"To The Moon Alice: July 2010 [Houston We Have A Problem]

Houston: We Have A Problem[/s]

Houston this is Apollo Ruby preparing for lunar orbit
The skies are reporting imminent 'Internet Failure'

I repeat imminent 'Internet Failure'

That would be ... a big 'I' ... for internet

and ... a big 'F' ... for failure

Internet Failure!!!

It would seem the universe and the fickle festering hand of fate
have paired up to enjoy a cosmic chuckle at my expense.. .

Dark Side Of The Moon

Yes folks, as some of you know, my internet connection hasn't handled the relocation as well as expected and is performing lethargically, if at all.. hence the absence of Le Tour posts [not to mention I still have no green on my tv but more about that later]. Yes I've been marooned in space ... cut off from earth... languishing on the dark side of the moon.. In fact I have been so cut off, I almost forgot about Monday's Full Moon. That is until I was the checking the night sky hoping and praying the storm clouds were receding and we would have a dry night..

You see.. it was a stormy Sunday here in Sydney..

As the rain set in.. I looked up to the heavens and noticed the sky ... darkening quickly... bulging storm clouds rapidly expanding ... threatening to explode.. And when they could no longer contain their angry burden.. the heavens split and Sydney was awash with thrashing rain that seemed to have no end ...

Safe inside my new abode.. I snuggled up on the couch for a quiet night .. when I happened to glance up and noticed a dark patch.. rapidly spreading it's evil tendrils across my ceiling.. Accompanied by an annoying tap tap tap ... I quickly deduced I had a leaky roof... What to do but wait for morning... call the real estate and wait for the cavalry to arrive...

It was a restless night as I listened to the rain fall harder by the minute... not willing to give up it's relentless attack upon my wounded roof tiles.. At some point I finally fell into a heavy sleep only to awake to find a waterfall gracing my living room wall... [well not quite.. but I feared the trickle may soon become a gusher if the rain set in again]

Now water features can be lovely when installed properly.. but when provided by nature, indoor water features just don't elicit the calm produced by their man made counterparts. The murky brown water stains and peeling paint detract from the appeal.. By the time I made my call to the real estate.. the trickle had spread and was working it's evil way towards the bedroom... leaving a trail of water stains in it's wake...

Well you would think that this sort of problem would illicit an instant response.. you know ... the cavalry??? but nope... as the day grew old.. and nightfall came.. there I was still no call from the roof repairer, so I was hoping and praying there would be no more heavy rains that evening... And that is how I came to be out searching the sky on Monday night.. when I looked up.. the clouds parted.. and there she was .. the full moon!!.. HUH!! mocking me... shining brightly... even the man in the moon had a smirk on his face.....

Of course I ran back inside and immediately checked the lunar calendar! Full Moon... Monday 26 July!! oops.. nearly missed her.. out in the back yard clicking away.. nothing would stop me.. not the impending storm threatening to bring down the ceiling... nor the frenzied bats disturbed from their own waterlogged home ... As I clicked away.. I swear the clouds were forming letters... but what were they telling me??? A message from the universe???

Luckily it didn't rain as heavy that night. and the roof repairer turned up the next day... 'MAC in the box' could be retrieved from his hiding place under the dining room table... however, Mr Internet went on strike.. and refused to let me publish a moon post on time.. So .. here I am a few days late... still trying.. but ... never let it be said i didn't get a moon post up! Eventually!!


I never did end up watching much of Le Tour.. with the move and all it entailed.. I recorded the last 2 stages and will watch those when I have purchased a new set, resplendent with the full colour spectrum!!! Purchase was postponed of course until I was sure the ceiling had no intention of snuggling up to the floor!!
Fast forward to today.. about to resume the shopping expedition ... further postponed for another disaster.. The remote controlled garage next door decided to open all by itself and proceeded to burn it's motor out... so... today... the repairman turned up... fell off the ladder and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance.... Poor guy.. 30min wait for the ambulance to turn up.. all the while standing as still as possible.. wincing in pain from any small movement... Hopefully he will be OK...

So.. this is how I met all the neighbours.. leaky roofs, naughty garage doors and repairmen in pain!!..
Might try to go tv shopping again tomorrow!!  Or maybe not!!

Perhaps Internet Shopping Instead! If the Gods allow!

Moon Notes
And what is the full moon name for July?
'Thunder Moon' ... what a surprise!!!

Okey Dokey... got to run.. got a wet butt from sitting on a rain soaked cushion!!!
OH.. and took 6 hours to publish this post!!!

In space no one can hear you scream


And a big big thanks for all the lovely comments and emails in my absence

Julie b

Images: text, photography and editing  [Being Ruby©]


Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

The photos are so beautiful!!!
Just stunning!!!!!
Have a nice day,

Stephanie said...

Talk about an adventure! I missed you and your posts! Hope the repairman is OK and all ended well and the wrinkles are all ironed out at home. xoxo!

Renée Finberg said...

i feel your pain.....
it sounds like it is a comedy of errors.

the poor garage guy!

blow dry your bum,
and have a better day tomorrow.
love xx

Anonymous said...

Hi there lovely lady! You know what they say.. 'when it rains, it pours..' well is certainly sounds like that for you at the moment! Do you sometimes feel like you are being tested to your limit?? I right there with you...
The photos of the full moon turned out beautifully, I'm so glad the clouds let you capture it! I hope the tv of your dreams is found and the stupid internet gets a life soon!!
Take care
Flick x

1 Funky Woman said...

Although a full moon is beautiful, all hell seems to break loose when one is above us! My husband being in the medical field will tell you that when a full moon is present the crazies come out and it will be a bad night in the ER! So how did the repair guy fair?

Sorry for all your troubles and wet rear but your pictures are gorgeous!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Oh dearest Julie,
I'm trying not to laugh because this is all so sad...but really...you are too funny how you tell your tale of woe! A really cute post and those pics of the moon....awesome as always!
Take care and I hope your Internet begins cooperating better! You are missed!

Shellbelle said...

OMG! What trials and tribulations you have been facing my dear friend, but I must say your post had me laughing. Only you could take such disasters and turn them into such a FABULOUS post.

With that said, I do so hope they get your internet connection going strong. When I first decided to move I had planned on a different area, but luckily I checked to see what internet providers were available and learned that FAST speeds were not everywhere and I need FAST. The little country towns where my family lives is SLOW and I mean SLOW! That's how I ended up two hours away from them, safe and secure in the knowledge that I could still work and blog. Sad when internet speed comes higher on my list of priorities than family does, but that's the way things are when you depend on technology to make a living.

The moon photos? Stupendous!

Miss you terribly here in our blogging community and hope things are up to "speed" soon.


rjerdee said...

What a nightmare, Julie!!! Aaaaarghhh...but your six-hour post was worth the effort.

So, I take it that your computer isn't a laptop and you can't leave the house with it. Bummer. When the internet fails me, I go off to the nearest coffee house with my laptop where they offer free internet with a cup of joe. It's a great way to avoid huge gaps in work communications but really quite a nuisance.
The Thunder Moon on the other side of your world was beauteous...we hung out with friends on the balcony, sipping iced lingonberry juice from IKEA.
A big cyber hug,

desde my ventana said...

Hello Julie,
Better late that never, we say in Spain. The important thing is that after so many difficulties still you have desire of coming out in photographs and publishing it. Thank you for these fantastic pictures of the moon and for your optimism,
Big hugs,

vicki archer said...

Thank you for the fab images....I understand the frustrations of the internet only too well......xv

Blondie's Journal said...

Your posts always make me laugh and smile. Although I don't find your roof leaf funny...seriously. Did the calvary come?

Beautiful shots of the moon. Thank you so much because I missed it as well.


oldgreymare said...


That's just awful! You make it sound funny, but I know it is just awful, and not fair. You deserve a break..you are way past the bad things come in threes.....unless it is "groups" of threes? heavens no!

Stay dry and hope to see you in "space" soon.

Of course I love the photos - always fabulous.



Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous..., and an interesting beginning at your new abode!

Giulia said...

I don't mean to laugh but I am. Sort of. Thunder moon, indeed. I was lying on my bed, the third day of a power outage, sweating like, well, a pig. Euwww. Well, it was over 95F. I could not sleep & saw some big light. Thought, well someone has power. What's going on? It was, of course, the moon. It better have power, eh? Or we're in trouble. I'm so sorry for the trouble Julie...hope to hear good news from you soon. xx

the old boathouse said...

Hey Julie sweetheart, So so lovely to see your moon shining at me from my blog roll. Oh I do hate internet connections...they might not be able to hear you scream in space....but I hear you down hear that's for sure!! I hope everything sorts itself soon...hope you can splurge on your tele...maybe you should get some nice indoor plants I'm sure they'd do well with your leaky roof haha, Katherine xx PS hope you feeling good and didn't over do it with the move xx

Jeanne Henriques said...

Oh Julie...I thought of you as I was looking at the full moon the other night. Thinking that somewhere not to far away you were doing the same. We had rain too so I was hoping you would see it in all it's glory and you did!!

What a tale you have to tell about your moving. I hope that someday you will be able to look back it all and laugh about it. You seem to be keeping your spirits high but that poor man! I would make regular annoying calls to the realtor....I do that to our landlord and he now will do whatever it takes to get me off his back. Hope that works for you.

I was so happy to see your moon shining away in my blog roll....it was easy to spot and I did not hesitate a moment to click.

Best wishes from the Land of the Long White Cloud :)

Jeanne :) xxx

nerines said...

Oh my goodness how selfish am I! All this drama you've been through and I'm thinking Yay, Julie's back!
The full moon was amazing! And you've captured it so beautifully!! My youngest with some friends tried sleeping outside just to gaze at it, until it started to rain:) I was a little relieved because I was constantly checking on them to make sure they weren't getting a case of hyperthermia.
We've had similar water features from a leaky roof to damaged pipes. So not a good thing when it makes a spontaneous appearance like that! I hope your repair man is o.k too and that your internet behaves...and, and sorry this is so long, just happy your here but one last thing, thanks heaps for the blog mob love, it made me feel all special and stuff. xoxo

Splenderosa said...

Only a truly gifted person could turn diversity into something this beautiful. Your photography almost looks like a painted piece. Your words are hilarious, the script on your post is lovely.
You are really a gem, Miss Ruby. xx's from Texas

Beach House Living said...

First the photos are wonderful as usual. I do not wish to chuckle at the roof leakage however the description of the impromptu indoor water feature did. We have this happen too.

Might some sort of antenna help your connection or maybe a new router that was my friends problem recently.

Anyway I hope there are better days, internet connections and dry homes ahead.

Carole said...

Julie you poor thing just one thing after another. I guess every home has it's problems...just maybe you didn;t need to know about them this early in the game.
I hope you do end up loving this new place.

I did think of you the other night when I saw the full moon. G called me out to see it. the pics I took where pathetic....as usual.

Sending good thoughts your way!!!!

La Petite Gallery said...

Merci Me,
What a night, I am glad the roof is fixed, it's something all the time, Tires, the oven broke,
The internet is always a pain in the arss.
Hang in there. The photos of the moon are so beautiful. Yvonne

erin's art and gardens said...

oh my! when it rains, it pours.
so sorry about your troubles...things will settle down, i am sure. at least you still have your fabulous sense of humor and talent for the most spectacular images in blogmania! you must get your internet problems fixed asap...your fans are jonesing for some julie-isms!
all the best to you, sweety!
p.s. any "water hammer" in the new place?

Shaz said...

What's that saying. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!!! It is so frustrating, I know. Technology can be fantastic but when it fails us, it is sooooooo frustrating. Here's to a MUCH better week. Hope you can visit soon. x

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh Julie, I am laughing, crying and above all sympathizing with you. Your photos were as gorgeous as always and the man in the moon must of certainly been winking at you, no mocking allowed. You've had quite the experiences and what's amazing is your humorous attitude. You are one heck of a woman my friend. Well if this Houstonitte has anything to say, it's about time your given a break and all things are back working again. No more tricky garage doors, random waterfalls, falling repairmen, and faulty internet connections. Every time we turned on the Tour I wondered if you had been watching too. Thinking about you and wishing you smooth sailing ahead xoxo

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Ruby meeting you again is a pleasure,I hope your problems will be fixed soon
Your photogrphs are beautiful,full moon nights are always magic

Pooch Purple Reign said...

well, never a dull moment at your place. stay sweet. it will all come together. just a rocky beginning
~pooch x

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Oh Julie, one day you'll look back on the whole move, rain, internet, roof, ladder episode and say it was quite fun really! But oh boy! What a lot you have on your plate at present.
Amazing that you still have the presence of mind to go out and take photos.
Thank you for another wonderful post

simon said...

hahahah! I feel your pain Julie! Glad you are alive and kicking!

What a frustrating time but dont worry Julia will have your 84 billion dollar super broadband organised just has soon as she moves forward regardless of direction. ( for OS readers thats a political joke here)


Julie B. [Holland] said...

Julie, good to hear from you , hope you get all fixed up and straightend out! Have a good weekend
Miss you ... the other Julie in Holland ;)

Brabourne Farm said...

Thank goodness you've managed to maintain your wonderful sense of humour during this trying time - it really is a talent to be able to see the funny side of things! I love these photos - so much more interesting and beautiful than a clear sky. Hope you have a dry weekend and the universe smiles upon you. Keep dry - Leigh

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Julie,
Oh dear .....you must be SO frustrated. It's bad enough when you can't post a comment but you have had one thing after another. At least you can laugh about it !!
Here's hoping that everything will be back on track soon. You still seem to be managing to post some wonderful photographs and tell us what has been going on with such humour. If you can keep your sense of humour after all of the incidents that have been happening to you, then you deserve a massive pat on the back. XXXX

Ella said...

We are related; I'm Lucy no your Lucy and I'm Ethel. I have I LOVE LUCY moments like these all the time! HUH?! Is this Candid Camera or am I being PUNKED?! I am sending you good thoughts and a shooting star...make a wish! I know what I wish for you, it begins with an I ;-D

Being Brave Julie you are in my thoughts~xXx

Coty Farquhar said...

Dearest Julie,
You have been in my thoughts, and I have no excuses for not dropping by. Actually, yes I do!! The HSC.....for no.1 child.... the school certificate for no.2 ....work.....work....work...winter...early to bed....more work....and more.. I too nearly missed the full moon. It just seemed to suddenly be there this month.

Don't worry about your leaking roof, Julie, I have a pretty amazing water feature happening in my sunroom when it rains... or should I say water featuresssss...(there are quite a few little tiny holes in my old roof) a new one appeared just this week, it sounds quite nice when your meditating as the droplets land in the bucket, or you know me as the stylist... I've found some beautiful old French metal urns always poised ready for rain. If anyone was to move them, well... look out we have puddles everywhere.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Your old mate,
xxxxxxxxxxxx Coty

Beatnheart said...

Julie, I hope that things begin to look up for you. Poor lil thing. Hang in there amiga.

nevin said...

My dear Julie, it is so good to hear from you , hope you get all fixed up soon. What can I say, Your photographs are so beautiful ! I adore your art. Take care my dear XXX

Sahildeki Ev said...

Bad bad internet... I miss you !!!

count it all joy said...

What an adventure you are having....it reads like a chapter from one of those "A year in Provence" type books. Do you have nice neighbours? Maybe you can hold fondue nights while your internet is on the blink and play Scrabble or Monopoly with your new neighbours.

We miss you!! Mise from Pretty Far West usually keeps a British Navy frigate equipped with satellite communications on hand for these type of emergencies...perhaps drop her a line? Meredy xo.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Julie in Holland
Great to see you here.. Hope you are well... You'll be pleased to hear the roof has been fixed!! One problem solved.. Take care .. ciao ciao xxx Julie

Anne Marie said...

Oh Julie! How terrible (and funny with your water feature comment)....it sounds as if you have a light heart about this - but I do hope it all gets resolved rather quickly!!
the first night we lived in our first home - we awoke to a loud burst - and in the basement the sewer pipe had busted...but after some years, it's now a funny story!

elena nuez said...

thank you for this wonderful post!!!
greetings from spain