Why I'm Nuts!! [Part1]

Is this Flippin' Annoying?
It's Making Me Nuts!!!
Every Tuesday afternoon.. rain . hail or shine.. my neighbour warms up his piano accordion and off he goes!!! Now... I could imagine myself in some delightful village in France.. or perhaps a Parisian Cafe.. sipping on cafe au lait and watching the children ride the merry go round... little child laden ponies bobbing up and down... melted ice cream swirling through their brightly coloured manes.. .. balloons gaily bobbing in tune!!
BUT ... After 10 mins of 'Da Diddie Di Di' I'm pretty much over it ... Three Hours every Tuesday!!! blaaaaaaah!!!.. And all just a few steps from my window ... so think super sonic sound waves!! and repetition as you have never known.. He only knows one song!! No.. that's not true.. Last week's feverish gardening exercise coincided with the Tuesday Delight... It didn't take me long to know the tune by heart.. in frustration i sang along.. loudly.. hahaha.. This caused an immediate reaction of tune change.. but it wasn't to last .... we were soon back to 'Da Diddie Di Di'... Actually it all reminds me of the Gilmore Girls episode when Lorelai auditions the zydeco band for her wedding,. Anyone remember that episode??? the band just keeps playing and playing and playing and playing and plaaaaaaaaaying ... you get the picture!
Another Tuesday event here in Australia is the Melbourne Cup Horse Race .. Run annually, the first Tuesday in November it is called 'The Race That Stops The Nation' ... people everywhere put down their pens.. move away from their computer screens and tune in for the three minute race. Even non-gamblers take a punt.. It is probably the biggest gambling day in our year.. and perhaps the only time everyone stops and pays attention.
... But NOT Mr Piano Accordion Man ..
No The Race That Stops The Nation ... Will not stop him!!!
He's still going.. I could go out there and record it for you??
OK back to the Guessing Game and Mystery Prize
Pick Miss Bitter Betty
As I'm still feeling nuts.. I think I'll leave it up a few more days and have decided the prize will be your choice of either a B&W or colour print of my Fly Boys below .. Patzo like me!.. Nuts and Noisy ... but far preferable to the The Piano Accordion Man. Although.. If you wanted him instead it could be arranged for a small fee..



... That's all for now ...
I'm very busy.. I must go stuff some toilet paper in my ears!!
Should I leave you with more of his song??
No... Why should you suffer!!


Julie b


All text, photography and artwork by Being Ruby©
SONG: By Mr Piano Accordion Man [dont' blame me!!]
... He's STILL Going!!! ...


Jane said...

How incredibly annoying. I have the solution. Buy a recorder (you know those things you play in grade 3, the most irritating sound on the planet) and practice it at the same time. He will soon get the message. Grrr.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha .. Jane.. You are SOOO right.. I remember making the family nuts with that myself.. hmm.. Perhaps it is Karma back to bite me!! ha ha ha.. xxx Julie

Anne said...

Oh my gawd, you poor thing. It's a disgrace to, him playing through the Cup and all, very disrespectful.
Some suggestions to combat the noise you hate. Put on some music you like VERY much very loudly to drown him out. Put a discreet little anonymous note in his mailbox about spontaneous combustion of piano accordians played non stop for three hours. Ummmm...put your IPOD on high. Personally, I'd pick a time once a week when he doesn't play piano accordian and do something very loudly for three hours non stop. How about nails down a blackboard, recordings of babies crying, dogs barking incessantly!!! Perhaps not. Good luck.
Anne :-)

Lee said...

I think Jane's spot on the money too - buy a recorder and give Mr Piano Accordian Man a dose of his own medicine Julie. If that fails, maybe some noise cancelling headphones might do the trick! Lee :)

Patyclau said...

Jajajaja Poor Julie!!! What about a bomb???



the old boathouse said...

Man you need some really good ear plugs or maybe you need to work all your errands into the time frame in which he practices. I lived in a share house once where two members of the house were learning to play the drums and bass guitar and only new one tune.. lets just say I can no longer hear the song Black Velvet without almost wanting to stab someone in the head...extreme but I'm sure you fully understand. I think you need to move to Brissie its a sign. Please let me win the guessing game you know fly boys is a fav as is the lighthouse...ofcoarse, for their true romantic aussie heart you have managed to capture, xx Katherine

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG YOU ARE fabulous. Why didn't I catch you earlier? YOU MUST BE GOING BESERK, but you handle it well.....at least here in blogland! I LOVE THIS POST! I need to find out how to change my font!

I hope my neighbor doesn't tire of my harp playing; my studio is very close to their front room and they must get an earfull of JESU JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING!!!!

Enjoy your day.....di daaaah di daaaaaa! Anita

count it all joy said...

You crack me up. But I'm laughing with you, not at you, truly. Although, I guess you're not technically laughing, unless hysteria has set in.

I think Jane's idea is an excellent one. You could also try playing Ministry of Sound's latest dance album (my daughter plays it so I know for a fact that it's irritating beyond belief). We'll have to up-cycle some cotton balls with tassles on the end for you to stick in your ears. Meredy xo.

Killiecrankie Farm said...

or a violin and wear earmuffs when practicing. . . . like finger nails down a blackboard.

dig the fly boys !

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

LOL....we once had a young man play the drums next door...it was unbearable!...Even in the winter with the houses closed up tight we could hear him. I feel your pain!
Sorry I LOL.....Jane has an idea worth trying!
Good luck! :)

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Oh God. I hate painful neighbours. Poor you.

I learn't to put up with ear plugs to get through one particularly horrible year, many years ago now.

It kind of turned me a bit mad. I know where you are coning from. I became quite noise intolerant. To the point that I sleep with them all the time even though it is not noisy where i sleep touch wood the neighbours are OK bar one or two rowdy nights a year.

I hope you find a better solution. and No you can't kill the pain in the arse (we would miss all your inspiring and beautiful posts).

Now what is all this about winning one of your lovely images?!! I am off to investigate xox

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can hear your suffering here in the northern hemisphere, but, your telling of the accordion man is so witty and funny I can't help but chuckle. What an annoyance - maybe you can send your fly boys over to do a raid. I love the picture, by the way, so, no don't waste it on the accordion.

erin's art and gardens said...

oh no!!!!!! how annoying! at least it's only once a week? perhaps that should be your time to walk by the sea and take some pretty photos for us to drool over......

splendid Sass said...

You are hilarious, Julie!That man would drive me crazy too! Have you thought of taking up the horn so that you can play together. That may shorten his session.
Well enjoy the music and have a great rest of the day!

Mise said...

Yourself and Jacqueline both have the most beautiful tunes today - would you fancy a duet with Mr Piano Accordion on backing vocals and tune? It's probably his serenade to you. Could he be hopelessly in love with you, do you think?

mermaid gallery said...

I sang the song for a bit and it was kind of catchy...it has a beat and you can dance to it....I want to watch the race too! I'll internet it! dum de dum dum......dum....how about harmonizing with it...

Jennifer Beaudet said...

I feel sorry for you! That would drive me crazy! Earplugs are in order.:)

Stephanie said...

Oh wow! I like the first comment. A recorder will do great! You poor girl. I'd be batty by now.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday afternoon is as good as any to take up drinking during the day.
X David

Blondie's Journal said...

I am laughing so hard that my eyes are teary! I do feel for you girlfriend, I know it must be terribly annoying to say the least and I wish I had an answer to your problem. I think I would probably put in ear plugs and take a long nap.

Try to have a good week.


Giulia said...

I hear ya. Guy next door plays some sort of Moog synthesizer-y thing...I go right over & knock on the door & say, "Dude, please." It settles down for a bit & then again. This is when it's late at night. Other times, I crank up my own music. Or actually, I do put in ear plugs.

Very funny, you. But noise pollution isn't funny because it is very stressful. It's one thing if you choose it (loud music one loves) vs. someone else's. Does he know he's driving you mad? Just curious. I would go over & have a chat. Perhaps there's something to be worked out. I hear noise-cancelling headphones work.


Susan & GG (she's the one who suffers most from the noise)

Carole said...

I would be sticking plugs in my ears too. Maybe you should just play music over his....probably already tried that I'm sure. Have you asked your other neighbors....maybe you could get a petition. Here they have noise ordinances....not fun but necessary sometimes.
George used to play the same song over and over on the piano.....it made me a little crazy too.

I feel for you!

Tish Jett said...

I see a headline which reads, "Why I'm Nuts," and I think: "I don't know what she's talking about, but I relate.

Your rant was lol hilarious. I can see why you're nuts, but only on Tuesdays if I understand correctly.


marina said...

Julie,afortunadamente,soportas a tu vecino con mucho humor,Si se me ocurre alguna solución no tardaré en comunicartelo.QUE TENGAS UN BUEN DÌA!!
(a pesar de tu vecino). xxx Marina

Splendid Willow said...

You crack me up w. your witty spirit! But I have to say the piano man could have been me. I am really that bad! And I only know one tune!

Get your own stereo on with some good music and laugh if off. At least you are in a somewhat musical house. I once lived in a screaming house. Talk about going insane.

Much love to you and when you have a moment share the latest about your art adventure.

ox, Mon

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Julie, thank you! Yes, you answered my question and then some. I truly enjoy your graphics and most of all, your humor. I hope your neighbor has stopped.....Anita

Renée Finberg said...

please please please
record him and post it!!!

hugs xxx

Angie Muresan said...

Or call the police. Tell them it sounds like someone's being attacked in your neighbor's apartment.

Drawn to The Sea said...

Poor nutty thing... perhaps you should sneak over & stuff that tissue in his accordian ;-)

simon said...

hahahahahahah! thats SO funny for sure!!!