Tropical Dreams: It's Fruity








Tropical Dreams

With summer coming to an end I'm in the mood for a tropical escape. Some years back I took my first trip to Bali during the easter break, then a few years later it was Phuket, so my mind is headed in that direction ...or maybe Fiji? Anywhere as long as it is tropical.. Warm balmy nights, the sweet scent of frangipani ... Daily massages.. oooh.. it's a hard life.

One thing I loved about both Bali and Phuket was the daily offerings of thanks. Small rituals to give thanks for health, wellbeing and perhaps all that beauty. The smell of incense and spices filling the air and embracing my senses. I still cannot smell sandalwood without being transported back to that feeling of relaxation and calm. Of course there is also the people. Friendly gentle people who welcome you like like a friend, or family member returning from a long journey. Yes.. there are many reasons to fly away to a tropical island.


Well my lemons, limes and peaches aren't quite a tropical vacation, but it's a starting point. A point of inspriration and inspired my cockatoo images. All adventures begin with dreams. I think tomorrow I might burn some sandalwood, lookup some holiday destinations and start dreaming. I was going to take more photos.. but I ate the props..

Oh and the light bulbs?
The beginning of a new idea.. or quite simply.. I just like them.



..I hope your new week is filled with dreams and inspiration..
.. tropical or otherwise..


Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post
.. and if yours isn't there .. sorry.. blogger seems to be eating my comments lately
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Julie b


IMAGE SOURCE: Photography, text and photo editing by me - [Being Ruby]



e said...

Great colours, Julie. Just reminds me of what awaits us in the next few months. I really love the photo-editing of the birdies. Beautiful. Before i forget, i couldn't find the site in my favourites yesterday when reading your lovely rose post. But if you go to Flickr there are loads of free textures to download; ShadowHouse Creations being only one in squillions of them. Here are ones just with handwriting: Enjoy!
:) Lizzy

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Oh Julie! I am so relaxed by your words and images...I feel as if I have escaped to your tropical paradise! Beautiful images! I think I would like a fruity drink with an umbrella right now too! By the way, I love the light bulbs too...I have a small collection of vintage bulbs too....can't wait to hear more about your ideas!
Be well, my fruity friend! lol

Nuccio Gatto said...

Many thanks to you, a post player like the others, will be a pleasure visit you, hello and shame that the summer draws to a close ... we begin.

Stephanie said...

I love this post - the photos and the words ... beautiful! But I am jealous - Fiji! I swoon!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

From Jeanne - [blogger keeps losing my comments]

Bright ideas...all of them! Your cockatoos are gorgeous...I love the colours.
Sandalwood...I love that scent. Funny you should say that, yesterday I stood before a counter looking for the perfect scent for our home...nothing too sweet or floral, not vanilla...I just wanted something...something...and I could not think of it and I left. Sandalwood...that is it!

Citrus is the other one I was thinking, lime, lemon, grapefruit...something fresh, light and lovely...everything that this post is!

You did it again Julie....just made my day!!

Hope you had a great weekend and I am sending best best wishes for a wonderfully fruity week!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo, I like your dreams, Julie. Wanna trade?

Night before last, I dreamt that my 5-year-old daughter (now 27) drove the car to go pick up her blanket that she left in the next-door-neighbors yard. Yeah. She couldn't see over the steering wheel, and somehow the car was scratched. What kind of a dream is that?

I need to get some sandalwood and a light bulb.

desde my ventana said...

Hi Julie,maybe Miami???tropical too.I love your photo #5 the textures, the light, the color ... it's gorgeus.
Have a great new week,

Carole said...

Julie...I don't even know where to start. This post is just magnificent. The lightbulb fits right in there with the repetition of round objects. You are too don't even realze it..that's the funny part!
I love the softer and the more vivid images of the birds on wire. You're showing your color side and it's great.
I think here in the US we imagine Australia as a wonderous tropical land full of flowers and fauna that we can only hope to see someday.
Thank you for capturing that essence for me(oh right, us not just me).

Julie@beingRUBY said...

From Emom

I can absolutely appreciate the reflective qualities of the light bulbs mixed in with the fruit! juxtaposition.....smiles.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

From 1 funky Woman

Those pictures are amazing. I love the light bulb...the beginning of a new idea, great!
And the cockatoo pictures with all those colors are beautiful!

Beatnheart said...

Julie, great new direction with the light bulbs and fruit...Would love to visit both of those places...Bali seems wonderful...I'm having blog problems as!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

From Becky at Abbeystyle
Delish...there's no other word for your gorgeous fruity pics. Love the light bulb idea, too!

Anne Marie said...

Julie! My word! you are quite the traveling lady!!

I'm totally living vicariously through you....

lovely pictures btw - especially the one with the light bulb - very cool -

Pooch Purple Reign said...

when are you leaving? maybe i can meet you there.......


Giulia said...

Halloo, sweet pea. La gattina & I are ready to fly off (though it is spring into summer here, as you know). Sitting in bed with laptop trying to think up brilliant ideas for profit. Aye, there's the rub when it comes to travelling any farther than NYC on the cheapo bus.


verification word 'tortola' !!!! lol

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

"ate the props" ~ love this! And oh how yummy they looked! We are big fans of warm, sultry getaways and dream of them daily!

Fabulously fruity post!

alice said...

You are an amazing writer and photographer. I know I say that alot! But when it's true well it's just true! Thanks for the journey.
smiles, alice

simon said...

You ate the light bulb too???!! Oh "Lighten" up Julie.. (get it? get it?!! ahahah "lighten" up.....)..

I think a trip to fiji or any of the islands is a nice idea and its not too expensive either! So jump on a plane.... :o)

I shall think of your photos as I sail on Lake Windermere next weekend. :o)

Aron said...

Its amazing how powerful scent is to bring back a memory. My wife and I had ginger syrup today that made her flash back to our honeymoon in Thailand.

Brabourne Farm said...

You have the most amazing ability to make ordinary, every day things look like beautiful works of art - and you just keep getting better! Leigh

Elaine said...

Your photos look like print ads in a magazine. Fabulous! Love the lightbulb in the fruit.

Ooh, Bali sounds wonderful! I hope you travel there so we can all see some amazing Julie photos.

Sue said...

It was such a surprise to see this bright burst of color on your post. I keep saying that if I have to have a sick mother, it is nice that she lives on an island. It isn't quite tropical here, but we did walk on the beach for an hour a couple of days ago and it really lightens the load for a while. It is also much easier to sit in a chair in a hospital room when I can see palm trees out the window. It is still in the 30's at home. A small blessing in the midst of chaos.

As for mom, it will be slow...but she is determined. I am really proud of her, many would have given up and she is trying very hard to be brave.


Sarah Klassen said...

Sounds wonderful, Julie! You make me want to book a trip :)

I adore these images - I am emailing my Mum, as she too is a huge fan of these colors and would greatly enjoy such pretty pics. I now have a craving for freshly sliced pear - yum!

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend*

Sarah said...

Hi Julie, I think this has been my favourite post from you so far! I love it, thanks so much for brightening my day!

Renée Finberg said...

the fruit looks yummo.
and how lucky are you having been to both
' bali and phuket' !!!???

the closest i have been to phuket is a Thai' restaurant by the same name around the corner from me.


Mise said...

What lovely images. A few of them look almost as though they are textile prints, and I can just imagine lying on them on a tropical beach of wafting scents. And the fruit/lightbulb juxtaposition is inspired.

Neil Tasker said...

Just found your blog through Lizzy's 'Where Mountains Meet The Sea'. I love what you're doing. Beautiful burst of colour and tropicality.... and the light bulbs! to read more, and I'll be back.

nevin said...

RUN Julie! RUN!!

Who can catch you?

You are amazing!!

Every day I love you :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Is this 'Being Ruby' ? I think that I've sneaked in on another 'Being Ruby' !!
....IT's COLOURFUL !!!! ... Haha
Such fresh and vibrant citrus colours that really make my mouth water. These photographs are so good, I feel as if I could put my hand into the computer and take one...... and the one with the cockatoo's is inspired.
As you know, Julie, our daughter will be in Bali in a week. I must show her this post. She is already so excited. XXXX

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Julie, these photographs belong in a magazine!!

La Belette Rouge said...

What a deliciously beautiful post!

Angie Muresan said...

Well now, Julie, quit eating the props! ;)
Gorgeous photos, and when did you say they'll become available for sale?

Splenderosa said...

Julie precious, just stunning photography & styling. You rock, girl. xx's Marsha

Dash said...

Hello Julie, I hope your dream comes true and you get your tropical escape, I love these photographs, they are fresh and zesty, the lightbulb is inspired.

Ange said...

Damn; it's meant to be spring here and it's raining cats and dogs out -or is it bunnies... I need some of those vitaminy colours! YUM. I nearly ate my screen ;-) I have a couple of similar lightbulbs next to my bed, just because I love them too - I'm just missing the massage and the citrus zest! Thanks for the colourful trip. I refuse of course to comment on the beauty of your photos because I love them too much and you will think I am becoming trite.

Jen Beaudet Z said...

Wow the color surprised me! I am so thirsty for fruit juice now! I think you must have taken some classes on photographing food because these photos are amazing! Take care! Jennifer:)

La Petite Gallery said...

Julie you could almost touch the fruit. Great photo's. As always you put some beauty out into space... yvonne

Unknown said...

Julie I love your fruity pictures...they are true art and just beautiful!!! Really cool what you've done with your photography - is that Photoshop? Love it!

Hugs ~

:) T

julie said...

Beautiful post, Julie. I love what you did with photoshop. What elements are you using?
It is a beautiful spring day here, so I think I will head outside and make a difference...julie
Have a great day...

Exquisite Accessories said...

Julie you just keep getting better & better, amazing photoes! OOhh you have just made me want to spend the day at a beach spa eatting peaches washed down with a glass of ice cold water full of lime juice Mmmmm.
Have a great week :)

A Refocused Life said...

You are always amazing...the perfect images for thinking of sand, sun, surf, and a cool sip of something lemon-lime. Rita