'd like to live in such a wonderful and charming home and I'm looking forward seeing your Christam decorations!
Enjoy your new life!!!!
I'm waiting for you when you'll come back to Italy!
Big hugs

Mise said...

Well, I hope they paid you plenty of overtime, and I think you should abandon the apartment for now and book yourself into a gala hotel, with its own Christmas tree, Santa, 7 course dinner, the whole lot, and of course internet access so that you can tell us how relaxation feels after all that. I do love that outdoor bench in your photo. And never mind the shopping and the presents, there's always Christmas Eve, and an impromptu attitude to the whole thing takes the drudgery out of it.

Coty Farquhar said...

Julie, Julie, Julie,

Your right! I haven't finished my tree yet, and lucky you to have help, could you please send Mary Poppins to me after you finished with her then please, please rush Glinda down to Bowral to wave her magic wand over me and my body so that I can come up to your pool party looking swish & swanky just like I used to look many moons ago.

xx Coty

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi there Julie,
Mary Poppins is English so, I'm having her first, as my place looks like a bomb has hit it too.... HoHoHo. On second thoughts, I think that you need her even more than me, after the weeks of hard work that you've been through and, in the spirit of Christmas, it's only fair that she visits you first.
I can't put into words how much I L-O-V-E that room. The sofas, the furniture, the candlesticks, each and every one of the accessories are all amazing and pretty much, the room of my dreams.
Once Mary has flitted round with her feather duster,your home will soon be licked into shape, you will feel better and you can go and get that tree.
But, wait a minute......isn't Glinda the Good Fairy from The Wizard of Oz ? One wave of her wand and the whole place will be as clean as a whistle, tree in place with baubles a' glittering, an angel on top and presents wrapped and under the tree. I'd definitely go with Glinda !!!! XXXX

Viera said...

you are right leave the cleaning for professionals - is time for you to have a rest and enjoy.
btw fantastic images.

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

So glad to hear it's nearly over!
I also think you should get a tree ... any tree, but get one ... it really does put you in the xmas mood.
As you know we are flying out tomorrow night ... and it feels really strange as i have not put any decorations up here in London ... normally I do ... but this year decided not to. So when we arrive at the beach house this weekend ... I'm out to get A TREE!
Thank you for your sweet comments this year and I'm glad that you will be back to your old sense of humour ... and the new Julie will be fresh to start a New Year!
Have a wonderful Christmas and a brand spanking New Year!
hugs and xxxx

simon said...

me neither... no gifts bought yet... :o)... I love that line the job that ate my life! ahahah!

simon said...

ooppps I mean "the proiject that ate my life" Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Beaudet said...

I'm excited to see your post tomorrow! Don't feel bad I haven't done any decorating either and I still have my 17 year old here! She' going to help me though! Thank you for your thoughts about my dog. I'm feeling better but I'm worried about my other dog. She really misses her sister! Take care and I'll be looking for your post tomorrow!-Jennifer :)

Blondie's Journal said...

Forget the clean up and just get that lovely living room and outdoor oasis!! I'll be over in a wink!!

So happy you are finished with the job from hell. And please do get a tree, a small one, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree if you will. Be merry!!


Sue said...

I believe it is time for my "mom" hat again. You really need to find time for yourself and Christmas! I'm glad your project is ending, but my guess is there will be another right behind it. Maybe if you took more time for yourself...the Auntie and the cousin would come visit for the holiday! All work and no play...well, you know the rest! I'm so glad you finally get to regroup soon. I worry about you!


Jane said...

To be honest if I lived by myself and never read a blog I probably wouldn't bother with a tree either. Get one of those wierd wooden stick ones but you have to do it BY FRIDAY no pressure or anything. I think that Glinda is a bit creepy isn't she. I don't care if she is meant to be good I think she is one of those good \ evil people. xoxo

cate said...

Please Please Please when you have finished with Mary can you send her to my place...I know we should not worry over clean & tidy but you can relax quilt free when the house work is done...have a supercalifragilisticexpialdocious Christmas & New Year....XOX Cate

Oliveaux said...

Only a week away....yikes! I did manage to put up the tree but no shopping either. Glad your project is coming to an end and you get some overdue time for fun and relaxation! When Mary is finished at your place send her my way!! Ax

Susan said...

I don't care if you get Mary or Glinda in - I think you would be great company to visit, with or without a tree, though I think you need one to put your gifts under, even if it is a gift for yourself. Merry Christmas.

Julie B. [Holland] said...

Julie, first I want to say I love the pics you,ve posted. I knew something was amiss when I wrote to you before. I say you do whats best for you, if getting a tree would - please get one. In our old house we got a table so it wasnt possible to put a tree and I missed it. Last year we moved in this time of year and we didnt timing was off . This year we got one and I love the way it twinkles at nite. Im hoping for you this new year brings you with a new found spirit and a peace of mind. Happy Happy Merry Merry Holidays .Heres to a great 2010! Look after yourself.... the other Julie in HOlland ;) .........xo( hear that sound? its our glasses clinking together) CHEERS!

Sahildeki Ev said...

Great post very funny. Hope you will get your dream Christmas.

Sandra Evertson said...

Fabulous blog!
Sandra Evertson

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi All
Thanks so much for all your lovely comments. I'm about to head off for my last day at work on this project... yippeee!! cannot tell you how glad it is over..

Dear Julie [In Holland]
Thanks for always popping in and wishing me well..Have a great Xmas and New Year... xx Julie [In Australia]!!!

Angie Muresan said...

Here via The House of Edward, and boy do I love your blog! There's sentimentality and sense of humor, gorgeousness, and lovely thoughts.

Carole said...

You are my moon fairy!!! bringing me a bit of mystery and nature in one.
I've been trying to get to read your post all day! busy,busy,busy but I guess I shouldn't complain. right?
Hey wow I just notice Sandra Evertson just commented!!! whooo yeee!!! you're in the big leagues now!
Those rooms are fabulous and if your cleaning lady can do that send her over this's worth the plane fair for sure.
I need to spend a week cleaning my house too and forget this back room....if people only knew what's back here......only true friends allowed. As my good friend says if you can't write your name in the dust then your not really living!:)))
Ok off to work again.

Pooch Purple Reign said...

hi ruby

haha... i love this. i hope mary can help you out.... thats a sweet place to enjoy! who couldnt ?
i usually have the tree up by my birthday(today) but it didnt happen. im not too worried. since my youngest daughter left for university, nobody here cares . well, we care a bit but me and gypsy, my old cat, know it will happen one of these days.
a small lovely little tree

post a pic when you get it !
~pooch (laura)

Wanda Lee said...

How utterly charming a "sooo" very delightful! What a treat to have found you!..,

While your enjoying much deserved break, why not skip over with the click of a button for some Afternoon Tea and a sweet treat my dear lady?..,

I do so hpoe you can pop by !..,

Cheers from Silken Purse @ The Plumed Pen,and @ Silken Purse;(a little tea party at each location).

Anonymous said...

Hi, Julie!
Yes, I am alright, well and alive.. Thank you for noticing Ive been gone! I have just been so busy with school, it is madness! Now I can finally get back to blogging:)
HAHAHA I LOVE this post! It is so sweet and funny!
Wishing you best holidays, with a tree or without,

cathypentonatelier said...

Oh my goodness.....You are truly a gifted writer....So, so glad I took a few minutes tonight to drop by....I will come and help you clean and decorate if you will help me write a decorator book (something on my wish list of life lol)....Have a truly magical Christmas my friend....Love C xx

Anonymous said...

Didn't people used to wait til Christmas Eve to put up a tree? What's the hurry? :)
Gorgeous photos. Just what my place looks like in my dreams.

Anne Marie said...

I suppose, I'm not the only one who is so glad for your peace in your life.....and a break from work......

and that home your featured, is so dreamy to me, because of that studio she has with the skylights - she's a pretty darn good photographer too......

Merry Christmas Break to you!!

Roberta said...

Oh boy Julie, are you sure you haven't been peeking into my cottage windows? With the candles in the windows and a freshly dug tree (undecorated) in the corner all is well!
Happy Christmas Ruby Girl!
xo Roberta

Brabourne Farm said...

You must be sooo relieved you're getting your life back and just in time for Christmas! Love all these gorgeous rooms and the pastel decorations - such a lovely change from all the green and red. Leigh

Courtney said...

Mary Poppins is really my favorite Disney movie ever (after the Aristocats, that is!). Enjoy a spoonful of sugar with your cleaning, and have fun finding the perfect x-mas tree. I hope you savor every moment of your well-deserved holiday and downtime!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

E' basta! is right....ciao Julie, love love the peeks and don't feel to bad, when is Christmas? I haven't had the time to get the tree up! So many orders so little time. Wishing you Buona Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Exquisite Accessories said...

Oh Julie I know how you feel!! I feel terrible though at least you were good enough to keep blogging, I failed terribly & gave it up for 3 months just to much with work & family life then i just got too out of it, but I have kicked myself up the back side the house is sparkling, boy did it have some dust going on!! Alls well & I hope to be back to blogging, you have made me smile with your blog this evening loved your post ;)

Lee said...

Hi Julie, do you think you could send Mary & Glinda over to my place when they've finished whipping your apartment into shape?

So glad you'll be getting your life back soon - I don't know how you've done the 'corporate grind' for so long. You definitely deserve a break. Does this mean you'll be having a real break for a while, as in travelling / not working etc.??

Lee :)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Julie - this post tops them all. I was snickering the whole way through. I am pumped for you to finally get your life back & smell the roses. Got to say your line "the project that ate my life" was genius. I'm with Sande - clean the house after the holidays & trip the life fantastic until after the New Year arrives. That is of course if Mary or Glenda are booked. I'd come help you but I don't have 'the goods'..ha! Thank you, thank you for your lovely, sweet, fabulous comment this week. Good news pup has zero cancer, bad news the day I got the good news, the spouse was laid off. You know what a contractors life is like?!! Hugs to you my friend and sip champagne for me. xoxo

Pinecone Camp said...

I hear you sister! Love this post. I think you should definitely call upon Glinda the Good Witch of the North, to help you out.
Beautiful pics!
Have a lovely weekend!

Laura said...

In all seriousness you should absolutely hire a housekeeper to get your abode in order. After such a heavy workload you simply deserve it!

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh Julie, you work too, too hard. I can't believe you have even found time to devote to your beautiful blog. If anyone deserves to put their feet up, it is you. Happy holidays sweet girl. A-M xx said...

Take a deep breath and relax honey, we are all needing a little magic from somebody at this time of year.

Janean said...

i so adore the thought of bringing the moon with you!!!!!!!! enjoy. enjoy. enjoy.

The Swedish Room said...

Hi Julie, it is ok, there are times (my case last week), where you don't get to things right away. I say have a cup of tea, put your feet up, and listen to some good music. After all it will still be there, don't stress. BTW thanks for your wonderful visit and kind words, I hope you keep coming back.