La Bella Roma: Romantic Piazza Navona

Welcome to La Bella Roma and the Piazza Navona

Perhaps my favourite place in Rome is the Piazza Navona. It is also home to three of my favourite Italian icons; Fountains, Churches and signage.

By day you can wander and absorb the majesty of the baroque architecture. By night the glow of the sculptured fountains, tourists and locals alike taking ‘la Passeggiata’ and the young & old delighting in a slice of authentic Italian pizza, surely followed by a sampling of gelato.

The piazza is adorned by three fountains, two by Giacomo della Porta, the ‘Fontana di Nettuno’ the ‘Fontana del Moro’, and the third, the ‘Fountain of the Four Rivers’ by Gianlorenzo Bernini.

I hope you enjoy my ‘Romantic’ interpretation of Piazza Navona and her glorious fountains and churches, and of course the famous signs that adorn her!

Ciao Julie 3

Beingruby - Piazza Navona - Al Sogno - 1 bw

Beingruby  - Piazza Navona - Fountain 1a -s bw

Beingruby - Piazza Navona - statue2 -s bw

Beingruby - Piazza Navona - statue 1 bw

Beingruby - Piazza Navona - Al Sogno - 1 bw[1]




BeingRuby - Four Rivers Fontana - 1 cp





As you can see I am ‘Hooked on La Bella Roma and the Piazza Navona’. See other ‘Hooked On’ posts at Julia’s Hooked On Houses

Of course there are more Roma posts in the works.. so stay tuned!

IMAGES: All images by me [beingRuby]

FOOTNOTES: The 1st large image is a segment of the ‘Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi’ or ‘Fountain of the Four Rivers’ by ‘Gianlorenzo Bernini’. Legend has it that Bernini created the cowering figure here to depict his fear and revulsion of the baroque facade of the ‘church of Sant'Agnese’ created by his rival Francesco Borromini. Perhaps that is why I like it so much.. a bit of humour in the architecture!! More info available at Wikipedia [here]


Unknown said...

How funny....Piazza Navona is my absolutely favourite part of Rome too....and it's a city I have visited and explored several times.

Wonderful photos - and creativity -Julie.

I too have read about the fierce rivalry between Bernini and Borromini....isn't there another story too regarding the fountain - isn't the figure showing his back - or backside - to the church behind him, again showing their great disdain for each other.


Chemin des Muguets said...

Hi Girl,

I spent some time in Italy studying art history. Bernini is a particular fav of mine. Love the shot of the fountain in the Piazza Navona.

Are you better? It seems as if you are almost the old Julie that we love and follow.


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Gorgeous, Julie! The famous Piazza Navona..., I unfortunately never saw it. The one time I was in Rome I became sick and had to flee the noise and go back home. Such is life!

Blondie's Journal said...

Wonderful post, Julie (Ruby). The images in black & white and Sepia really make for a great presentation.

You know, many people going to Europe for the first time wish to go to Paris first. I have no Italian origins, but Italy is first on my list.

Thanks so much for a great tour!! And thank you for the email. I am enjoying my visits!


Anne Marie said...

man......I love that one with the gray/blue look.........

exactly how I feel - as if all of Rome is tumbling down upon me -

Greet Lefèvre said...

Well Piazza Navona is one of my favourite places in Rome! I have good memories sitting on a terrace watching all those beautiful things around me! It is indeed unbelievable beautiful!


Sue said...

You had me with the pizza and gelato. You have such interesting images, the large one of the dome in the center is my favorite this time. I hope you are feeling well and have a great day.


annies home said...

what grand pictures with lots of history

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

ah Julie....
And to think it was just four weeks ago that I was sitting at Tres Scalini eating their famous Tartufo gelato confection in the midst of Piazza die for! Now, you have me longing to go back! Your pictures are fab....I will be doing a few more Italy posts this week too...took a break from sharing them as I have so many!! Mmm....I want that chocolate Tartufo!!!
:) Laura

The Sobbing Settee ... said...

Does that bring back some lovely and amazing memories ;-) I love Rome. Gosh ... it's time to dust of the albums and go back in time.

Have a great weekend!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

You always set my gypsy heart on fire for more travels! Gorgeous Roma images...

Les Cotrions said...

What a faboulous post about Rome! I adore it...may because I'm Italian???
Have a nice week end!

Jane said...

Do you ever sleep? Beautiful images, I love black and white and grainy, it is so evocative! Have a lovely weekend xoxo

Carole said...

I love these hooked on posts. It's better then being there in person because we see it thru your eyes. You know how much I appreciate photo editing so I'm loving all these different versions. So happy you were able to find your stash!
Hope your feeling better by the way!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

The hubs and are are hoping to renew our vows in Italy. Your pics just make me want it even more!

Giulia said...

bella bella, mia amica...

I type this on the new laptop & with fast internet....still getting used to the keyboard.

I could close my eyes & make my way 'round Piazza Navona after all these's never looked better in photographs than these!



koralee said...

I love these images and can see why you are hooked on La Bella Roma! Is there any place you have not visited my friend? I look forward to more!

Pauline Wiles said...

Very atmospheric photos!
I'm afraid I'm pretty clueless about Rome and have never visited. You did a great job with these pics though.

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie,
Thank you very much for the birthday wishes!
I just got back from Boston.. It was a busy, but fun filled little getaway. I saw and learned a lot. I am hoping to post some pictures later. I am sorry I haven't been updating my blog as often or even visiting yours!! I have been so busy with school lately.. It feels so good to find a minute and check out all the blogs..
Lovely post, as usual:)

I hope you feel better soon,

Anonymous said...

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Have a great day,

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

There is nothing better than sitting outside in Italy and just observing. One is surrounded with art and beauty and what a pleasure that is. (there are also a lot of handsome Italian guys to watch, as well !!!!).
Your photographs are beautiful, Julie. I love the long ones and how different they look in their altered image state. Wonderful interpretation of a wonderful city. XXXX

un abril encantado said...

Querida Julie, debes saber que la PLAZA NAVONA es una de las mas bellas que conozco...he viajado a Roma dos veces y la última comi sóla en un restaurant mirando la plaza mientras llovia, yo leia y mi marido y yo nos reunimos alli...cuántos recuerdos maravillosos...gracias a ti esa felicidad ha retornado hoy viendo tus MARAVILLOSAS FOTOGRAFIAS, tu JULIE eres una ARTISTA para mi...FELIZ FIN DE SEMANA, Lourdes Ferrandiz

count it all joy said...

What beautiful images Julie. They're so visually delightful, I feel like hurling myself into the Fountain of the Four Rivers so as to better soak up the atmosphere. Do people do that, or is that only in the movies? Did you ever throw in a coin and make a wish whilst eating gelato? If I ever have the opportunity to visit these gorgeous fountains, I think I'd do just that. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Meredith xo.

Anonymous said...

lovely photos and the architecture of the place...nice creative work!

Timeless Fashion... said...

Lovely pictures. I had such a trouble finding Piazza Navona when I went to Rome last summer but I loved it. Look forward to more of your Italian posts.

Have a great weekend!

niartist said...

Oh how lovely! The pictures are just superb! I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog of genuine Cross Bottles valued at $175. It ends Monday, so hurry over. I think you'll love them!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Gorgeous photos!!! :) Rome is on my list of places I must see. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. (You should give Twilight a chance...complete fluff, but an interesting plot). :)

Fifi Flowers said...

Italy is LOVELY... I would love to see more of it!
Package shipping comeing to you soon!

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

Seeing all your amazing photos, it just makes me wish I had been better about taking pictures when I loved in Europe. Kind of dumb on my part as I had plenty of opportunity and didn't take advantage of all the beauty surrounding me. Guess I'll just have to go back. It is such a different experience though to live in a foreign city than it is to visit. Live and learn, I suppose. Anyway, beautiful shots of Roma.

Blue Muse said...

Julie, your photos are amazing and my heart just pounds when I see Piazza Navona and the likes... so so so dreamy.
xo Isa