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Sometimes, we can’t remember how we first discovered a beloved hobby or passion and sometimes it stands firm in our memory as the moment a significant paradigm shift took place in our reality. For me it was a definitive shift and the shift started when I happened upon the Romantic Homes magazine in my local newsagent. This little magazine seemingly benign, had taken a long journey far from it’s home, traversed the Pacific Ocean, withstood the man-handling of dock workers, the hurry of the delivery trucks, the page flicking of the peruses, and stood silently on the magazine stand waiting for my arrival. Then one day, customer and product met and the journey began!! Feeling jaded with the everyday cookie cutter commercialism of many of the popular domestic magazines, my eye searched for something new and a little different from the crowd, and Romantic Homes promised to fill that need.

Home in it’s new environment I greedily raced through the pages, mesmerised by the childhood memories and emotions this magazine elicited. Then something miraculous happened. I came across an article about Cathy Penton and her lovingly handmade charms, and more to the point, the fact that there was a web address directing me to her blog ‘Simple Things Small Joys’. Her What? What’s a blog? Well fascinated by her charms and the whole new/old world I had stepped into, I went off in search of this ‘Blog' thingy. My Oh My what I discovered. Not only was she a fellow Australian, but her blog was filled with pages of her glorious creations, there were also links to other ‘blogs’ similarly overflowing with homewares, lifestyles and beauty. These new found pages were selling a dream to me. A dream of a life filled with nostalgia, beauty and simple comfort, where art, craft and beauty replaced the corporate world of my reality and a chance to step into the lives of others who have managed to ‘Live The Dream’.


Cathy Giveaway 1a

The first few months I blog hopped with a frenzy, a newly crazed addict determined to have more of this joy filled substance called nostalgia. Image after image that either reminded me of my childhood home and possessions, or fascinated me with glimpses into foreign lifestyles and cultures steeped with tradition. I would race through all the links every weekend and only stop when either my eyes were beginning to glaze over or my new favourites took a blogging break for the rest and pause of the weekend.

It soon became apparent my addiction was taking hold. Now my addiction was requiring a lot more blogging substance to bring me to that level of enthrallment I had previously found with just a few blog hits. Worse, my dirty little secret was starting to show! Cathy’s beautiful charms had come to represent this whole dream lifestyle and escape path from my corporate reality, so I started to buy my own little charms from Cathy’s wondrous blog as reminders of the change I needed in my life. When Australian Country Style Magazines [another favourite reality escape] featured not only Cathy’s charms, but her beautiful family and home, I was overcome with my ‘need’ to find a different life. To make some changes.

The most significant obstacle to this change has always been my lack of knowing what I want and where I want to go. I used to know, I used to be sure and was obsessed and fascinated by the world of IT. I can also mark the time when that obsession lost it’s lustre. After my first trip to Europe I knew my world had changed forever. The world within me. Unfortunately my outer world still presented the same duties and demands and my two worlds collided in a massive and quite inelegant thump. I’ve never really been the same since but had no idea how to change my reality.


Cathy Giveaway 1a

Now, armed with this new reminder, how was I to change this dissatisfaction? What makes me happy? What passions lurk in my subconscious? What forgotten childhood dreams need to be resurrected? Well I knew that blog reading had provided the itch so perhaps I should start my own blog and do a bit of scratching. So here I am six months later.

Strangely, these days I rarely post about the dreamy homes and interiors I have always been so fond of. Strangely my path took a different turn and blogging reminded me of my passion for travel, art and photographs. Lately, if you visit my blog that is what you will usually find, along with reminders of my other long standing passions for the Moon, the Sea and Italy, and sometimes my dream for a cottage. Even stranger I have now managed to acquire my own followers and finally reached that magic milestone of 100 posts [back here] and now 100 followers. I have also met some amazing people from various countries and walks of life, and acquired new friends who see something in me that I do not see myself.


Cathy Giveaway 1a

So today, whilst I am still stuck in the muck that is my working life, I am reminded to celebrate the beginning of this journey I am on. Today I am posting the sweet charms of Cathy’s Penton’s creation. Cathy and her equally talented friend Angela are broadening their horizons and opening a little shop of their own soon. I can imagine the wonders that will take residence in this little world they are creating. If you want to know more, head over to Cathy’s shop blog ‘Simple Things Small Joys’.

Today, I want to share with you this ‘talisman of my dreams’ [and thank you for sticking around whilst I am stuck in the trenches – and not visiting and commenting as much as I would like.]

I am giving away three of Cathy’s gorgeous charms, specially made by Cathy the mentor of my dream, this kind and generous soul who filled my world with beauty and hope. Specially made by Cathy for YOU .. MY FOLLOWERS and Cheer Squad, who inspire me to create and stretch my imagination. These three charms below were handmade by Cathy with all of you in mind. A little bit of Paris, a little bit of Interiors and a little bit of Inky Blue. I think a little bit of my journey too with the Butterfly that reminds me that blogging is the chrysalis of my growth and change.


Being Ruby - Cathy Penton Giveaway - 2sg



Each Little Charm comes packaged with Cathy’s signature style, pretty packaging and good intentions. Also enclosed are the hopes and fulfilment of having a dream!

If you would like a chance to share this passion of mine, the giveaway is open to all Followers of my blog who leave a comment on this post from now until midnight Friday 13th November [Sydney Time] Let me know in your comments which Charm you prefer as there will be a Giveaway of One Each to Three Winners.

Thank you everyone for welcoming me into your world and encouraging me to find my passion.

Ciao Julie 4


I’d also like to mention two other bloggers who share my passion for photography and travel and I hope you will give them both a visit and the encouragement you’ve given me!

My 100th Follower – Michael Mattison from ‘Spice of Life’ and

My good friend Erin – from ‘Erin’s Art and Gardens’


Charms: By ‘Cathy Penton’ and ‘Simple Things Small Joys

Photography: All photos by me [Being Ruby]


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Well, Julie, you have certainly surpassed yourself with this fantastic for us all to have the chance of winning one of Cathy's beautiful charms.
It is very difficult to have a favourite, but if I have to choose, it's the Paris one...... any mention of Paris and my heart is all a-flutter !, but, they are all gorgeous.
Thank you so much for such a generous prize and I loved reading the story behind it. XXXX

Luiza said...

Oh, Julie... I´m sitting here with a cup of coffee reading your wonderful story, thinking to my self, how much it reminds me of the way I feel.
I discovered the wonderful world of blogs in January of 2009. From that moment , my life made a turn, and today I´m thankful to my depression I had back then (that is the core of my blog). I´m happy I started it.
Comming to visit you today, reading your wonderful story (it´s really wonderful), of how you found passion of your life, makes me warm. And then the little surprise of Cathys gorgeous charms... I love them all, and any of them would make my day, if I stand a chance to be one of the lucky winners.

I´m so glad you started your blog, it satisfies and ispires me in every way. I´m so proud to be one of the lucky followers. And I know, for sure, I found a friend for life.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ange said...

Julie, I think that is the most touching post I've ever read. It's bordering on being the most touching piece of writing I've ever read. May I share two things with you that have (and are still) helped me through mountains and valleys? EVERY BODY has their unglorious 'trench' to dig, their pains and their insecurities, no matter how glamourous their life may appear. This is called life!
That famous Zen phrase puts it fabulously: Before enlightenment; chopping wood, fetching water. After enlightenment; chopping wood, fetching water.
The second point, intimately related to the first: The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes...Marcel Proust. It's the biggest, most difficult but most rewarding journey yet...
It sounds trite but - get to the inner journey and the outside one will follow suit!
That said: save up and get your talent over here so we can get you and that camera of yours to Italy!! I'll personally drive you!

You are an inspiration to me every day...

PS: I'm an inky blue girl!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

congratulations julie on your 100th post and your 100th friend! i know so well your journey into blogland, i am sure that it was a similar experience for most of us. you should be proud of your blog, it is original and you give alot of yourself. you are also very generous with your comments to fellow bloggers, it is no surprise to me that you are gathering a loyal readership. continue following your authentic self, it's great to be part of the journey with you. x

vicki archer said...

What beautiful words Julie and how wonderfully you express what I am sure many of us feel. Cathy's charms are so gorgeous I love them all....xv

Unknown said...

Wow! I think we all have our blog story. You have done a wonderful job discribing blogging. Not everyone gets it. I started reading them in Oct 08 and it took me until Jun 09 to get up the nerve(because I felt like I was entering in a private world) to start mine.
I hope new followers are encluded. If by some miracle I win I will let you choose for me. They are all beautiful.
Have a great weekend.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

You are such a talented writer! This post is not only beautifully written but will no doubt strike a chord with each reader. Of course, you know how similar I feel, about being stuck in a corporate world...I think though that Ange has put it best in her comment above.Those are wise words. This is the first part of your journey...not the end of your story! We will be here with you and for you when you need us!
Your giveaway is fabulous! How exciting to have a chance...thank you!
Take care my friend!
(All so beautiful...thinking inky blue!)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi there...visiting from Cathy's blog!!! Cathy's charms and work are both so beautiful!!! Oh what a lovely post you have written...Your writing stirs up such emotions within, you have such a talent for it...Love your story on how you got into blogging...after reading other blogs I finally pressed this little button that said create blog while recuperating after surgery and haven't looked back.
Congratulations on your 100th post and all your new friends... Enjoy your wonderful passions and that dream of yours...
Happy 100 posts...Dzintra aka Ingrid

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

I have been following Cathy Penton's blog for a while now - for all the same reasons that you so beautifully shared. I first discovered her via Elizabeth Maxon's blog - The Adventures of Elizabeth which is about the same time that I discovered the blog thingy myself.

I have been working on my dream - building a tiny cottage, living simply, and playing with art. I am so happy that Cathy shared about this post so I could "find" you as well. There are many of us out here in blogville who have changed direction to follow our dreams and passions.

Which charm do I like best? The brown butterfly charm really speaks to me of exactly what you are saying. But I haven't joined as a follower just to have a chance at winning a charm. Know that I will be following and cheering you on as you define and create your life of passion and joy. I can think of no better way to live life.

In friendship,

Pam said...

Julie I wish you a speedy journey out of the trenches and into living your dreams. But your post touched me in such a heartfelt way-I have been too insecure to start a blog, feeling to inadequeate, but so deeply appreciating all of you that share so much beauty. Cathy's charms are so beautiful, and such a generous way to celebrate your accomplishment-I will be anxiously awaiting your next 100 posts!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

first off, thank you. yours is exactly the fourth blog i ever lurked and im hooked too. So many great people out there!
i love how paradigm shifts change your world as you know it,
and im grateful because "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change".
i cant remember who really quoted that , but i heard it spoken by gil grissom on CSI haha

cheers and congrats on your milestone.
ps i like the blue and the paris

o and once a pooch, always a pooch !! wish i was there for that show in the pub
~ laura

Chemin des Muguets said...

Oh Julie,

I so look forward to each and everyone of your postings. You have set the bar high, with your inspiring and evocative images and words. I am so honored to be one of your followers. Wish I had known you when we lived in Oz. What fun it would have been to meet!



P.S. Congrats on the 100th! (I've along way to go!) Should I win, I'll take Paris please!

Sue said...

I so love the honesty in this post. I am 3 months into the world of blogging and already my life has changed. I have a renewed interest in my home and how to add creative little touches here and there. I am growing to care about the people that I follow, worrying when they are sick, rejoicing when they have good news to share.

I am not familiar with Cathy's charms. They are beautiful. I love them all and would be honored to win any of the three. You really did well with this posting and I'm glad that you have become my friend.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Hi Julie, you are a true writer! And as you might remember I feel the same about "knowing", or the lack thereof. I did realize so only just recently that the perception of lack in itself is a false concept. And that I have to "train my mind" to think and perceive differently. I'm not writing about my journey in a blog..., (I tried briefly), but I thoroughly enjoy following yours..., so to many more posts, followers and self-discovery! I love the butterfly charm!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, Julie, this is one amazing post. I wish I were able to artfully weave common, ordinary words into something special and beautiful, as you do. You have a truly charmed spirit.

I picture the blue charm as being mine.

Carole said...

Oh Julie,
You are one of the most generous bloggers I know and I don't mean because of the giveaway either :) Your thoughtful and sincere comments have made my day....often when I wondered if I wanted to continue my blog. Our emails to one another have meant more then you can imagine.
It's funny this little world that we find on our screens. It is magical,wonderous,and full of dreams but can also be very real with everyday ups and downs and heartaches. It's a way of connecting with people personally that we sometimes can't do with people that we see everyday.
I am so happy to have gotten to know you and hope to continue the journey with you for a long time.
Congratulations on your milestone....and so sweet of you to include our friend Erin!!! love her and you!
xoxo, Carole

Giulia said...

Lovely, Julie. I hopped over to tell people how wonderful it was to receive the pink handbag from Australia & all...& see this. I shall just get better & post something instead.

The charms are lovely & the shop's blog is elegant & romantic. I must go back & will. (And calculate Australian dollars to US...:)

See you soon.


Susan & GG

PS: If it can't be Italy, then it would be France, wouldn't it? Not to press my luck or anything...

Made in Persbo...Carina said...

Oh Julie!
How wonderful to hear about how you discovered blogging. A just love Cathys lovely charms and I sooo much hope that I win one of the lovely charms you have in your givaway.
If I´m the lucky winner I´d like to have the charm at the upper right corner.

Warm hugs, Carina

Greet Lefèvre said...

Hi Julie,
You know that I really love your blog! And today you told again a wonderful story!
Me too, I am so glad to have learned to know the bloggy world!
And I want to thank you for all the sweet comments on my posts!

Mise said...

Well spoken, Julie! I had that same sort of clash of worlds, and I'm now definitely in the slower-paced less corporate one, and happier for it. Congratulations on your blogging success from your cheerleaders here in Europe and good luck with your life journey. (Inky blue is the one I like best...)

simon said...

"After my first trip to Europe my life had changed forever..."


Thats exactly what happened to me....I was cruising along- great job, knew the direction blah blah, and then I did a trip to Shetland and UK for my music ( I used to sing..long story and one day I will blog about it)....anyway that trip changed me forever...

thanks Julie!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Oh Cara Julie, how did you loose your comment? Love the soldered charms. Nice for you to stop by. Arrivederci dalla California! Buon Fine Settimana Ciao Rita

Porchlight Interiors said...

Congrats on your 100th post Julie! Thanks for sharing your journey with's really inspiring to hear about people following their dreams and discovering new passions! Tracey xx

Lee said...

Julie, what a truly beautiful story (or should I say journey) - I'm so pleased you became 'addicted' to blogging so that you can share these tales with us. And how sweet and generous of you to give away three such gorgeous charms - I'd be very happy with any one of these lovely pieces. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Lee :)

Brabourne Farm said...

Hi Julie

Congratulations on your 100th post and follower. It's wonderful how blogging has taken us all by surprise and opened up such an interesting world full of lovely people and ideas. I love how everyone has the own different style - your beautiful words and photos are just mesmerising and you always manage to see things from a different angle. Here's to your next 100! Leigh

Leisa said...

What a lovely read! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I will agree that Cathy is certainly an inspirational lady. I am so glad that I live nearby and will be able to visit Cathy & Angela's shop when it opens. I hope to one day own one of Cathy's beautiful charms - they sell so quickly when she puts them up - maybe I will be able to get one from her shop. I love the 'Paris' charm you have to give away - I would treasure it and tuck away the hope that one day I will travel to Europe and see for myself the beautiful sights of Paris. But then again, who would be able to choose - they are all beautiful. Many thanks again for your sharing.

count it all joy said...

You're just gorgeous, you are. What a beautiful and inspiring journey you are on. I can't believe I'm not a follower....I thought I was, but then I realised I've got you in my sidebar but not in my reader. Duh. I'm so glad you fell through the rabbit hole, blogland wouldn't be the same without you. Meredith xo.

Jane said...

Julie - You are completely divine. And your story resonates with me in so many ways. We all have to find ways to put one foot in front of the other and confront our demons, crosses, burdens and little irritations. Blogging reminds me of what is good in life. And what is real, which is sometimes painful but also so often life enhancing. I am glad it is working for you and isn't it interesting the way what you start out intending to do changes, it is like a blog has a life of its own. And I love yours very much!! xoxo

Angela Furlong said...

Julie, in a blog world filled with fluff and puff and pretty pictures, your beautiful post stood out like a flower in a paddock of nettles... I adored it and have added you to my blog roll so I can keep track of your lovely writing.

Happy Sunday,


Marie said...

Julie,it just makes us feel better to know there are likeminded friends in every corner of the globe,it is strange when that feeling of dissatisfaction hits you,sometimes we ask what is wrong with me!!I too discovered Cathy a long time ago,she is gifted!!If I were lucky enough to win a charm am happy with any,her work is astonishing and tugs at the heart strings.

Made in Persbo...Carina said...

Ha ha ha! ... 'bear'ly in his coat!! thanks for giving me a good laugh this sunday evening Julie!

I sometimes have, just for fun, translated my own blog into english just to se how google translates it. And I must say you are faboulus who keeps comming back reading my blog time after time! A huge thanks for that Julie!

Warm hugs, Carina

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

Hi Julie

First things first! I think I like the chair charm best! (I have my priorities, you know!)

Secondly, congratulations on your 100 followers and 100 posts! We all have come to blogging in different ways and I think the great thing about it is we CAN evolve as we need to. In a way I think my blog (and I suspect most) tells me what to do and which direction to go. I think your blog is just lovely and I so enjoy seeing all the photographs you've taken over the years. I have also really enjoyed getting to know you better.

Thirdly, here's to the next 100 posts and 100 new followers! Cheers!

Hugs from Coronado!

Drawn to The Sea said...

How DO you write like this? It's as though some flood gate opens & out you spill. I could never write the way you do, could never spill more than a few drops at a time. Not consistently, anyway. I am constantly amazed at the depth of your writing, & how it touches me in curious ways... making me think, making me remember.

You're so right, there is so much out there to read, I used to worry that I would miss something & clicked like crazy. Somewhere along my path, I decided to let the stars (& my blog favorites) guide me... wherever, whenever. I'm so glad, for so many reasons, they led me to you. And now you have led me to Cathy's wonderful blog.

Whew! That's a lot of words for me. I almost never do this. I feel drained & exhausted, but very happy. What have you done to me today, Julie/Ruby?

Wishing you sunshine (& renewed health),

(p.s. The butterfly's my favorite)

Gypsy Purple said...

A wonderful story to share with us...and so each of us have a blogging story....but how incredible a world we share here online....great giveaway as well

Alison Gibbs said...

Julie what a wonderful post. It is really amazing how 'Blogland has changed so many of our lives and in so many different ways.
What a wonderful giveaway - I love all of Cathy's charms and have a few myself. Love Cathys work

summersundays-jw said...

What a wonderful blog. I found you through Cathy's blog which I love. Your words could describe many of us. I'm 64 yrs. old & still trying to find my passion. Your photos are wonderful and show us a lot about your world. I'll be back. By the way, since I'm an antique shop owner, I think my favorite is the chair charm. Thanks, Jan

Bree Oliver said...

This was such a touching and beautiful post. The travel photographs you have been posting lately always put a smile on my face. I wish you all the best in the pursuit of you passion.

Julie B. [Holland] said...

Julie,Ive noticed I havent see you around much on the comments of other blogs , but thought you were busy with work. I dont have my own blog but always catch your comments on blogs we both read.I really dont know much about the actual steps of creating a blog but over the last year trying to get new ideas for our new home , Ive seemed to gather some clever , kind , generous friends who have blogs and write in such clever ways. Some days with great humour , some days with great honesty and raw emotions . Thank you for being one of those people who I read on regular basis. I dont always comment but be assured I read each and every post. Thanks so much for taking your time for us the readers and I do hope you find you way and whatever makes you happy and fulfilled.... Julie in HOlland :)

Brabourne Farm said...

Hi Julie

Me again! I just wanted to say thank you so very much for lovely, thoughtful comment yesterday on our house and garden - you made my day! Leigh

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

Miss Julie ... who loves being Ruby!
My words cannot express how wonderful your writing is... you sweet thing!
Your heartfelt words, generosity and honesty spills forth on your wall and I genuinely enjoy reading every single post....
Your talent for beautiful writing and original photography is truly inspirational! You were one of the first followers of my blog and we shared a passion for Italy and an agreement of how addictive blogging can be!
I only started my blog recently (really for myself), but as people started to follow, I felt a sense of obligation and need to keep doing it... and when you get caught up in this crazy world of blogging ... you start to feel guilty if you haven't posted or visited fellow bloggers!
So ... I just want to thank you for a truly amazing blog you have here and I hope your passion, dedication and generosity do not subside.
Congratulations on 100/100!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Thanks everyone for such lovely comments! You have all made my blogging adventure a joy!!

To Julie In Holland
Hi Julie.. I know you don't have a blog but you are always one of my favourite visitors and I certainly consider you part of the gang!!

Alicja said...

Hello dear Julie,
It was real pleasure to discover your beautiful blog, full of wise words and great photos. I've met Cathy via internet when she put her comment on my blog and I think she's a really gifted and wonderful Person.
It's great that people around the world may meet and share there passions, give inspirations and support each other. Blogging have a huge impact on my life and I understand your feelings, your words so good.
My English isn't good - I'm writing from Warsaw, Poland in Europe - but I hope you will understand my words.
Let me share with you one of the most beautiful and wise poem I know:
Flowers in spring, moon during autumn,
Cool wind in summer, snow in winter.
If your mind is peaceful,
these are the best seasons of your life.
Hope nothing was lost in translation:))
I'm sending you warm hugs from Warsaw and please visit one day my blogs:
Enchanted by your blog - Alicja

love lives in the kitchen said...

dear julie,
your way of telling stories is so fascinating and moving.. i love the way you present your passion, addiction and how it all started. you shoud be a story-teller, a professional writer...
i took a very important decision in these days: i'm leaving my present job as ICT market analyst to follow my passions. i know that it will not be easy but life is short and i don't want to regret anything!
that's intresting that you understand some polish (and italian) do you have polish origins?
wish you a great day,

jmac said...

Oh MY. where did you come from? Your really need to get outa my head this morning! Seriously, I came to your blog thru drawn to the sea and I feel as tho I've come home. Only last night did I have this same talk with myself about my dreams. And where do I go from here? How do I reach them? and how do I make the right decisions? With this one post, I see things alot more clearly and know that change must come.
I'm new to blogging as well and really only began it as a way to keep my kids informed of our lives as we travel. It's cutesy. It's easy. It's ....well, it's not much of anything.
But I have met some neat women thru it and am starting to see there is much more I need to do than lead a normal, mundane life.
Thanks you for your words and I look forward to reading thru your blog. And I will purchase a charm to remind me of this day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, I am new to your blog having found you through cathy Penton! Such a lovely post, I would love to be in your draw, the charm that I would choose, should I be lucky enough, would be the one with the butterfly.

Kaye said...

WOW, not 1 but 3 Cathy Penton charms!!! I would LOVE to be entered into your giveaway! She does amazing work!

sherryberry079 said...

Hello julie, Iam also new to your blog but i love to look and read different peoples blog and i love yours as well!! Keep up the good blogging and any of the charms would be nice i like any thing cathy does Thank you very much!!

Anne Marie said...

little number 45 commenter here.............

those are beautiful! and always so happy to come to visit you - even though you are at work ;)

koralee said...

Hi my friend...I thank you for the well wishes your left on my blog the other visiting has been interrupted by this terrible flu bug that just wants to stay and visit. I have missed you and feel so far behind in reading your amazingly lovely posts. I am going to stay and visit you for awhile. xoxoxox I need your words today my friend.

Kaye said...

Just found your blog through Cathy Penton. I love her work and would love to be entered into your give away drawing....IF I'm lucky enough to be a winner, I would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the chair pendant.

Thanks for the inspiration!

erin's art and gardens said...

Hi Julie! I finally had the time to dedicate to reading this most wonderful post...I knew it would be GOOD!! You have expressed so well the nostalgia driven addiction of blogging in which inspiration of all kinds is the pay off. I used to be a magazine-aholic, but after discovering the blogging world where the sky is the limit, creativity shows no bounds, positivity reigns and the imperfect fit right in, I am now hooked too! And the extra special gift that I never foresaw was meeting new friends like you. You are the best, my dear friend and I truely love all your support and look forward to all of your passionate posts with bated breath! Thank you so much for your shout out to me and your most generous give away! those charms so much!! It would be difficult to pick a favorite. Congratulations on 100 posts and here's to many, many more passion-filled moments with you. Hugs and Kisses! Erin

Christine said...

hi...I'm new to your blog...found it from Cathy
love to be in your giveaway
they are all beautiful...but the butterfly if I was lucky

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

I love Cathy Penton's blog and work also...she is so inspirational...thank you for telling the world again how unique and lovely people can be.
I love the butterfly charm, but the chair is equally adorable too.

Casey said...

Julie...this was truly a beautiful post. It was a gift that I am enjoying over and over again. And we share something....Cathy's blog was the first one I ever read also!! Imagine starting out with someone as kind and sweet and inspiring as her. I would love to win one of her charms...the butterfly one is the one that caught my eye first. Thank you so much for your kindness and generousity by offering such a fabulous and wonderful giveaway.

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Hi Julie! Yay, another giveaway! These are darling! I hope I'm not too late to enter! Thank you for the chance!

Susan said...

Julie, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and images - you project what I am thinking and want to see. I once visited Europe, and awakened something inside me. My heart was stolen by the beauty and lifestyle, and the simple things. I love the Parisian houses best, but Cathy's charms all call out to me.

Berta F said...

Hello Julie...I am happy to know the world of tne BLOGS...And I happy to have friends globber kiss Berta and always your BLOG is fantastic for me.....¡¡¡¡

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh my - I can't type through the tears in my eyes. Your words are very moving. I feel so much the same. I'm struggling to find that special place in life but worry that I will never get there. Others forge such a clear path. One thing I do know is I want that for my children. Happiness is truly what it is all about. Julie your way with text, photography and storytelling, makes my life that much more happy. I am always so thrilled to know more & more about you and your life. Such an honor be your friend even if it's through our blogging. Happy, restful weekend to you xx
p.s.- Cathy's charms are gorgeous!!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE the Paris chair of course!