Boxing Day Tsunami - 2004

In Memory of the Boxing Day Tsunami 2004
And those who lost their lives or loved ones

Rest In Peace those souls lost to the sea 
Life Returns


IMAGE: Taken in Phuket 2005 [Being Ruby]


Angie Muresan said...

What a tragedy it was. I wish peace for their loved ones and a happy future.

sweetcheeks said...

Lovely memorial.
I hope Christmas was peaceful for you and those that need that peace.

Ange said...

That's a beautiful reminder Julie. I had friends who were there and luckily narrowly escaped with their lives. Very narrowly. They have moved along now and have put it behind them... And they still live by the sea... funny how she heals as much as she destroys.
My my - you do get around! ;-)

e said...

I remember this so well. My first Christmas in Scotland. I celebrated early with friends as one of our dearest was about to fly out to Phuket. Last minute snow delayed her flight out of London. It saved her life. I'll never forget watching the devastation as the news came in. The incredible loss of life and tales of miraculous survival and near misses. Many here lost loved ones, too. And even more rallied to do whatever they could to help. The scale of it though. How could we ever forget. Lovely tribute, Julie, so very poignant. Lizzy

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

well done, julie - five years and those images are still etched in my brain, but people are living with the tragic events that intruded upon their lives. i wish them peace and love. x

Greet Lefèvre said...

Dear Julie,
That is wonderful of you, thinking about all those people of the Tsunami!
You are so sweet!
Happy holidays my dear!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Julie,
Beautiful memorial...a sobering reminder of how precious life is!
Peace to you my friend!

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Thank you for reminding me Julie. That was such a horrible tragedy. You made a beautiful memorial.
Take care

Pooch Purple Reign said...

hi ruby
a gentle reminder to live each moment with maximum joy. peace and love to all !

count it all joy said...

Hi Julie,

Precious girl...thank you for this poignant memorial. Have listened to a few survivors re-telling their stories in the last week on the radio. Makes your soul ache.

Meredy xo.

Exquisite Accessories said...

That was very thoughtful of you Julie, how the time fly's in our busy lives, thanks for reminding me to stop & think about about the familys who lost there loved one's on that awful day!!

erin's art and gardens said...

oh yes...i will never forget the footage on t.v! mother nature reaking havock! so, you were there the year after? a very nice memorial from a very nice woman. hope your holiday was wonderful.

Luiza said...

Oh, Julie!
Thank you for making this post...
I know many pople, who lost their beloved to the sea, that day! It was a terrible, terrible tragic day, for all of us.

I wish you a wonderful week.

With much love/

Carole said...

Hey Julie,
So kind of you to remember this event and the poor people who lost their lives.... made even more tragic that it could have been prevented!
Nature is so humbling!


simon said...

You were there just after? Woah! I remember seeing the news on the television in the Latin 1/4 in Paris. I thought I must have flown right over it on my way there.. That left me with a very weird feeling.

Elaine said...

Such a tragedy. Hopefully there's been healing in the past few years.

Those who lost family and friends are in my thoughts.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Julie...who can ever forget this day...just tragic...a moving Memorial, Thank you for reminding us...Dzintra♥x

PIGNOUF said...

Bonne fêtes Julie...:)

Berta F said... are...always ...lovely....¡¡¡¡¡ Un fuerte abrazo.... Berta

Shellbelle said...

Beautiful and thoughtful tribute to the victims and their families who lost so much that fateful day.

Anne Marie said...

a solemn reminder - and beautifully put -

your photograph looks like a negative almost -

like those that you got from Ang.

Merry Christmas Julie - I'm so sorry my sentiments are late....

Unknown said...

Julie you have such a gift for photography!

So nice to hear from you :) It's been a crazy December for me...

Blessings for a new year filled with peace, joy, and happiness!!!

:) T

koralee said...

so so sad...a tragic day where so many individuals lost their lives. Thank you for this post today.