Venetian Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

I thought I'd send myself a Valentine.. filled with some of the things I love.. Venice ... The Sea ... And lots of moody atmosphere ... Oh.. And the colour Blue! ... I thought I'd send it to each of YOU too!

For me .. Venice is a place where MAGIC happens.. It fills me with elation and that dizzy joy normally reserved for moments of romance.. So although I cannot travel there right now.. I can in my mind... and through art and photography.. Romance doesn't always need a partner..

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day

Off to stay with a friend over the next few days .. so not sure how much internet access I will have.. I hope you all have a wonderful week.. and I'll catch up with you soon..

Julie b

All Text, Photography and Artwork by [Being Ruby©]
Location: Venice 1993 & 1996... There's a couple of images there not shown before on my blog..
The 1st.. The island of Burano.. and the last two of gondolas on the lagoon looking out toward the Church and Island of San Giorgio Maggiore

'I'M GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN' [Lyrics by Joe Young/Music by Fred E. Ahlert]


Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Cara amica, Buon San Valentino dalla California!
Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Gina said...

Dear Julie, I love Venice and your photographs have a very special feeling to them. Thank you for sharing them with us and have a lovely Valentine's Day.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Have a wonderful Valentine's day to you too, Julie! I hope that your day is filled with love, chocolate and flowers.
Such beautiful images.

Bonheur maison said...

Hola Julie que atmósfera tan bonita que has creado con Venecia en azul.Que tengas Feliz San Valentin y linda semana!!!

The Green Pea said...

A Happy Valentine's Day to you. I remember that song very well. What a sweet post. sandi

oldgreymare said...

Have fun on your get away! and a very happy Valentine's Day. <3


last 2 are my faves : D

Renée Finberg said...

i will make you a deal.
i'll send you one
you send me one


Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Gorgeous post!! Happy day xox

the old boathouse said...

Hey Julie, enjoy your time with your friend. Happy Valentine's Day my dear. Ah Venice just so magical xx Katherine

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Hi Julie! I love the watercolor effect on your first photo. Nicely done! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Buy yourself something nice! Jennifer:)

Splendid Willow said...

Hello my creative friend,

Enjoy some quality time with you friend.

Happy Valentines to you. I adore you!

ox, Mon

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Julie ~

Venice is magic, and so is love! Such a perfect pairing for this special day!

As always, the images are breathtaking!


Claudia Lane said...

Ciao Julie, agree with you about's pretty spectacular...
Your posts are always so special, thank you for sharing your heart with us...Have a great time with your friend :))

The Moerks said...

Just lovely. Enjoy your trip.

Shane Pollard said...

Oh Julie
I've just done a Venice post for Valentines too!!

For me it's the most romantic place on earth - I even dream about it.

I've been once for three days and just adored every moment - I simply have to go day.

And I agree, romance doesn't always need a partner.
Happy V day to you too and enjoy your sojourn with your friend.


desde my ventana said...

Happy day to you Julie. I loooove Venezia and love this song,

Design Elements said...

what a wonderful post, Julie. my English is not enought to say what I'm feeling. great post! happy valentine's day!

rjerdee said...

Thanks for the beautiful valenine, Julie...and have a wonderful time with your friend...xxoxoxoxo
Happy V Day, my beautiful friend!

Shellbelle said...

Romance doesn't always need a partner…I love that! It's how I always feel when I look towards the sea.

Have a fabulous time with your friend, it's always good to get away.


Shellbelle said...

Your comment just came through, I love it when I discover that I'm reading a friend's blog at the same time they're reading mine — especially when the distance is so great between us. It's a small world after all!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW. You are an artist PAR EXCELLENCE Julie....that was stunning, the photos so GORGEOUS, the words, the thoughts...yikes, You are amazingly talented. I SEND YOU MANY HUGS AND WISHES FOR JOY AND HAPPINESS ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE, and thank you for visiting my unfinished rooms! YES, AQUA WILL RULE in splashes and touches, for SURE!!! LOVE TO YOU, Anita

mosaicology said...

extraordinary work !! image and words wise.

mermaid gallery said...

Such a gift you have with photos! These are fantastic! Hope your V. day is fun! Best, Susan

vicki archer said...

Lovely Julie....Have a happy break....xv

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Beautiful images of a magical city. You captured and edited them perfectly.
Happy St. Valentines Day~

Giulia said...

Cara Julie,

Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for these beauties of a favorite city. Have a good break...xo

Susan & little Julie

classiq said...

I'm captivated by these beautiful photos of a beautiful and romantic city.

Loree said...

Those images are out of this world beautiful!. Yes Venice is definitely a place where magic happens. I feel it too. I absolutely love the decadence of the place.

Laurie Blaswich said...

You are so lucky to have traveled and seen this amazing place. For now I will bask in the glory of the astounding images you share with us.

happy v day,

Princesa Nadie said...

Happy Valentine's day in such magic city!

Carole said...

Happy Valentines Day Julie......sending much love your way!
Hope you enjoy your time away from home and put your feet up.

That first image looks like a watercolor. They are all gorgeous and love the foggy effect.

simon said...


michelle said...

Happy Valentines Day to you sweet Julie. Venice looks so romantic and there is nothing more romantic than the sea. The images are beautiful! I hope you have good days with your friend!


Charlotta Ward said...

Happy Valentine's to you my dear!
Hope you have a wonderful time with your friend.

Big hugs

xx Charlotta

Ella said...

Lovely photos, the city of Romance, okay one of them ;-D Happy Valentine's Day xXx

Kerry said...

Perfection. Venice is the most magical doubt about that!

Exquisite Accessories said...

Gorgeous picks Julie I am with you i love Venice once i get into my new house & unpack I must show you some of my masks from Venice (hope no mold on them been in boxes for 2 years)!!
Have a great time with your friend, look forwards to hearing from you soon Elaine x

Ellen Reed said...

Julie! the images of Venice are lovely and make me long to return....what wonderful moody atmosphere they evoke! smiles....and have FUN !

Martina said...

Hey Ruby, i so love Venice and it's magic just works for me every time i get there! Love these romantic pictures here too and send you some girly Valentine hearts!

Stephanie said...

Sweetie, I'll be your Valentine anytime! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Beatnheart said...

Julie, what a great ukelele tune. You gave me an idea! Happy Valentine Day sweet, lovely Julie.

La Petite Gallery said...

You make me smile, I laughed at your Turkey and let me tell you, these photo's are breath taking.. They have magic, mystery and romance.
Besides I know all the words to that song.
Big warm Hello letter.
Try-"Put your arms around me Honey. Hold me tight"
Know that one?

Gretchen said...

Happy belated Vday to you too!!!! cheers, love those lyrics!

Giulia said...

Happy belated Valentine's from DC, as well. xoxo cough cough...but we are thinking of you. Venice for Valentine's - wonderful. Full moon tomorrow night (well, tonight for you)...wondering if you'll be snapping it.


Elaine said...

Thank you Julie! That is by far, hands down, the prettiest virtual Valentine I received this year.
And what could be better than a Venetian Valentine?
Hope you are having a wonderful visit with your friend.

liberal sprinkles said...

wow these photos are incredible. Whatever technique you used, it's magic!