:Espresso Italiano: [Part 1: My Secret Addiction]

The Breakup
Rhett Sweetheart Cuddle Up A Little Closer
Frankly My Dear, I Think I Am Stuck In This Position
Oh Rhett Just Promise Me You'll Never Leave

Impossible My Little Southern Belle
Nothing Will Come Between Us Now

Sometime Later
Rhett Grew Weary of Her Constant Whining

Desperate for some space, He Threw Himself Off The Shelf. This Selfish Act of Violence Tore Them Apart Forever. After Some Rehabilitation Rhett Was Seen Living It Up In A Table Mosaic Keeping Company With A Dresden Girl Whose Vitreous Origins Were Questionable.

Espresso Italiano!

Just a bit of 'Saturday Silliness'! As with all my posts this started life as something entirely different and took a turn for the ridiculous when this espresso cup showed up. One of six, he was sitting in a shop in Rome, begging to come back to Australia. I was searching for an Illy set I had been coveting in Florence but when I saw this guy, I relented and bought the whole family.. six little espresso cups with a theme of Love and Film.

Somehow in previous posts dedicated to 'a trillion things about me' and 'what makes me happy as a fruitcake', I have failed to mention my addiction to coffee. Yes.. I love to partake in the brew. I admit I alluded to this addiction in my Blue Moon post, fuelling up on caffeine whilst stalking a rising moon, but somehow, I have neglected to tell you just how much this wondrous nectar is factored into my life. Even the smell alone can send me off in search of the perfect brew and prompt a pilgrimage to the land of the perfect coffee.. Italia!

I spent many days wandering the streets of Rome sampling the best it had to offer. Which is not hard.. I suspect it is harder to find a bad coffee in Rome than a good coffee in Sydney. Even the coffee in Rome International Airport runs rings around anything Sydney can offer.. [I know this as my plane home was delayed five hours]. Now Melbourne fares much better on the coffee scene with the Italian influence bumping up the stakes, but winter in Melbourne is too cold for a fragile Sydneysider like me! No.. if I must relocate for my coffee fix, Roma would be my first choice.

As I love my coffee so much, I thought I might do a few more posts on the subject.. I'm sure a photo or two of Rome won't bore you too much? Yes? No? Well either way .. that brings us to the end of 'espresso cups' from Casa Julie!! I'm off in search of a smooth Italian [coffee!!] and dreams of returning to Rome!

Have a great weekend everyone. Hopefully I'll be back for a Silver Sunday post but that will depend on whether I can get my teapots to speak to the camera and perform their balancing act on command !!

Julie b

Photography and photo editing by me - [Being Ruby©]

Production Credits
Proudly presented by 'Ruby Time Productions'. Red Lips and great jawline were contributed by Ruby's mother who kindly propped herself on the shelf for the shoot.. Sadly neither the lips or jawline were passed down the genetic line! Cameo performances by Mr Clark Gable and Miss Vivien Leigh were shot in black & white due to lack of funding by the producers, however this effect is sympatico with the artistic integrity of the film and has not diminished the overall vision of the artist.


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I don't usually get my Latte until about 2 pm but this post has me 1. going early. 2. looking at prices of flight to Rome. Fun post and enjoy your caffeine fueled day. I bet you get alot done-lol!

Jeanne Henriques said...

Julie....Perfect! Everything about it and I can't wait for the next post. I am with you on the coffee front. I recently purchased a Nespresso maker and am sampling all the flavours with gusto. Add a few chocolate covered espresso beans to the side of a double shot espresso and I am in heaven. I so so missing my double shot Flat Whites from Australia and New Zealand.
Nothing here even comes close...have one for me! Best wishes for a fab weekend!
Jeanne :)

C.J. said...

Ruby, hello, I wanted to share this site with you as you sound as though you love coffee (good) coffee as much as I do. http://search.mywebsearch.com/mywebsearch/redirect.jhtml?qid=8a3f600fad5fcbbf389b006575e9eb26&searchfor=perugia%2C+italy++coffee&action=pick&pn=1&si=&ptb=3hX3m_xErWMIYfioHddoMw&ptnrS=ZUfox000&ss=&st=kwd&cb=ZU&pg=AJmain&hlc=MjAwNzA0MjAtTVlXRUJTRUFSQ0h8Y2gtMDE4&redirect=mPWsrdz9heamc8iHEhldET3cQjPWjp0DT0RCP2yxlSBPK%2Fob4PJHs%2FgZOlaX8kKW%2FmKYctZEU3XzP7bBUKa0ZfJ4%2FU8uqXlTApCw%2Fs8hTjQY6jX7IEQziAgRHv%2BwPd7I%2B2gMyTDwvbeR7ZJbK1zEA2MEoKXTy%2FBbyn4c6xuWPvcDJSrFUH63hpmLtpUGYA%2FCCGS0e33%2Fb15t7TUgG58sPFXumc5yrHStuYl9rR1OyLCxZhVmD2L%2FUfhfLUqTWo%2FzxKi467fwoKQB8VkPlBeV6Eo6zHe4c5TVyqNxGv4GXcs%3D&ct=PP
Or, type in Perugia, Italy and torrefazione, it is the best coffee in the world, order some and no, its not cheap but I guarantee you will be so damn glad you did. Let me know if you try it. Carol

rjerdee said...

Too cool, Julie!!! I've just uncovered my Italian photographs and Rome is in the mix...know what you're sayin' about coffee. For now, though, I'm stuck with Starbucks...

Anonymous said...

I found myself reading your post, faster and faster, hanging on to every word - a lot like watching a 'Perils of Pauline' silent film. That Rhett is such a tease.
Great espresso cups! Gotta run - must. have. coffee.


Giulia said...

Julie--I'll be back tomorrow (or tonight) -- I'm so confuzzled. Two feet o' snow on the way. But I laughed so hard as I started to read the post that I nearly spat(ooh how unladylike) my espresso onto the laptop keyboard. Argh. And to people above: no one is stuck with Starbucks anymore. Get a moka or napoletano & make it on the stovetop...just like Italians! Yep. That's how I make it every day. ciao & baci to all....

vicki archer said...

This is the cutest post...love your cups and your captions....Have a happy weekend. xv.

Unknown said...

Oh Julie, I LOVE this post!!!

Love your espresso cups, very stylish.

I can close my eyes and visualise the coffee I had in Italy....it was so good, much better than anything I have in London.

Funnily enough, I tend to drink tea at home but if I am out, I always choose coffee :)

Happy Week-end!

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

I know what you mean about the great coffee in Italy! Even the Autogrills (petrol/food pit-stops) serve really good coffee!

The coffee here in the UK is .... well you dont really want to hear what I have to say ... so every time we come back home, Mr N gets his supply of coffee beans from Bertoni's (in Balmain)... 2 gorgeous Italian brothers own the cafe.
I think they get their beans from South American, then fly them to Australia and we fly them to London ... you probably think he's crazy (I do) ... but the best coffee in London ... is our place!
Give it a try if you haven't already been! I personally find it too strong.

Have a coffee filled weekend!

Renée Finberg said...

you my precious...
could never be boring!
...post away to your hearts content on rome and coffee.

hugs x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Julie,
What wonderful espresso cups and saucers and they have made the most glorious post. You are very clever with your words and stunning photographs.
I love a cup of coffee but, I don't think that I really knew what the taste of perfect coffee was until I went to Venice. The coffee was MAGNIFICENT...that is the only word worthy of the delicious nectar that they served me every morning for breakfast. I had at least three pots of coffee before I left the breakfast table !! I have never tasted the like since. Even in Amalfi, the following year, it was never quite as good.
I am looking forward to Espresso Italiano Part 2 . XXXX

Sue said...

I am sitting here with my front door open watching the snow falling and thinking that I would love a good cup of coffee...I tend to drink nonfat lattes. I pull up your post and I have to read about perfect coffee...now I'm really craving. I think it will be a pot of Wolfgang Puck...not exactly what I'm wishing for!


count it all joy said...

Oh Julie, I hear you! I'm convinced that my household is run on coffee and grace. Those cups are gorgeous and I love the story behind them. So the big question is....what do you drink at home? Illy? Grinders? Lavazza? Hmm, inquiring minds need to know!

One thing I miss about my days working in the city before having children, is the Italian baristas in their tight black t-shirts flirting with me. Gosh, it just used to put a spring in my step.

These days, our barista in the suburbs is more likely to be a pimply faced teenager wearing a put-upon scowl. As for flirting, for that I have to visit the butchers. Not quite the same is it? Hope you have a great weekend. Meredy xo.

Jane said...

hi Julie - I love coffee too but just one a day otherwise am bouncing off walls. It is true the coffee in Italy is invariably good, but the coffee in Sydney is SLOWLY improving (not as good as Melbourne ha!)

My husband and I used to get a coffee in the city every morning before work, but we got so sick of the queues (and the price- did you know how much profit there is in coffee) that he bought a full on coffee machine (a vibiemme) and now makes me a coffee every morning. he has looked at all the website for technique and I can tell you it is as good as the best coffee you can get and even on a bad day it is better than most. And the great news is, with all the savings we are making on not paying $3.40 for a coffee, we will pay off the machine in, oh, about maybe 2 and a half years . Not kidding, Quality costs. xoxo

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Julie! I love espresso too!I don't drink too many coffees (3 a day) because I get nervous!
But I think that nothing's better to start the day!
Happy week end!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Two of my favorites....coffee and Rome! Fabulous post! Love those little espresso cups!
:) Laura

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Hi Julie! I love your post about Rhett! You are so funny! I'm addicted to coffee too and sometimes find myself thinking about my morning cup of coffee at 10:00 at night! I only allow myself one cup a day but sometimes if I really want to treat myself I'll get one in the afternoon at our local coffee shop. I've never had coffee in Italy but from how you make it sound I know I would love it! Have a great weekend! Jennifer:)

Carole said...

You could make any subject or object interesting! Your espresso cups are a scream. If they speak to you then you have to take them home..that's the rule.
I have to tell you I'm more a tea drinking lately then coffee....don't hate me:)) but if I need a jolt then coffee's for me.

Shellbelle said...

Rhett and Scarlett? I love this cup and wish it was filled with espresso and sitting in front of me right now!

My name is Shellbelle and I'm a coffee addict (and darn proud of it I might add). Love the brew and love this post, as usual your cleverness drew me in and now I must go find the caffeine of which you speak.

btw, thanks for your sweet and thoughtful comment on my move. I'm ready to go and see what life will bring me next, I know if will be fun!

Ange said...

Yes Julie, I have George C making my coffee every day and I most enjoy it. However, I have finally found a French family that drinks 'INSTANT' every day!! Nearly fell off my chair at that one. Love the 'living it up in a mosaic bit ... Have a great weekend! Ange

the old boathouse said...

OH Julie can you hear me screeching...that's how I laugh! Love those cups... Rhett and Vivien..oh how fantastic!! I can often be heard, when I am in a dither...which is quite alot, saying in my best southern "What'll I do? Where, will I go?" somehow it helps get me through. haha I am so looking forward to more posts on coffee..

Brabourne Farm said...

I'm sure I could smell coffee brewing as I read this! Yet another of your wonderfully original and beautiful posts which as usual leaves us begging for more. Leigh

Pooch Purple Reign said...

ahhh ya, im in !!
i have my own quiet addiction going on over here. i will post about it soon too as im only on #2 of my happy things
have a great day

desde my ventana said...

Oh Julie,another great post I also love the coffee and I need it every morning to begin the day.
That delight cups, it is sure that the coffee at them is specially good.
Have a happy weekend,
Big hugs,

Greet Lefèvre said...

Dear Julie,
What a post! I love the pictures and they made me want an espresso! I leave my desk to enjoy a coffee right now!!!
Have a nice weekend!

Angie Muresan said...

Rome never bores me. I lived there as a child and visited so many times as an adult that I consider it my second home. And cappuccinos! I love those! No one gets them even close to the Italian ones. I am wishing you a lovely weekend, beautiful Julie.

Unknown said...

I too am addicted...and would sell my jewelry to return to Italy right now...I grind my beans now, and use Eight O'clock coffee (in the market,here). A coffee snob friend of mine (roasts his own) said Eight O'clock is good because of the volume they sell. You can get it here; http://www.eightoclock.com/. Ciao!

Luiza said...

There is nothing, I mean nothing better than the smell of fresh brewed coffee...

I must have my coffee at least 2 times a day, or I´ll be having a terrible headache...

I wish you a wonderful sunday!


The House That A-M Built said...

I have become addicted to coffee since my house build. Every coffee I made for a traddie was matched with one for me. I have weaned myself down to 3 cups a day... no wonder I am always awake! Love your beautiful images.. as always... and yes... more Rome please. A-M xx

Jg. for FatScribe said...

julie -- terrific post, girl. i feel like i've been strolling those sun-drenched streets in rome searching for a perfect cuppa also! very cool... now i'm also going to go make a nice latte to help warm up these freezing/rainy nights here in SoCal.

- Jg.

Julie B. [Holland] said...

Hi Jules, just stopping in to say hi, love your photos.............. the other Julie in Holland x

desde my ventana said...

I believe that it is a water-color, know neither to author nor the title but I would like to know it.
Good sunday,

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Julie [In Holland] .. how the heck are you?? Hope you are well.. xx Julie [In Australia] hahaha you would think you were the only Julie living in Holland and I was the only living Julie in Australia...

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Nothing beats Espresso Italiano! I drank the best smoothest tastiest espresso ever in Rome, Milan and Florence.

You must have an espresso machine then, right?!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

You are so much fun. I'll be back to visit often. laurie