Paris Posters: Child's Play

Just Horsing Around

Blowing off steam for me means fooling around with my travel shots [which I'm sure you've all figured out by now .. there's been a lot of blowing off steam going on lately].. These poster creations hold special appeal as they allow me to be express my inner child!!... I just can't decide which colours and tones I prefer so here's a few choices..

I've been working on these images for a friend... and now have a bunch of ideas brewing in my head just waiting to get out if I don't get sidetracked onto some other distraction .. like Christmas which is moving up on us quickly!! 

So stop horsing around and get a giddyup missy!!

Have A Great Week Y'All

And don't forget to write your list for Santa!

ALL Text, Original Photography & Artwork [copyright beingRuby©]
Created from shots taken in  Paris,  France ... August 2011


beachcomber said...

these would be beautiful for a picture book for kids or adults julie, so lovely!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW so that you do not think I am a COPY CAT, I had already set up my new post for this weekend and our equine friends are the subject!!! WHITE ONES! AND.....aren't they just divine creatures? YOUR PHOTOS ARE ALWAYS SO INCREDIBLY DONE UP DEAREST! MAGIC! Anita

Ann said...

OMG! Each one is more beautiful then the next.

Julie- please think of a way I can purchase some so I can have a collage on my wall for inspiration.

Your work is so very special.

Splendid Sass said...

Oh I love these Julie! I love carousels, and this puts me in a carousel kind of mood.
I hope that you get that steam blown out. Maybe that is what i need to get me going today. i am certain I could muster up a bunch.
have a nice week, Miss Julie, and keep clicking.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Too cool! I love it when you fool around with those travel pictures...the results are always amazing! Enjoy the season! :)

michelle said...

These are so beautiful Julie! I adore all your photos and posters and if you can be creative and blow off steam at the same time, even better. :)

I Dream Of said...

These are gorgeous! You are so creative. I love seeing a totally different direction for your amazing photos. Clearly blowing of steam leads to good things! Hope your neighbors have no more "fix-it" surprises to spring on you! XO

Giulia said...

Love these, Julie. I think they'd be great as a book...even a coloring book with parts left undone so ppl (kids or grownups) could play around. Think about it. xo


Beautiful, Julie. Truly, a book just filled with your images and stories of your travels would be such a great thing! Keep blowing off that steam...better than letting it build up. Have a beautiful day.

Ange said...

They are gorgeous all of them. YOu should horse around more often Julie!! I would buy a few of them to put on the walls in my house. Better than the muddy colours we get from the real horses around our house.

Merry Xmas if we aren't in touch before then.

Sharon said...

Well, uh, Julie, this missy is a Sagittarian, so I think this is a perfect time for me to horse around! But I did giddyup here - and fell in love! Once again, beautiful.

Loree said...

Creating those wonderful images may be child's play for you but not for us dearest Julie :) Lovely as always.

oldgreymare said...

Yes yes yes, when will you start selling them?
So climb down or up ? on the horse which ever is appropriate?..and get crackin'...Your legion of fans await. :D

Carole said...

Yes Christmas is cutting into my PS time too...haha

I'm loving all the cool effects.

Not feeling to Christmasy at the moment...warm and rainy. Maybe it's


Lynne with an e said...

You bring so much to a travel photo, turning each into an original work of art. These capture the flavour of Paris, the sensation of the wonder at being there. Each is beautiful in its own way but my favourite is the Eiffel tower against the dark sky, accented by the curve of the carousel. It's such a delight to visit your blog! Please don't stop horsing around. In fact, kick up those ruby red heels and get completely carried away!

helen tilston said...

Hello Julie

Even when you horse around you create beauty. Carousels call me every time.
I cannot pass one without hopping on.
Thanks for an uplifting post

Helen xx

Jennifer Beaudet said...

I was thinking "poster" when viewing these! I love the first one but I'm with you on which color. I would love if I could buy that first one for my daughter for Christmas. So beautiful Julie, and so professional! Wow, in awe!

Sarah Klassen said...

Oh my goodness... WOW! Beautiful to say the very least. Such a magical post, Julie :)