Dreams Take Flight


Dreams Take Flight

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. A bit busy with everyday life, trying to put a travel post together and not quite succeeding, but also .. lost in my thoughts .. taking walks along the beach [weather permitting] and wondering what dreams I might put into action. Dreams of flight.

Do you have flying dreams? I can only recall dreaming this once although somehow I managed to restrict myself to flying up and down a narrow corridor trying to find some mysterious object behind the multitude of doors lining it's path! [where's Dr Freud when you need him?] I do have dreams of flying but they are based on flying in those big silver birds in the sky.

Not this sort of bird


In my dream I'm calmly packing for a trip when I realise my flight is that day. Big rush to the airport.. check in.. and just as I am about to board the plane, they ask for my passport. Uh-oh!! Where is the passport. I've left it at home... [don't ask me how I got past check-in.. it's a dream] I explain this to the nice man and he assures me 'He will hold the plane till I run home and get it. After all I do live close by! '. I think that is pretty darn considerate .. don't you? .. I dread this will really happen one day. Did I mention it is a reoccurring dream?

So back to my preoccupation with flight, I think of it often walking along the beach, watching the kite surfers attempt to take flight and free themselves of gravity. Strangely the seagulls seem to mimic their actions and group at the same end of the beach taking turns to dip, turn, swoop and glide upon the breezes. Then with a quick about turn, they dart off to a distant location as if to mock us poor earth bound humans. Even the kite surfers seem a little envious.

My father was a pilot in WWII and one of my brother's also has a pilot's license, so there must be some genetically embedded desire to soar through the clouds. But for me, the closest I have come to piloting my own craft is the swing in the local park. Remember how wonderful that felt as a child. The thrill of seeing the earth left behind, sky rushing towards you and then the sudden return to earth just as exhilarating, all the while wondering if your stomach might also take flight.
I think I need to revisit some of these childhood wonders



Ok.. back to preparing the travel post.


Julie b


IMAGE SOURCE: ALL Photography, text and photo editing by me - [Being Ruby]


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all do a 'Peter Pan ' and just up and fly off as the mood took us ? There could be some problems to overcome like, bad flyers, people flying without insurance and we might bump into each other at first but, I'm sure these problems could all be ironed out and overcome !! haha.
But, as it's not likely to happen (not this week, anyway !!) we will have to get on that silver bird.
I am loving your beautiful photographs, especially the close up of the seagull (?) So beautifully streamlined.
Well Julie, if you get to book a holiday and go away, stick your passport on the front door so that you don't forget it !! XXXX


Beautiful photos - as always, Julie:)

Have a nice day!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Julie,
You are already soaring through the air with your beautiful photo art! Seriously gorgeous pictures! I am glad you are taking the time to dream and plan...our escape? hehe. I will be flying to visit my sister and parents in another week and will think of you...first when I fly and second when I walk the beaches...trying to unwind and discover the next plan of action! Be well dear friend, Laura

rjerdee said...

OH, Julie! Great bird shots!!! Those aren't easy to get (at least for me). And flying dreams? Never happened for me. I'm content to watch the flights, don't mind being earth-bound. Watching kites, birds, and planes--all are miracles of the wind--and a grand show for me, the lazy bum, lying around on the beach or standing in the airport observation tower with two little boys who find plane-watching an absolutely awesome way to spend an afternoon!!!

Dash said...

Hi Julie, I have flying dreams, they are brilliant, I am like Superman, flying all over the world, over some beautiful locations, for some bizarre reason swimming pools always feature in my flying dreams. Then I wake up and try to go back to my dream, but of course I never can. Once again, love your photo's.

Anne Marie said...

a good sunday morning to you julie............my husband has a 12 foot kite which he hooks up to his snowboard on the fields around us, and i watch him take flight.....does that count?

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

When I was little I used to dream if I put my brother's boxer shorts on my head, I could fly. So in the morning, I would get up, find a pair of (clean!) boxers, put them on my head and climb up on the roof and jump. I somehow never really managed to fly. Luckily, I only jumped from the one story roof, so never got hurt. I also sometimes dream if I flap my arms fast enough, I can fly. I haven't had a flying dream lately, but every once in a while, I definitely dream that I can fly!

Thanks for the nice post. I love the picture of the bird soaring. I have trouble taking pictures of flying birds, as they tend to fly out of the frame before the camera can capture them.

Good lick on your travel blog. I am certain it will be fabulous!


Anonymous said...

These childhood wonders are the key to our happiness - they are our essence!!! Fly, Julie, fly!!!

Sue said...

Well, you know how I feel about flying! I do love to swing however:)

My only repeat dream...I'm in college and wandering around unable to find my classroom. No idea what that is about.

Enjoy the beach...I'd love to be there.

desde my ventana said...

I have never dreamed that was flying, it must be wonderful to be able to fly, though only it's for an instant and in a dream. I believe that it is a common desire to all the human that it has taken very much hours to the greats inventors of the history.
I love the last image,how the gull looks at the sea and seems to stop his flight.
Have a nice week and don't work too much,

Tish Jett said...

Your photographs take one's breath away. Is that a form of flying?

I would love to be able to fly, float in the air without a plane and without having to flap my arms. That would be a dream.

I do repeat myself, but I am so happy to have found your beautiful corner of the blog world.


Jeanne Henriques said...

Beautiful Julie! A brilliant idea happened upon me as I was looking out at the countryside on my train ride back from London today. If I can not tempt you to create a book of your beautiful images then at the very least you should be looking at postcards as a starter. Printed in quality to match your wonderful images. Sydney needs your cards and the market is there...who knows what will happen from there?!
A little something to mull over with your coffee on a Monday morning....go to a beachside cafe and think about it:)
Have a great week!
Jeanne :)

erin's art and gardens said...

i dream of flying............

Unknown said...

It sounds as if you want to and explore your life's options, Julie. For you, there's no letting things just happen to you! But maybe you feel something's holding you back, at least temporarily. lol... how's that for a snap analysis? ;-)

alice said...

I do remember the swing and the stomach! Love your pictures. They are beautiful. Well my daughter and grandson are going to be in the land of Oz over spring break! Yikes it's a fer piece..............from Texas.
smiles, alice

simon said...

well- the photos of the gull are simply superb ( perhaps you could take up bird watching as part of your love of flight)

As for flight- I have my ticket for england leaving in 3 weeks! hooray!!! and there is nothing better than the feeling of the plane roaring down that runway , lifting off and flying through the clouds...

(Love that landing too!). not happy with jet lag on the return journey though

Les Cotrions said...

Julie you are so clever writing your emotions! You always make me dream! I often dream of flying...sometimes I'd like to fly away...very very far!!!
A nice new week to you!

Jane said...

Hi there I would love to learn to fly if only for superficial things like the aviator Raybans and leather jackets.

Seriously I do dream of flying a bit. Its a good sign. But sometimes I am nude. That is probably a bad sign. Mostly my dreams are trying to run and failing and of realising I have an exam tomorrow and have done absolutely no study for it (that one is very common apparently) xoxo

the old boathouse said...

Hey Julie, Yes maybe the dream is trying to tell you something...maybe you need to get off the ground or do some more travel..interesting you have flying in the genes.I can see you in a little spitfire plane, with goggles on! Remember the scene in Out of Africa when they are flying above the planes....watched it only the other day along with Ginger in Roberta, thought of you, hope you have a lovely week, cheers Katherine xx

count it all joy said...

This is why I have to restrain myself from pushing small children off swings at the park. I want to jump up and down and yell "My turn! My turn! I wanna fly!". Every now and then when no one else's children are around I do hop on the swings and pump my legs to go higher and higher, sometimes racing against one of my children to see who can get the highest. It never disappoints to lift the spirits.

I hope your mind is taking flight today and dreaming only of possibilities....which with your creativity are pretty much endless I would have thought. Meredy xo.

Mise said...

We live near a small airstrip here, where 8-seaters take tourists and island residents back and forth, so planes glide over our house every once in a while and we wave merrily at them. They would be a huge loss to me if they disappeared - they somehow speak of science and valour whenever they pass by, rather than of commerce and practicality.

Your walks along the beach sound like the best possible thing you could be doing. Dream away and we'll wait for the travel post.

oldgreymare said...


You have elevated the common seagull to the grandeur of a soaring eagle. Again I am in awe.


Carole said...

I love the way you think and dream. Having that desire to fly is one we all have but I don't think I could decribe it as well as you have. I can picture you sitting for hours looking up into the sky wishing you could be with the birds and the kites. I wonder too sometimes if the birds mock us a little....but that's ok I still like them:))
Gorgeous post Julie,


myletterstoemily said...

what a gorgeous photo! have never seen a lovelier

i'm terrified of flying but have to ALL the time.

in my dreams, i fly a lot, which freud would say
means i want to be in control.

doesn't everyone?

good luck with your travel blog.


Anonymous said...

I always have dreams like that just before a big event or even a trip, great post as always x

Elaine said...

I think the dream is telling you to get on a plane and go somewhere! Maybe Italy, you know you want to.

Great shot of the gull. The bird looks absolutely gorgeous, elegant. When I see them at the beach I think of them as little scavengers and I fail to notice their beauty.

Coty Farquhar said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

xx Coty

Exquisite Accessories said...

Oh Julie get down to that park quick, I took my kids the other day & after watching them play I had a go on that swing & it was great the swish of air blowing over me not a care in the world, 40's is the new 30's you know (hee) well for me any how (hee) Great dreams you must have the wonder lust!! Elaine x

beachvintage.com said...

Hi Julie, dont apologise my dear. It OK. We still love you. I used to have a few flying dreams when I was very young but I have not had one for many many years.

Angie Muresan said...

I agree with what Jane said. I would do it for the aviator Raybans and the cool leather jackets. I'm also thinking a nice Hermes scarf. Then I would look really chic up in the air, wouldn't I?

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Hi Julie, You are definitely a poet, it's official. your photos, your texts ... everything's poetic without getting sloppy. I think Jeanne's idea ia a really good one, you must do something commercially with your photos, they're too good to keep just for us!!

Berta F said...

I love your photos......¡¡¡¡¡¡ BELLISIMAS.....¡¡¡¡¡¡you are an artist...¡¡¡¡¡¡ Kiss Berta

Brabourne Farm said...

I'm like Simone - I used to have wonderful flying dreams as a child but sadly they stopped and my days of flying and floating thru the air have long passed. Your photos (as usual) are sooo beautiful - I agree with Jeanne, you really should think of doing something creative with all your gorgeous images. Leigh

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

Sounds like its time to get back on that big silver bird ... and off on another, real life adventure. Dont dream ... just do!
Love your post Julie.

Ange said...

I do hope you have read and watched Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Soundtrack by Neil Diamond - a blast from the past hahahah!!) It seems fitting for you Julie. And Of course I dream about you flying over here to see me. LOVE LOVE the photo of that seagull with the intense red beak and legs . FAB. Well - I have always had recurring dreams of falling falling falling from the tops of tidal waves down into the churning waters below, or of the wave towering above me and falling onto me ...then of me rolling into a ball far under the water and being able to breathe in the small pocket of air I had created. Now go figure that one!!! Have a wonderful time walking along the beach. xxx

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

How beautiful that seagull in flight!!! I don't remember a flight dream, but I'm sure I had some, but I do remember being on the swing, going really high! I did fly in a small 4 seat air plane once and got really sick..., because the pilot was doing some tricks, like dropping the plane -never again!

Splendid Willow said...

Julie, thank you for bringing us along on your dreamy journey! And how nice to find out more about your family. I will continue to push you to start selling your wonderful photos. You are so talented. Happy new week! ox Mon

Kilauea Poetry said...

I always wanted to fly..and have dreamed of flying- usually falling (lol) I think your photo art is fantastic!!
I must of been glued to the Flying Nun as a child..I remember asking my mom "can nuns fly"? She said yes, they can. I assumed only later she was thinking of a real airplane? ha
Have a great day-

Luiza said...

I have those wonderful dreams sometimes... They are so wonderful.
It´s a feeling hard to explain.

Your bird shots are perfect!

Have a great monday!

Beatnheart said...

Beautiful dreamy photographs..my dad was a pilot also B17's...we went to "camp" at Air Force bases as kids...love planes,love to fly...need to get away? to be free? probably...

Angela Furlong said...

Another lovely post Julie. Thank you for the reminder about how fun it was to fly through the air on the swing set as a kid.... I can still feel the sensation - amazing how stuff like that stays with you throughout your life!

Good luck with the travel post - the walks on the beach sound heavenly xx

simon said...

Maybe you should just take flight yourself and go overseas..sit in that little cafe in Sienna I mean isnt that what Being Ruby is all about ;o)

Giulia said...

Dear Julie--Lovely photographs. Yes, I've had dreams in which I fly. And, in "real life
--though they didn't have to hold the plane--Miss Organized (well, I was) once got to the airport without the passport. Couldn't believe it.

Good luck on the travel post; I look forward to it. Tomorrow I may take a whirl at a nearby swing set. Thanks for the inspiration.


Pooch Purple Reign said...


i think the first post i looked at of yours was looking thru the windows of a plane.
i dream of flying all the time, but yes, in the big silver ones.
enjoy doing nothing. not many can do it without guilt.


Don said...

I fly a lot in my dreams. Whenever I realize that I'm dreaming I just go ahead and take off. It's great!

Renée Finberg said...

flying........wow, wouldn't i like to fly away!

but best of all...i like them holding the plane for you.
that is a dream come true!

go to my blog and on the side bar i have a post you can link to called;
it has a link at the bottom that analyzes your dream for you.
how great is that????

love you xx

A Refocused Life said...

Oh, what fun..to be able to fly as free and easy as birds. I have had 'flying' dreams, and I remember the feeling of freedom. Beautiful images and words.

Unknown said...

Hi Julie! What a wonderful combination of your beautiful photography and a little insight into "you"!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Maggie May said...

truly lovely bird photos, so delicate.

Millie said...

Lots of fabulous comments here Julie! MOTH is the Dreamer here, has had frequent flying dreams all his life, but most nights he dreams he's under water. A left over from his ab. diving days I suppose. My most recurrent dream is that we are back in our old house - must be the fact that the bathrooms are all finished back there!
Millie ^_^

e said...

I love these photographs, Julie! Btw, my dad was a pilot, too, in the air force. He flew all over the world including both poles. He gave me the love of travel and flying, probably why i do it so much. How does that Sinatra tune go? 'Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away' :)