SPRING: Mermaids Awaken

The arrival of spring heralds the return of mermaids to the local seaside.

Now we mermaids don’t like the winter so we spend that season in the waters of some distant, warmer land. [it is just a myth that we sleep through it] But with the return of spring we can once again be found frolicking along the shores.

After our long journey, we do tend to look a bit worse for wear and spring is the perfect time to brush off the seaweed and get back into the swim of life. So off to the spa for a bit of pampering. Wonderful treatments that soothe the soul and restore the lustre to our hair and scales.

Really, we are not that different from you humans. We too like to pamper ourselves and prepare for the coming season.


mermaid bath salts

green bathroom


Soaking in a bathtub isn’t always practical,

So sometimes we sneak into the pools of private homes

But wait for the cover of night

With just the stars and moonlight to guide our way



il bagno




Is also important at the start of the season to get in shape.

We need to get back into those fins girls so off to the gym for a little circuit training


12apostles - machka-net

il mare


Of course with all that pampering and exercise, sustenance is necessary

So a Little Something


to drink


amy butler

Copy of via rachel whiting - coast bedroom bottles

and eat

doyles - seagules


Somewhere relaxing to enjoy our feast

Just like you humans

We like to decorate our ‘earth homes’ too with

Beautiful Textiles, Hues of the Sea, Chandeliers, Mirrors, Seaside Mementos

& Family Portraits complete the look



HB - 4-Selke-0209-xlg-16122988

pillemont toile fabric blue

aqua toile wallpaper 2


And at the end of the day

We really are no different from you

We too need to dream and slumber to renew our spirit for the coming days


unknown green room

2 13

and dreaming

Although we are similar in some ways, there is of course the one big difference .. our tails.

Some Mermaids do dream of being just like these beauties below.


Flickr 40's swimsuit - bw2

Flickr - blue swimwuit bw - LIFE

milliemotts'photostreamflickr bw


Of course

Dreams don't always turn out like you expect!


MermaidBackwards - Turkey Travel Planner

enjoy the spring



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Unknown said...

This is an amazing post Ms Julie Ruby.....absolutely gorgeous!!!

Fabulous images and beautiful writing.....I am off to read it again :)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I think I'm a mermaid without tale! And I might just sneak into someone's yard and slide into the pool..., what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

WOW, I LOVE your post! Every girl has dreamed about being a mermaid at some point, this story brings it to life! Wonderful images.. I love how you tied in interior spaces and decor. Beautiful post, I am in awe!
Happy spring to you!

Shellbelle said...

Oh my dear Julie, how I loved this post. As you await Spring, we await Fall. Luckily for we mermaids here in Florida that means better beach weather! A chance to emerge from our caverns and once again frolic in the water and see what the humans are up to. We can sneak a mojito when they're not looking!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

You are so funny...i'm giggling away here at the office.....but seriously though....gorgeous colors ...those colors of the sea! Thanks for a great post!

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

You mermaids have a great color sense! Lovely blues...very sea like.

You know, I need some major work done on my scales!!!!

Roberta said...

This is such a sweet post Julie ~ I love your choice of decor ~ dreamy colors and seashell chandeliers. I have a pretty dish with jewels that I keep my 'mermaid bounty' in. It's my fun mardi gra necklaces mixed with pearls. Delightful post!
xo Roberta

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

Hilarious!!!! And the pictures are just beautiful. Makes me want to be a mermaid when I grow up. I used to say I wanted to be a dolphin, where upon I was told by my friend that I would never grow up (I was 30 at the time.) Now, I think I'll change it to mermaid. I think I'd make a good mermaid. And I LOVE the water.

Thanks for helping me to get clear on what I want. Also for a great post!

Carole said...

I agree you are toooo funny and that imagination of yours!!! When I was little I used to think when I grew up I could become a mermaid....dilutional or what?
You've got be thinking of that movie "Splash" from years ago. I haven't seen it in thousand years.
I have a friend who collects old mermaid ephemera and makes altered books with them. I should take some pics and show it off.
cute post!


I feel more relaxed just reading this post! Really! What a great post. :)

Jane said...

What a lovely post. I actually live with a little mermaid (truly). She is 6.5 years old and occasionally has to take off her tail to sleep and go to the toilet. But otherwise she is a 100% mermaid and doesn't understand why she has to live with legged people.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Julie...you have shown me that there is more to life than trying to stop sailors from running aground, rescuing drowning men and just swimming around in my underwater kingdom and I'm fed up with just sitting on a rock brushing my long beautiful tresses.....you have opened up a wonderful new world to me and I'm gliding off to find one of those spas or private swimming pools that you talk about. XXXX

Millie said...

Gosh your mind is amazing Julie - just a fab post! Mermaids never seem to have a care in the world, but then again I've never seen a pic of them either eating or speaking - is there a lesson there?
Millie ^_^

erin's art and gardens said...

my, my my.....that was beautiful. really. i have had a recurring dream for years that i can swim and breathe underwater and just flip my tail and go soaring through the sea. weird...i know. but i like it...recently a friend of mine said she has the same dream. that made me feel better.

beachvintage.com said...

Maybe I am a mermaid and don't know it...

Viera said...

what a story telling..Total mermaid magic.

Shaz said...

Oh what a beautiful post Julie, so imaginative, witty and clever. I look forward to catch up on all you latest posts when I get back from my pampering.

Samy said...

Absolutely amazing post Julie. You are very talented. I love your way with words and the choice of pictures here..too good.
Thankyou for such a wonderful post which has brightened up my overworked mind :)

Kellie Collis said...

I do love that colour you have featured. Do you know back in my dancing days i was The Little Mermaid. I am tall and very uncoordinated now!

cate said...

I am definitely a Mermaid !!!!I just love the last photo..it made me laugh out loud...thank you


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a fun post. I love the bath photo too!!

Oliveaux said...

Another fabulous post Julie...love it! Ax

Courtney said...

I really love this sneak-peek into the lives of mermaids. So many of my questions have been answered now! I also love the colors in this post. Just beautiful!

koralee said...

I am in love with your post today my friend....first off I adore mermaids..and the colours you have picked as a theme for all those lovely lovely home images...ahhhh ..so beautiful.I love the ocean and know I could be a mermaid...thank you so much for your creative post this morning!

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous you guys are just starting Spring (and then Summer)! Great pics!!!

:) T

Giulia said...

I will return, Mme Mermaid. But I wanted to say, lovely, lovely. I am getting ready for autumn here...just had my tailfin-cure on Sunday. Looking for a cozy slipper now. :)


Sahildeki Ev said...

This is a great and very fun post about spring.. I enjoyed it a lot..

Sea Witch said...

Just discovered your blog, fellow mermaid. Swim by and sa hello when you have a moment. Sea Witch (musingsofaseawith.blogspot.com)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Your posts just keep getting lovlier and lovlier. This one has me wanting to don scales & start drinking salt water. Water & the colour blue just entice calmness don't they? Now it is back to reality as I leave your blog, but it feels like I had a mini-holiday.
Happy spring dear Julie Xx deb

Drawn to The Sea said...

Hands down, one of my favorite blog posts of all times... absolutely, without a doubt. Drop dead gorgeous in every way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you... for making my day :-)

~Mermaid Julia

Jane said...

Dearest Julie ~
What a beautiful and imaginative post! I need to return to read it again and again. I truly thought I was a mermaid while growing up. I even practiced swimming with my legs bound together...preparing to be a "mermaid" at Weeki Watchee Springs. This FL state park was one of the most popular tourist stops in the 1960s and is still up and running today, feeding the dreams of little girls who were raised on "The Little Mermaid". At Weeki Watchee,"live mermaids" swim in the spring and perform several shows each day. That was what I aspired to do...when I was 7 until my early teens. Alas, my tail never grew and I eventually left my mermaid dreams behind for new ones...

See you in the water,
Jane (artfully graced)

Barbara Jacksier said...

This is such eye candy. Simply gorgeous. Wait until you see my mermaid photos from Italy. I'll try to post them this week.