Black Friday 13th: Special Delivery


Being Ruby - Angel - Special Delivery

Cathy Giveaway 3a

Cathy Giveaway 2a

Being Ruby - Angel - Laura

Cathy Giveaway 2a

Being Ruby - Angel - Julia

Cathy Giveaway 2a

Being Ruby - Angel - Dzintra


Who said Friday 13th was unlucky … Certainly not these three lucky winners

Laura – 52 Flea [Inky Blue Paris Charm]

Julia – Drawn to the Sea [Blue Butterfly Charm]

Dzintra – Queen of the Armchair [Paris Chair]


I’m a little sad I can’t give everyone a fabulous Cathy Penton Charm. I’m also a little sad I can’t keep them all for myself.. ha ha… but seriously, THANK YOU everyone for your kind and generous comments on my last post. I really can’t thank you enough for lifting my spirits with your kind words. Also, HELLO to a few new followers.

I’m sorry I’ve had no time to visit your blogs, nor reply to the many comments and emails I have received this week. We’ve been working around the clock to finalise and prepare for our project implementation and delivery which starts this coming Tuesday and will go live approx two long long weeks later. Although we’ve had twelve months of hard work and planning to prepare for this moment, a little help from the Angels wouldn’t hurt at this point. So wish me Luck!! I’m hoping for a Special Delivery of my own!!

Take Care Everyone and Thank You Again!!!

Julie b


IMAGE SOURCE: Taken by me in Rome 1996 and altered by me in Sydney 2009. ‘Angel with Cross’ One of ten Angels that can be found on the Ponte Sant'Angelo in Roma.


Mise said...

I'm a little sad myself not to win, but putting on a brave face. Good luck with the implementation!

Giulia said...

Running, too...will do post soon on the great bag...many compliments! Has brightened up rainy, rainy week.

xoxo from Washington.

Greet Lefèvre said...


Indeed Friday the 13th is a lucky day for the winners!
And don't worry about not reading all the posts on other blogs! We all understand being so busy!
And I wish you luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the three lucky (LUCKY!!!) winners! I don't believe in Friday the 13th, and I'm sure they won't either! :)

Have a great weekend, Julie!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Thank you so very much! I am indeed a lucky girl today! Thrilled to have this special pendant and lucky to have you as a special blogging friend! I wish you lots of luck in your work project!
Take care, Laura

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Congrats to the winners! And I wish you ALL the luck, Julie with ALL your endeavours!
Gorgeous photograph!

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

Good luck Julie ... I hope it all goes well!
I'll be crossing my fingers for you.

Have a nice weekend :-)

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hello Julie, I'm so glad to find you! ( from Laura's blog) and now I see that she has won a fabulous charm. I just joined you as a follower and now I want to head back thru your posts! Sounds like you have a busy time coming up. Come for a visit when you have a minute.

Pooch Purple Reign said...

LUCK !!!!
and congrats to your winners. beautiful pic also btw. this day better be lucky for me too.... i need it
~ laura

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners. Hi, Julie! xo Joan

Drawn to The Sea said...

Julie! I just got your email & am still grinning like a Cheshire cat :-)) Thank you so much, I'll be watching the box for Cathy's beautiful butterfly. I have a feeling the fates are smiling on your project... & I'm betting all your dreams come true.

Wonderful day!

Ange said...

Well - Ange means angel in French so if I can invoke every power that Angels possess, then I offer it to you! My monday posts from this week on (inclusive) are inspired by you as well. Have been working on your plank which was completely different from what I had intended to send you. Need a response as to which style of writing you prefer. The only choice you don't have is colour. For you I see BLUE. You are the sea for me!
Take care...
Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Ange said...

PS I can't decide if this is the photo I like best of yours or not.. I'm biased towards Angels you see. Having said that - Venezia might still be the winner. All that blue ...

Sue said...

I certainly wish you luck! Congrats to your winners, the charms are darling. Don't worry, we will still be here when you find the time:) Take care.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh still my beating wake up to see that I have won one of Cathy's gorgeous Charms...I am so excited, jumping up and down...squealing with delight...Thank You so very much for hosting this beautiful giveaway...I am in Charm Heaven!!! Dzintra♥x

erin's art and gardens said...

I wish you all the luck in the world and more... and please know, many angels are watching over you!!!

cathypentonatelier said...

Good luck my friend for the weeks ahead!!! I know everything will go wonderfully for you. I can't thank you enough for your beautiful post and some days I wish I could too believe the beautiful words you have written about me. Life for me is about touching people's lives in a soft and gentle way and hopefully making them smile just a little....You have definitely done this with your lovely blog which has touched the lives of people all over the world...luv c xx

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I'm sure that we are all happy for the winners...... NOT !! Hahahaha. Seriously, Well done to the winners. They are the proud owners of a beautiful Cathy Penton charm and I'm sure that they will treasure it. That was a wonderful giveaway, Julie. Very special. XXXX

Carole said...

Yes like Cathy have touched so many all over the world....I am one of the lucky ones.
So happy for all the winners. Glad to see so many new friends that I recognise will get to enjoy your blog too.
Your are a treasure....
be good my friend!!!!!

count it all joy said...

Congrats to the winners! (I'm saying this through gritted teeth). No, really, I'm happy for them....I'm sure they will treasure them always (sob, sob). Okay, I tried. Meredy xo.

Sahildeki Ev said...

I dont know how I missed this give a way :(( They are so good, well maybe next time.. Have a great week end..

The Stylish House said...

This was a wonderful giveaway, and the lucky winners will enjoy their pretty charms. Have a good weekend.

Luiza said...

Some say, friday 13:th , is their lucky day, some say,it brings bad luck. I guess it has to do with destiny...

For me, it´s a lucky day. Even if I didn´t win the lottery, I want to congratulate the winners , and hope they changed their bad luck , into a better day.

Beautiful images, as always, Julie.
Hope you have a little bit rest between work.
Take care!


Jennifer Beaudet said...

Congratulations to the lucky three! Thanks for the chance to win Julie! I hope all goes well with your project! Have a super weekend! said...

Congrats to all the winners, what a wonderful surprise for you all. Thanks for visiting me whilst I have been away.

Julie B. [Holland] said...

Congrats, winners! enjoy Julie in Holland ;)