BLACK & WHITE Sunday: Leaving Tenterfield [Part II]

Continuing on my Tenterfield Theme, here are a few more shots in Black & White .

Now I didn’t give you the back story to this trip. It was taken at Easter back in 1995. A friend was driving up to her Uncle’s shack, 2 kids in tow, for a spot of country air and R&R. She failed to tell me we were about to embark on a 10+ hour drive. She also failed to tell me what the ‘shack’ would look like. Of course I had romantic notions of this simple country shack and, although without modern day conveniences, I still imagined it would be somewhat romantic and restful. The ‘Shack’ turned out to be a ‘Shack’, no frills about it.. ha ha..


Her Uncle lived on a horse farm with just a few working dogs for company. It seem the dogs didn’t mind the 4 inches of dust and dirt on the floor and the cupboards and the chairs and the old sofa. Nor did the dogs care there was no electricity or hot water and the only shower was an external cold water bucket shower.. The dogs didn’t care … cause the dogs didn’t have to use it.. ha ha. I am such a wuss at the best of time, but this was extreme to say the least. We spent the first hour boiling water and scrubbing a wash pan so we could then boil water and scrub some cutlery and plates to eat off. After all this scrubbing, it was off to bed .. socks and hiking boots still on. I don’t think those boots came off the whole 4 days.

Now bear in mind this was back in the days when I still thought blow drying my hair was as essential to my daily rituals as brushing my teeth. So the first day or so was full of ‘resistance’ on my part. After that I seemed to relax into the rhythm of the country. I stopped fussing over the unnecessary things and spent my time focussing on more important things like the people around me and the ‘drop dead gorgeous countryside’.

On the long drive home I felt somewhat liberated from my everyday necessities that really aren’t necessities at all. The radio was playing George Michael’s ‘Freedom’ as if it knew I had discovered the secret to this elusive state of ‘being Free’. This first image below is the Bruxner Highway leading out of Tenterfield on the long trip home, as seen through the eyes of a newly liberated Country Soul!


Being Ruby - Tenterfield bw 1 sg

See the Magpie above!!

Being Ruby - Tenterfield bw 2 sg

BeingRuby - Tenterfield -  bw 4b sg

Being Ruby - Tenterfield bw 3a sg

B&W Sunday2

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Ciao Julie 4


IMAGE SOURCE: All images by me [being Ruby]

Thoughts For A Sunday: The concept of Freedom is a strange animal. I was sad to leave Tenterfield and the sense of Freedom I had found escaping the paraphernalia of city living. Paradoxically, Peter Allen, a son of Tenterfield, found his Freedom by embracing the big smoke and a life of fame.



Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Beautiful images and engaging back story! are a fascinating lady... full of surprises...I just love visiting you!
XO Laura

Jenny said...

Gorgeous photos. Black and white is such an interesting art. Thanks for sharing your photos and your story.

Carole said...

Oh goody I'm happy you did B&W too. Yours of course I like much better! You know you'd laugh or maybe not but I would fit right in a place like that. I often say working here is like camping. It's not as glam as everyone thinks it is. That's why it's so easy to focus on the pretty things around us....just like you did there!

Sahildeki Ev said...

Well, you definitely had some experience. We all need it from time to time..Have a great Sunday..

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Julie...what a trip and an eye-opener to the ways of living deep in the country....but, of course, it has it's advantages, like the beautiful countryside that you have shown us in your brilliant Black and White photographs..... I did a trip like that once, on a slightly smaller scale, camping in Wales a one of those tiny tents...not on a campsite, so no facilities. I remember washing my hair in a public toilet with a bar of soap....I think it looked worse after than before !!!!
Thanks for the lovely B&W trip to the country andd your brilliant text. XXXX

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

What a wonderful story ... thanks for sharing!
Once again... beautiful photos!
Did you experience some freedom this weekend?

Blue Muse said...

I loved the back story, Julie. Those realizations and epiphanies are the richest rewards in life. Your photos are so gorgeous, and I love these in black and white.
xo Isa

Sue said...

Well it certainly made for some fabulous photos, even if the trip was a bit rustic. I don't think I would have had the same transformation you did. I'm such a girly girl...always have been. I do however love the song. I must go listen to it now!


Luiza said...

Oh, Julie.... That story is wonderful. And the photos breathtaking...
I know what that cold water feels like. My grandpa has nothing else than cold water. I know what it takes too heat it. A whole lot of time and patience, before one can scrub the durt of the body =D.

Thank you so much, for your ,always so supportive way of leaving comments. You make me feel happy.
I will have to quote Jackie:"You have been very kind to me and I like to call you a good friend. You are generous , warm and a very kind person and I am proud to call you my friend".

Have a lovely day!

Unknown said...

You are a wonderful storyteller, Julie. Your humor and honest reactions to that experience really held my attention. The music that went through my mind as I read, however, was Janis Joplin singing "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose". lol I'm not one for roughing it.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Well everyone I probably should clarify that the 'transformation' was quite temporary.. hehe although the concept and realization does stay in your psyche .. you just have to keep reminding yourself.

Ange said...

You see! You are a real adventurer!!! ANyone who can see the beauty through the grime and dirt is an amazing individual! You just need to get back there from time to time to put the old hair dryer back in its rightful place! ;-D

simon said...

I dont what to say- great photos, great theme? I can say that over and over...

but what is more important is the way I feel when I read the words- because, when i am on a farm or in those simple "get away" places, all the clutter and all the fuss dissapear. Its important to just boil water, or to chop some wood to cook a meal. The view and feeling is everything, and its so much more than all this modern "crap" we seems to wrap ourselves in..

Thanks Julie (again)

un abril encantado said...

JULIE este es lugar el mas bello que conozco, felicidades... aquí es todo mágico para mi corazón...sólo yú lo haces posible, abrazos querida amiga, Lourdes

Pooch Purple Reign said...

haha that is such a great story ! i love adventures like that....where you have no idea what you re getting into. somehow they seem to leave the greatest impression.
i love paulo coehlo's books fav is the alchemist but also the witch of portobello....amazing
~ laura

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Wow, those photos are stunning. Kudos to you. I might be too wussy for that extreme of an adventure. Ah ha

Bree Oliver said...

These images really capture the soul of the country! The black and white really works on these

Jennifer Beaudet said...

I love reading your post Julie! Now I want to go to the country...oh wait! That's where I already live! :) I need to get out and enjoy some freedom! Have a great week!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

It would have made me appreciate hot running water, and all that so much more. Love the road into the light shot!

Greet Lefèvre said...

Hi Julie,
I was so busy the last days that I had no much time to blog! But here I am again!!

Greet said...

A 10 hour drive is a long one, but looks like a beautiful one too.

niartist said...

oh Ruby, these pictures are gorgeous!!! Can you come show me how to use my darned camera!?!? URGH! Anyway - what a great story. I don't know if I could make it with cold bucket water for 4-days, but I can see that it would awaken that voice that says: "Don't take it all for granted!" Beautiful post!

Kellie Collis said...

LOve your reference to dogs... My lily never cares if my hair is blow dried! x

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh my goodness, not sure what is more beautiful, the story or the photos? I think we do get caught up with our 'neccessities'in life & some how often miss what's really important. I know I am guilty in the first degree. I hope this finds you well & not over working? Hugs from America xx deb

Berta F said...

Hello Julie....very elegant photos in Black and white.....very special....your BLOG always is special for me.......Berta

Unknown said...

WOW a great story and fabulous photos! I am such a lover of b&w photography and these images are truly awesome Julie!!!

:) T