Eat, HOPE, Pray: To Rome or Bust

Feng Shui will tell you... you should surround yourself with images of what you wish to attract into your life.. So I'm doing a bit of Feng Shui 'Ruby Style' and creating myself a Virtual Travel Angel, as once again my thoughts are turned to travel and a longing to return to Italy!! A place where passion and gusto are interwoven into the fabric of life.. and the eye is blessed with earthy beauty, dramatic, raw and imposing..

It's been some time since I posted an IF IT'S TUESDAY entry. For those of you who are new here.. the IF IT'S TUESDAY posts are where my passion for photo alteration began.. Gussying up my old scratchy travel snapshots I took in the pre-digital era. One in particular that has seen many a resurrection is my 'Angel With Cross' from the Pont Sant'Angelo, Roma. I think this is variation #5... and today I have transported her to the back alleys of Old Roma in front of the shuttered windows of the Albergo Sole where I stayed in 1996.

Now although I usually prefer to travel to destinations near the sea [eg Venice] .. All of Italy stole my heart.. and I couldn't help but fall in love with Roma.. So many things to love in this city.. The Vatican City [see here], Piazza Navona, and her many fountains and the winding cobbled alleys beckoning one to get lost and wander in search of the perfect coffee.. Which is not hard to find almost anywhere in northern Italy.. so let's wander a bit shall we ..








So some of you are probably thinking.. well.. why not just pop over there this year!! .. and some of you probably will... but for us poor antipodeans who were long ago banished to the dark nether regions of this earth.. travel to Europe is about a twenty hour flight... therefore something one doesn't do for a quick one week of travel. Both times I visited Europe were extended trips of nine weeks or so... and both times I tried to take in as much as I could not knowing if I would be able to return.. Although.... I did throw my three coins in the Trevi Fountain each and every time.. so there must be another trip in the waiting and I just need to get that Virtual Travel Angel into gear!!!

I'll be back later in the week with some more shots of Italy in the same colourway ...
Blues & Browns inspired by the sea and coffee!!
Or long chats about Italy at a seaside cafe!!

Julie b

All Text, Photography and Artwork by [Being Ruby©]
Location: La Bella Roma, 1996


The Moerks said...

Yes please, more shots of Italy. I absolutely loved Italy. Your photos are beautiful! Deb

Susan said...

Hi Julie,
I understand your longing. I have been back in Oz (from Europe) for 2 months now, and I spent the first 2 weeks being homesick for France and Italy. I wish I didn't take so long to get there too.
Seaside cafes - we visited some in Tuscany, Sorrento/Amalfi coast and Sicily at Taormina. There is nothing so relaxed as lunch at a little cafe restaurant right on the beach.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Most precious Julie. I love how you opened up with the Feng Shui idea of living: SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH THE IMAGES YOU DESIRE TO ENTER INTO YOUR LIFE. How true. We are what we ingest, food, ideas, habits....and the images that you are so gifted to create here are just healing to my soul as I SEE OUR COLOR BLUE cast a lovely hint of dreams. Julie, thank you for understanding my post. Dormancy is a normal thing, and as long as we have breath and life rushing through our veins, we can do something about that dormancy and just wake up when it is our time. You have done so already, at least from my point of view, but we ourselves have to identify it within us. For years, others have seen my potential, but I did not. Life is a mystery indeed.

You inspire with your great beauty of the world....have a splendid day, Anita

desde my ventana said...

Sweet memories for me with your stunning images,Julie.Roma was the destination for my Honey Moon,
I wish you a very happy new week,

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hey Julie girl...
You bring back such fond memories of our trips to those blue and brown tones to your gorgeous photos. Wouldn't it be cool if your travel angel and mine were able to line up trips to Italy at the same time?
Hope you have a great week ahead...

Gloria said...

Hola Julie!!! Bellas imágenes de una bella Roma! Adoro al igual que tú esta ciudad encantadora y donde sólo ella tiene la más maravillosa pátina del tiempo! Sabes que estuve el año pasado en Roma, luego de 20 años, y me emocionó como siempre!!Un beso y ánimate a volver que lo vale!!

Stephanie said...

These are so lovely! I've never been to Italy, but if Feng shui really works, I will soon be surrounding myself with photos of the Greek Islands! Or maybe the Caribbean? With more snow arriving this weekend and more expected Tuesday, I can use some sand between my toes about now. Have a great week - can't wait to see what else you share with us from Italia!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Ruby
Roma is a lovely city,thank you for help me to remind my days there with your virtual travel and your beautiful photographs

Loree said...

Beautiful photos of one of my favourite cities in the world. I always long to return to Italy. I've been 6 times but it's never enough. I too feel I need to go back soon.

Giulia said...

Ah. Well, as you know, Roma is my favorite place on earth. I did not know you stayed at A. Sole. Bella. The thing that most people don't know before going is that it can be very rough, even brutal. It's part of the show. I'm a sickie, what can I say:)

ciao-meow from la gattina.

vicki archer said...

It is such a long way...I know....but it is so worth it....both ways! Lovely images Julie....xv

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

These images are breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing these images for those of us that are unable to be in Italy. You much have had a wonderful trip.
I love the image of the angel with the cross. I will save this for my inspiration folder.
Thank you , friend, for your support and lovely comments. They make my day.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Blondie's Journal said...

Nine wonderful! I wouldn't look forward to such a long plane ride though. Do you break it up with a lay over? The Husband and I are talking about a trip to Europe this summer...I want to start small, England, maybe but he is already jumping around, talking about Italy and Spain. All would be to choose!

Hope all is well in your end of the world. Beautiful shots, as always!


Killiecrankie Farm said...

good ol ether hates me lately - try again to say hi !
Here is wishing that the travel angel dabs your leave loading and credit card with many wishes for a trip some day soon Julie !
I hate reading all those mother country blogs about little jaunts to the ardeche, quick trips to belgium, a weekend in rome - bring on light speed travel i say - beam me scotty - and zap me to the dordogne this weekend :)

La Petite Gallery said...

You made me crazy to go there. I will pray you get to go. I am too old to try it alone again. Memories of having coffee at the Pantheon and I still have the menu from the restaurant across from the fountain at Piazza Navonia, it was night and beautiful. Then I did the Big fountian with the Horses, and had dinner there at a famous cafe,
Hope you get to go Darling, have a glass of vino for me.

chateaudelille said...

Stunning pics. I can just imagine them framed in a series on a wall. I know what you mean about that long trip to get there. It really is the pits and a killer to recover from when you return.Fiona

simon said...

Last year I travelled Sydney to London with a change of plane in Hong Kong, then I was on a train to Euston, then a train to Lancaster, then a car to the lakes district, then into a walk straight away.... I had no idea what I was doing or feeling for a bout 48 hours and ached all over!

myletterstoemily said...

exquisite photos, as always. you are so talented and
we get all the enjoyment of them.

i hope you get another 9 weeks in your beloved

Lise said...

Julie, beautiful images that leave me longing for Italy!!! I often say I was born in the wrong hemisphere, I am so drawn to Europe..I have a picture of that angel as well, she is beautiful as are your pictures and words. Keep working towards your return to Italia said...

Hi Julie, I love the rustic feel of this post. Happy New Year to you!

June said...

Well dear Julie, because of you, I am seeing the beauty of Italy through you. I am so grateful that you share with us all your amazing pictures of the lovely places you have been. I know that travel is difficult for you anywhere that you desire to go. I can't even wrap my head around a 24 hour flight to anywhere...I complain if the flight is a five hour flight. hehe
Thank you so much for the well wishes. Having you come by always brightens my days.
Big hugs

Bonheur maison said...

Julie,en Italia hay belleza,pero vista a través de tus imágenes hay doble belleza!! consigues darle a las fotografías "algo" especial siempre..una atmósfera diferente...nostálgica...mágica.Un gran saludo Julie!! todavía estoy de vacaciones pero extrañaba las visitas.Marina

Meg Mitchell said...

I have never seen such beautiful photographs. I just found your blog and it's an exquisite way to start my day. Thank you.

Design Elements said...

stunning pics, Julie. The Feng Shui idea is wonderful! have a great new week! Hug

Anonymous said...

When we were in London, my daughter suggested that we also plan to visit Rome together. That was a while back, so for now, I will travel along with you and enjoy all the beauty you share!

Happy New Year, sweet Julie!
~ Zuzu

Carole said...

These are beautiful photos Julie. Maybe they started off scratchy photos but they are so romantic now with your wizardery in PS. I only stayed in Italy for a short time and don't have the fond memories like you do but I can pretend now through you that they were as magically for me too.
I'm sure someday you will go back I'm sure!


Francine Gardner said...

Dear Julie,
Seeing Rome through your eyes is a beautiful, romantic experience.You show such grace in your art.
You miss Europe, well i miss having never visited Australia...20 hours flight having a little something to do with it.

Bree Oliver said...

Julie I totaly agree if you are going to sit on a plane for that long it's best to make the holiday as long as possible.

Beatnheart said...

I love your pictures Julie and this bunch is outstanding. I’ve never been to Italy but would love to go.

Marie Söderberg said...

I love your pictures, and I would very much like to show a few om my blog if it ok with you, your beautiful pictures must be shared ;) have a lovely day :) /Marie

Pooch Purple Reign said...

right on ruby... beauty in roma is everywhere. ive been twice and its not enough yet!!
thanks for the great memories in photo
~pooch xx

Ann said...

Your great photos take me right back. So romantic.

My fervent wish is for you to get there somehow, someway!


Elaine said...

I love my virtual travels to Italy via your blog. Yes, more please. And I think a 24 hour flight is torture! I am so sorry you are so far from your dream destination.

Shellbelle said...

After reading your latest post, I know you have much more to be concerned with, but I just have to say how incredible these images are, as usual.

The first one "Send Me an Angel" especially struck a cord, knowing what is going on in Queensland now.

I hope that angel brings relief to the people affected by the floods and then takes you back to Italy when you're ready.


Dina Varano said...

Just stumbled on your beautiful blog from another great blog 52Flea. Laura wrote a sweet post of my shop, Dina Varano. Your shots of Rome are so dear to my heart. I lived there for a while on the Campo dei Fiori, ate lots of times at S. Eustachio, also stayed at Albergo Sole, and Piazza Navona at night was one of my favorites too! I love how you wrote passion and gusto are interwoven in life, I agree! I'd add also art! I loved visiting a beautiful Carravagio painting on the way to the vegetable market. Arrivederci! Maybe I'll see you in Rome!

Pearl Maple said...

Good luck with your travel angel, hope they provide all the adventures you seek and with images like that - think we all want to join you on this one.

Renée Finberg said...

like everyone else....
i adore the feel of these images.
bravo xxx

liberal sprinkles said...

My goodness Julie, I'm loving all your photos of Italy. I once lived in Bologna and have visited Italy multiple times. Your photos take me back but at the same time show me a very different image of the country I know and love. Thank you!