I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!


BeingRuby - 2010006


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside ...
I do like to be beside the sea!!

I have always wished I could paint. Family members can paint, but not me. I long to be able to paint dreamy seasides, awash with pungent greens and dark smudgy blues. I would sit all day in my dream cottage looking out to sea, watching sailboats glide by, fishermen spreading their nets. I'd laugh at the gulls swooping and darting across a dark thunderous sky...
yes I wish I could paint

I must admit I did paint something last year which I gave to friends.. It was a seascape. If you let your eyes become all blurry... it was a seascape... if not, it was a pretty blue green streak!! So in the absence of talent, the best I can do is play around with photos I have taken of the sea. I like to imagine I'm painting the smudgy greyish blues and seaweed greens washing across the canvas. I'd also imagine that is my sailboat drifting by.

BeingRuby - Copyright 2010


BeingRuby - Copyright 2010


And when the sun went down, I'd paint the skies with fiery pinks and burnished amber, the swirling clouds dancing in the glow.

BeingRuby - Copyright 2010


I'd wrap it in a bow and give you the gift of the sea


Julie b

Maybe I'll get inspired this summer and try my hand at some painting. 
What talent do you wish you had?


IMAGE SOURCE: photography and artwork [Being Ruby] Location Sans Souci


Kalee said...

I too dream of being an artist but alas am completely lacking in talent! At least we were given the discerning eye to acknowledge artistic genius!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I actually think that you can paint, Julie. The way that you play around with your photographs is a kind of painting..... a paintograph !!
Maybe you could do a painting course to get the basics and then, go and buy a sketch book and some watercolours and begin.... new beginnings and all that !!1
I love this photograph. As I said, it looks like a watercolour to me.Beautiful muted colours and a strong subject. XXXX

Anonymous said...

But you do paint beautifully with photography and a paint program! You play with the same things I do with pencil and paints - composition, color, layers and texture! What you do isn't at all easy (I know because I've tried) - and what you do, Julie, is the talent that I wish I had! How about that?!? :)

LOVE these images you've shared with us today.

e said...

I always wanted to be able to paint, Julie. Various members in my family can, i didn't get those genes. But you know what? I enjoy playing with my wee 'textures' and photoshop, and creating art of a different kind. What you do is art, Julie, just not with a brush. Speaking of which, have you ever printed out one of your photo art creations on watercolour paper and then paint on it? Best of both worlds! ;) Lizzy

white flower farmhouse said...

Wow -- I definitely consider these works of art, and you should too! These images are so original, unique, and stunning. Seriously. I just can't over how much I love the merging of the crispness of the photography and the softness of the "painting."

I too often feel that I wish I could paint. I think a lot of us do. However, like a lot of us I think, I'm impatient. I want my first few paintings to be perfect depictions of what I imagine. Of course, we cannot expect perfection with out practice. Who knows, maybe we are all fantastic painters waiting for practice.

Happy New Year, Julie!

Roberta said...

Julie, When I look at your photos I think of hand painted seascapes. No absence of talent here Dearie! You are truly an artist. I've long wished I could paint but have never even tried. This may just be the year to discover a latent talent! (I already have the cottage and view) A fresh breath of inspiration here.
thanks xo Roberta

Blondie's Journal said...

Photography is a wonderful art and I think you have an innate creative side, with both your photos and your words. That is exceptional talent. Be proud.

Love these pictures!!


Sue said...

I see artists sitting on the beach painting and I can't even imagine it. My stick men aren't even pretty:( I also can't sew, do lousy with scrapbook stuff and in general all things that require scissors or needle and thread. On the other hand, give me flowers, furniture, glassware, ribbon...and I can make something of nothing. I guess we all know our strengths.

You can't be older than me...no one is:) I had a disco dress in the 70's...did you?

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

That's so funny. It's the reason why I started photography. I couldn't paint! I tried, went to some classes, nope. So I went to work as a photography assistant (to have access to a darkroom) and began painting on black and white prints. First parks in Zurich, then the beaches in England, later in the US. Some were published, others found a spot in local galleries, nothing major..., eventually I gave it up, sort of, well digital came along and blogging!

Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

These are lovely. And you should try to paint. I'd bet almost anything you could do it!
Me? I'd love to sing, but me fears there is no hope!!

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

I, too, wish I could paint and for the very same reason as you, I love altering photos that I've taken. Just by posterizing a picture of a flower, it suddenly looks like a painting. The thing is, I know I could LEARN to draw and paint, but I don't want to take the time, I just want to instinctively be able to draw. I did take a fashion sketching class years ago and the difference from the first class to the last was amazing. That's how I know I am teachable in this area. Still, I just dream about it instead of doing anything to accomplish it. Maybe in my next lifetime!

Your photos, altered and otherwise, are lovely. As always!


Ange said...

Well for one I jolly well wish I had your talent for photos!!! You don't need to paint with a talent like that! Art isn't just PAINTING it's interpreting and sharing a message. Goodness Julie - they are some of the most deep and stunning colours I've seen recently. And further more young lady - I'll have you know that some artist got millions for his abstract painting called 'deckchair' a square of cream, a rectangle of yellow, and another square of pastel blue or something of the like. You also had to close your eyes to imagine it was a deckchair! Your streak of blue/green may be worth millions one day - it's all about believing.
And now? It's goodnight from me - and it's goodnight from me ;-) Love

Ange said...

PS I see you've got the Mac sorted out! I'm only slightly jealous - or is that 'inferior?' ;-)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

You are beyond talented with your photographic skills, and I just bet if you continued wishing and hoping, a paintbrush between your fingers would produce a beautiful work of art upon the canvas!

I often wish I had the painting talent, but mostly, I wish I could cook as good as Julia Childs!

Happy New Year to you!

simon said...

yes- many of my family members can paint too. I tried it but dont seem to have the patience for it. Even tried pastel classes but the apples and onions they got me to paint always came out wrong :o/

Luiza said...

Your "paintings" are beautiful!
There is nothing better than being by the seaside, and I´m quite jelous of you...

I´m sure you have the talent... And if you´re telling the truth, that you really don´t have it, don´t worry about it!
You have a talent of so many other things, among them, is making me happy by being a friend. By being ruby. By satisfying my eyes, showing me all the breathtaking images. By letting me read all your wonderful texts, so that I can dream myself far away...
You have a talent!

Take care!


Mise said...

You know, that last photo of yours, with the pink streak, looks as though it belongs on a large porcelain tile to hang simply and beautifully in my bathroom.

anythinggoeshere said...

Your photos are paintings! Lovely and inspiring.

I would like to be able to draw and have what I draw look like the original instead of squiggles. xo Joan

rjerdee said...

Yes, I live near Venice Beach. That's actually Venice, Florida not to be confused with Venice Beach, California. I want to hear your Venice Beach story...is from California or Florida?

Exquisite Accessories said...

Oh Julie I too wish I could paint! I think you are so talented with your images & how you write so your full of talent & Inspiration, I bet if you had a go you would suprise yourself! :)

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Dear Julie,
You are already an artist....with your photographs and your words...
I just bet...that given time and the inclination you would paint seascapes that even you...would love...
Have faith my friend :)

Pooch Purple Reign said...

just do it anyways! you never know what kind of cool stuff could come of it!
you might be surprised

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Hi Julie! I think your photographs are paintings. You have to have an artistic eye to make them as beautilful as you do! Everything about them is art. You are an artist.

Your dream about living by the sea and painting what you see is my dream too!(But you already knew that!)

Angie Muresan said...

Oh Julie... your words and photography are far more beautiful than a painting!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You are so lucky to be beside the seaside and be able to do this...

A Refocused Life said...

An absolutely beautiful post. You have a gift with photography and words.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Julie...gorgeous images of the Seaside!!! You are talented in the way you can do this, I wouldn't know where to start. Wondering if you have read Ann Morrow Lindberg's Gift of the Sea...Have a great Friday, Dzintra♥x

erin's art and gardens said...

Honey, are you kidding...you ARE an artist and you CAN paint...photo imagery is your medium!! these are so beautiful...print them and frame them! i'd be proud to have them hanging on MY wall!
oh to live by the sea........