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I've been planning a Sea of Love Part II for some time.. but for one reason or another it just hasn't eventuated... In fact I think most of my Part II's have not eventuated... I wonder if it is as I use my favourite images in the Part I or that somehow the enthusiasm gets lost after the first attempt.. I read somewhere once that you should never verbalize what you intend to create as it takes the momentum out of the doing so.. as if all one's creative energy is lost in the telling.. Well not sure about that however I do seem to have had a mental block with this Part II.. Partly due to indecision what to write about.. I always have a few mishaps during my travels.. Which are annoying at the time.. but make for interesting stories back home.. So today I think I'll tell you about my fews crazy hours at Bangkok airport .. waiting to return home..


We'd just flown in from Phuket and were making our way to the International flight to Sydney.. Now when I say 'We' I mean 'Me' and other passengers who just happened to be on the same flight.. In the slow slow line waiting to be checked by customs, I struck up a conversation with another aussie... When it was his turn to be checked the customs officer got into a bit of a flap as I went through separately... 'Your Wife' .. 'Your Wife' they kept yelling.. 'Your Wife .. Come Back' !!! Thankfully the guy explained he didn't know me.. and I was let go.. phew.. wonder what he did to cause such ruckus!!
Well the shoe was on the other foot a little bit later... You see in my boredom of the two hour wait.. I had found myself at an Oxygen Massage Bar.. Ever experienced one of these?? Well it is a seated neck and shoulder thai massage.. but.. with pure oxygen pumped through your nasal cavity during the process.. Well!!! I was off like a kite !!! Felt like I was deliriously drunk.. Skipping [I mean walking] around the airport smiling and giggling to myself.. and yes that was getting me a bit of attention.. At some point I ran into that aussie guy from customs.. attempted to find out what all the hoo ha was about.. but in my oxygen altered state he was pretty keen to steer clear of me.. haha I don't blame him ... Bangkok airport really is somewhere one should at least try and act normal.


Not long after it was time to go through yet another check point before boarding the flight to Sydney .. This time they were checking passengers with one of those electronic monitoring wand thingies ... The official asked me to stand on a box so she could scan me for anything naughty .. I did .. Next minute in front of anyone who happened to be watching.. [just a few hundred people].. She grabs me on the stomach,... shakes it around a bit and asks in a thunderous voice .. "WHAT IS THIS?' .. Uhhhmm .. I reply just as thunderously.. "MY FAT'!! hahahaha.. .It took giving her a visual of said fat to satisfy her I was not smuggling anything onboard... Once again.. in front of anyone who cared to be watching!!! I'd like to say people weren't snickering during the nine hour flight home!! hahaha Happily I made it home safely... with a slight oxygen hangover.. The moral: Beware of Oxygen Bars and Flaunting Your Fat.

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So I am a little behind in visiting and emails.. I've been feeling a bit fluey.. Nothing a bit of oxygen wouldn't fix.. And last night we had a huge electrical storm... It knocked out 'MAC in the box' once and I wasn't game to try for a second time.. Apparently we are under threat of severe storm warnings for tonight also!!! Crazy spring weather..

'Have A Fabulous Week Everyone'

Julie b

Text, Photography & Altered Image Artwork by Being Ruby©
Location: Phuket: 'Palm Trees': View from Evason Resort & Spa
'Others': Day trip on Pang Nga Bay


Patyclau said...

Hi Julie, I´ve enjoyed your airport´s story.
I think is true, if you tell someone your projects, they don´t become true.


rjerdee said...

Hi Julie,
I so enjoyed your wonderful story and your telling of it! I've had plenty of massages but never anything with oxygen...takes you over the top, eh? They gave me oxygen during my outpatient surgery last summer but I didn't feel any effects...but maybe that's why I fainted on the way out the door...

Anyway, have a wonderful week. Today I INTEND to see a Spanish monastery that Randoph Hearst (what a nut) bought in Spain, disassembled, shipped, and reassembled in Miami, Florida...stone by numbered stone...let's see if I follow through on my intentions. :)

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

My dear Julie, I think you're crazy to sit down and inhale oxygen at an airport like that - especially if you were travelling alone, I really wouldn't have dared, but then maybe that's why you're the one with the funny stories to tell!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING ( at least on my end of the globe!) dearest Ruby! WOW, I am lovin' the way you change your photos. And Thailand....what a magical sea land of delights, indeed! THANK YOU FOR THIS GENEROUS TOUR to a land that I have never seen but admire so.....have a great day dearest, Anita

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

You really have me laughing with this post Julie! I can just picture it!
Your altered photos look like paintings!
Have a wonderful day!

marina said...

Hola Julie,me divertí mucho con tu episodio en el aeropuerto,y me deleité como siempre con "tus mares"Aquí en Buenos Aires también tuvimos tormentas eléctricas de primavera.Que tengas un buen día, nos comunicamos.Marina

Design Elements said...

they are all dreamy! like these colors and their mood...

Stephanie said...

You poor thing! You definitely made me laugh, and I am sure I would get in trouble in the airport right next to you from laughing so hard, but dang you would be an amusing travel companion! Thanks for the smiles.

Hope you're feeling better!

Gypsea Nurse said...

You caught my eye with your title.. It was my wedding song.. I love your story..love your pictures.. amazing writing... A wonderful place to sit with a cup of tea...

oldgreymare said...

no no no no, that image of some gal jiggling your tummy is hilarious! I see the oxygen bars in airports frequently but never dared to try, mostly because I didn't wanted massager jiggling the back fat! haha

Looks like you had fun playing with this group of photos. Ben has promise to teach me some tricks over the Holidays.
Take care of yourself sweetie, we want you well : D



Drawn to The Sea said...

It does take some of the magic out of the creative process to speak of it more than just a bit. But a bit, I think, can jump start, revive, or open my mind... it's a fine line, really. The way you combine fantasy & reality in your art is fascinating... you could easily illustrate a book about your travels & escapades. And, of course, your beautiful Julie-dreams.

mermaid gallery said...

Julie, your pictures are so special...like a photo water color with an edge of exotic. I will have to try that oxygen massage thing...sounds like a gas and fun too! I think we would get along famously....fat and all....hunker down and weather the storm.....

simon said...

yes- I would not want anyone grabbing my fat at an airport! ( oops that does not sound right!!)...sorry.......

desde my ventana said...

Hello Julie,
Thank you for this beautiful magical and dreamed images,

Roberta said...

Magical is the word for your work Julie ~ and yes, it is true about plans losing energy when we verbalize them...my mother has always said that.
funny Ruby stories!

Mary-Laure said...

Oxygen massage, seriously?

The colors in the 2nd pic from the top just made my heart stop - such beauty!

red ticking said...

hi sweet julie...
oh the days in the bangkok airport... i had many... so hearing this story today made me laugh... i can just see you skipping thru and giggling...
and i love how people there are so candid... "you gain weight?" "you look so tired" or... and occasional " you look better than last time"...
and i will never ever forget ordering pizza while at a lunch mtg one day (we were so excited) the pizzas arrived crust with what looked like a box of frozen vegetables tossed on it and a big bottle of ketchup to pour on it... glad you are home safely... xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules.. oh you had me in stitches mate! That experience certainly did give you some stories to tell.. I would hate to see what your like on anything stronger than oxygen!!
I love that last shot.. so gorgeous. I hope you don't get the full on flu.. and you are so right about the crazy spring weather.. it's here too!
Flick xo

Carole said...

Julie this sounded like the part in Bridgette Jones when she was hauled off to jail for contraband. You're lucky that didn't happen. Nothing they'd like better then a blond aussie to show off! scary thought...but it all worked out thank goodness.
and no have never tried that oxygen thing but now I'm even more curious. Maybe I need to set one up here so I can use it daily!
Funny post and great photos!!!
That third one with the sort of split screen is very cool!
Hope the weather clears up and you stop having internet probs. So annoying I know!

debra @ 5th and state said...

loved the images and particularly the stories. the bit about your stomach was hysterical

get well dear julie

Anonymous said...

Traveling is humiliating but I have never heard of any one being accused of smuggling fat before.
You have made my day.
X David

Splendid Willow said...

I laughed so hard when reading about your airport adventure! You are so funny Julie, and witty and have the best attitude!

I am sure they would have insisted I was smuggling something too! (:

Sending you love and tons of good energy. Hope you are feeling better soon.

ox, Mon

Shellbelle said...

I know, I know, I'm so far behind. I think it was the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland who said, "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get." That's just how I feel these days.

Anyway, I'm actually glad I'm reading this post today. The news here this week has been filled with the pat-down methods used at our airports when you can't, or refuse, to go through the body scan. I guess they're somewhat intrusive and while I'm happy they help keep us safe, I'm uncomfortable with being groped by strangers. I never even considered that someone might jiggle my fat! You've made me definitely consider driving my car to California in the Spring, unless the latest weight loss thing works out, lol.