IF IT'S TUESDAY: Isola di Capri [Anacapri]

[unaltered image - only frame and text added]

If it's Tuesday, this must be Capri

'Isola di Capri'. Island of the Sirens, playground to Zues and Neptune and inspiration to many an artist, the likes of John Singer Sargent and Claude Debussy.

This time it is 1993 and I have just arrived at the Island of Capri courtesy of an organized tour. Not the optimal way to travel but certainly a good choice for a first time visit to Europe alone. However, being a tour, time and options are limited, so one has to decide how to best spend a small fraction of their lives in one of the most glorious and ethereal places on earth.


Choices! I've never really been good with them. Life never presents a choice of Apples and Apples does it? No.. always some odd mix of the crisp crunchy apple, as tempting as that infamous first bight, or .... the big juicy orange, requires a bit more effort, is going to get messy, but promises to quench your thirst for the sweetness of life. Which to choose?
Well my choices on this day were... take a small boat to the Blue Grotto, then followup with either; A] lull around and be enticed by the glamourous shops and privileged life of Capri, or B] take the chairlift [seggiovia] to the peak of Anacapri and enjoy the magnificent view, as ancient and mysterious as old man time himself. I am usually a 'luller' [I find people watching fascinating] but this day I chose to see Anacapri .. and am ever thankful I did.
The view was indescribable.
So... good thing I took photos to share with you!!!!

I stood for ages waiting to get this shot above..
[this one is original version - no alterations other than text]

Waiting for the buzzing swarm of tourists to realise their tummies were crying for lunch. Finally, when enough had departed, and at risk of missing my own departure time, I snapped away furiously and was happy to get that one shot 'sans le pesky people'. Mind you it was two months before I arrived home and developed my film.. So this shot was one of my very happy surprises.

Standing looking out over the endless blue sea, you can see the Faraglioni rock formations. Apart from the small boats zipping in and out, one can imagine they have stepped through a timewarp and any minute now the waters will churn and ripple as Neptune arises to laugh at us miniature humans as we attempt to absorb the beauty of this island. The feeling of awe is hard to contain. I have only had this overwhelming feeling a few times... that feeling that is usually inspired by the sheer beauty and grand scale of nature... A feeling that alerts you to how small and insignificant we humans are, yet at the same time allowing us to feel part of something so vast it is unfathomable.
Mother nature is an accomplished artist!

If you let your mind wander, you can imagine the white wash is not from speedboats but the mermaids and sirens playfully enjoying their paradise. Those of you who know [Ethel] will understand she is painfully sorry she could not guest author this post... prior commitment ..]

[tiled map of Anacapri - from the Mariorita Boutique - photo by me]

More Choices

So today's post presented me with another choice dilemma. Yesterday I finally tried Photoshop for the first time.... As you can imagine, this resulted in 20 or so variations of the same photos!!! I hope you don't mind repetition. As you can see I couldn't decide which images to put up... Some have been altered using my usual 'Ruby' method, some are originals and some are courtesy of my new found Photoshop addiction. It's only been one day and it's an addiction already!!!

Thanks for popping over today to view my addiction ..
and as always... Thank you for your lovely comments..
Now that I have escaped from the jaws of photoshop...
I'll be round to visit all your lovely blogs

Julie b

IMAGE SOURCE: ALL Photography, text and photo editing by me - [Being Ruby©]


Berta F said...

Julie .. Sé Capri ... y me encanta Capri es BELLISIMO .... .... y me gusta .. y sé que la cueva azul ... aquí y ... El Azul es el azul más hermoso de .... El Mundo, pero la vista desde Anacapri .... Fantastico que ....¡¡¡¡¡ es disfrutar con su puesto de .....¡¡¡¡¡ Un abrazo Berta

Anne Marie said...

well i'm not certainly 'tired' of that view.....as Sargent didn't either (my favorite oil painter/artist)....

just awesome julie...........

Ange said...

Julie, your photos as always capture that very essence. In front of such beauty I do feel small and insignificant... and Capri is AMAZING too. Wow - what a combination! Ruby and Capri. Well I won't bother going there without you as I'm not sure that it could possibly be as beautiful as your photos. ahem, and you have done none of this with Photoshop before now ??(read tiny voice here ...) Missed you Julie!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Now, I'm longing to jump on a plane and head to Anacapri! You captured its very essence! Gorgeous images!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

lovely images and very cool story behind them. those darned choices and "le pesky people" indeed! can't wait to see the other photos you'll be photoshopping with your newfound software and skills ... - Jg.

Jeanne Henriques said...

Photoshop..you brave woman you! The layers get me every time. I always give up and go back to Elements but enough of that because your work paid off as these are stunning...as always. My favourite is of the open gate and I can see why you waited. You can feel the warmth...magnificent!
Feet up, job well done :)

desde my ventana said...

Hi Julie,#4 stunning.It's to looking at a long moment ..... calm and to the same one the restlessness of something grand contemplates mixing of the nature and a simple human touch.

Susie said...

Julie - What a wonderful treat on a thursday morning to open your blog and find this...stunning photos and I love your beautiful prose, especially the Choices analogy...'the big juicy orange, is going to get messy, requires a bit more effort, but promises to quench your thirst for the sweetness of life' - I can see that as a piece of artwork on it's own! Just delicious....x

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

Your photo of Anacapri in all its natural glory ... is breathtaking! (mind you, so are all your others)
Waiting for ages to get that shot, was so well worth it Julie.

I've been wanting to get into Photoshop, but havent had the time ... yet!
How are you finding it? Have you done any courses, or are you tackling it on your own?

Just a beautiful post Julie!

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Oh Julie, what beautiful pictures, instantly recognisable as the Mediterranean. If I could choose to be born again I would say yes please but about 150 years earlier and alot richer if that's all right. Then I could come to this sort of idyllic destination on my fashionable 'Grand Tour' without having to worry about the crowds.
Thank you for sharing your holiday snaps!

the old boathouse said...

Well Julie sweetie, I have now been scrolling up and down trying to compare shots...trying to be honest with how i see them and to be honest they are all amazingly beautiful.The original photo between the fence looking out to the those amazing rock forms..how truely amazing it must have been to have developed that film...you could base a good argument on digital vs film on that photo..like giving birth really. But i do love what you do to your photos. I have never been to Italy and seeing it through your eyes makes me want to go even more,alas I am off to do the dishes...Katherinexx

rjerdee said...

Oh, Julie, Thank you for this lovely getaway! I've never been to the Isle of Capri...it's time for me to travel again but I have a few things anchoring me to my little spot in Florida. Also, thanks for the Neptune story...I must get to reading some of the old god and goddess stories. We have a shop in Venice called Sirene...a shop dedicated to the sea and the siren call of the mermaids...lovely place to handle shell products, jewelry, and beautiful fibers--now I wear one of their divine scarves when it's time to dress for dinner...last night it was a dinner cruise on Sarasota Bay, a gift from a lovely daughter.

Porchlight Interiors said...

All sounds lovely even if you are on a tour. The photos look great i especially love the original one.

Sahildeki Ev said...

Your Italy photos are killing me Ruby. If I havent made my travel plans for this year, I would probably jump to the first plane and go to Italy...

julietk said...

A short holiday is never enought time to really explore a country, Photos make it look fab.
I have received a Sunshine award and would like to pass it on to you.Please see my blog for details,
regards Juliet.

koralee said...

Oh my friend...what a magical place...your addiction is lovely! xoxo

Giulia said...

It's beautiful, Julie. A favorite place...I'm so glad that you went up to Anacapri. Too many people ignore it...you were smart. I'll be back but wanted to stop in & say hi. You're probably awake at 1:09am (I looked!) feeding your Photoshop addiction:) There are worse things in the world!

ciao-meow & will "see" you on the weekend. (Julie the Cat waves a pink paw-pad to you.)


Mise said...

Photoshop! Oh no! You're doomed, Julie. You'll get caught up in it and forget to talk to us and to loiter about in the sun. Your photos will become ever more splendid but you'll suffer from one-more-thing-to-try computeritis. But don't let me discourage you. You often sound like someone with a yen to travel again. So pop round to see me! My photoshop has an expired license so you'll be SAFE.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Photo Shop. Such a fun toy, and you have created wonder-filled images with it already!
I am the visual-type and your dreamy photos always inspire, but your writing is just as lovely - in fact, magical!
Joyful day to you, Julie!!!

La Petite Gallery said...

you have tugged at my heart strings. Anacapri
is one of my most favorite spots. I stayed at the Blanco Gatto.
When we went into the grotto the guy in the boat had no anchor. WHEEEEE I can,t swim and there were no life jackets. We love the same things the Post is fabulous, I am sending a photo of an oil I bought there. yvonne

erin's art and gardens said...

wowy, wow, wow, wow!! oh, julie, you have done it again! you have taken me some place i have never been, but only dreamed of, and of course your artistic take is so beautiful. o.k...your new addiction + insomnia, well, i can't wait to see what you come up with!! and only after one day of photoshop, you are a pro! have fun and i'll see you at the photoshops anonymous (12 step program) meeting.....

Carole said...

I am in AWE of your altered photos! You've mastered more in less time then I.
I love seeing the difference with unaltered and altered.
Too bad Ethel had a previous engagement.....she would have loved getting a face lift too. That altered stuff sure does take away the lines!.....being a beauty she doesn't really need it like me! haha
Must have been fun to see your pictures after 2 months of being locked on film. Like reliving the whole trip once again.

Enjoy your new addiction!!!!!!!


Beatnheart said...

Dear Julie, I so love your photography...and the words both in the text and those on the photos..I too have rediscovered photography after a good 25 years away from the camera..Since I did not have a computer, I had no need for a digital camera..so i had no camera..Now, I am madly shooting away, loving it like I use to..Photoshop is next I am sure..Right now the newness of a computer is enough to occupy many hours..

Angie Muresan said...

Such gorgeous photos! But, you are such a wicked tease, Julie. Now you have me craving a vacation!

traci said...

wow!! these images are just breathtaking. thanks for sharing.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What AM I doing at home??? I should be in Italy, shouldn't I??

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

That view is sooooo amazing! Life is beautiful and large, and we can (could) experience that right now! So I believe!!

I would have done the same thing..., waited until all the people are "out of the picture".

Blue Muse said...

Oooooh now that is some soulful beauty right there. The kind my heart is always longing for more of. Thank you.
xo Isa

Les Cotrions said...

Ohhh I adore Capri! Surely one of my favourite places! I love all that area...have you ever been in Procida??? Gorgeous and less touristic!!!
You made a nice job with photoshop...all your photos are very suggestive! I must try one day!
Happy week end!

Unknown said...

Love Capri~!

julie said...

Hi Julie, As usual your photos are pure art. They are so beautiful.
I can't believe you have photoshop mastered in one day. I still can't figure it out.
Have a great day...julie
Is it getting cooler over there?

simon said...

F*&^!! that first shot is awsome! and then I see the others. I actually got goose bumps.
(100%). It just brings back a lot of memories!

(BTW- re my last post..yea its a boy thing.. still love my toys, only the sandpit has got bigger :o)


count it all joy said...

Julie....{sigh}...as beautiful as these photos are, your writing is every bit as evocative. I could picture Ethel throughout this story, ducking and diving through the waters of Capri. My mother-in-law, who is not given to enthusiasms, waxed lyrical about Capri after a visit there last year. It was just about the highlight of her entire European trip.

I hope you are having a marvellous time with Photoshop - I can imagine it ticks all your creative boxes! Meredy xo.

A Refocused Life said...

Absolutely amazing work. As always, your art fascinates me...each is more magnificent the the last.
Choices - not my strength either. I can always reason for both choices, and I fear disappointment.

Sue said...

More beautiful photos. Whenever you talk about your travels on your own, I'm blown away by how brave that seems to me. I could never do it...I admire the fact that you could.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Ah choices....sometimes we just get lucky! Your photos are wonderful.....Photoshop is on my list of wants..no NEEDS! I have to say...your originals though are gorgeous too!
Think I'll have an apple...no an orange..no an apple...lol :)

myletterstoemily said...

oh my, your last photo made me want to weep,
especially with debussy in my mind still.

there are many incredible photography blogs,
but yours is the most...oh, what's the word?
vulnerable, poignant. it must be a french word

beachvintage.com said...

Hi Julie, this is amazing, there is a building not far from here named Anacapri and I had always wondered where that name had come from....thanks! Great photo's.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Julie,
As you know, we were on the Amalfi coast last year and Capri was one of our stops.
You have captured it so beautfully and shown it's haunting beauty.
Wonderful photographs and text, my favourite being the second from last.I'd like that to be the entrance to my holiday home on Capri !!!! I don't think that that will be happening anytime soon !! XXXX

rjerdee said...

Hey Julie,
Popped back over to say, yes, the Iceland pictures are mine...all of the photos on my blog are mine...I'm a techno idiot...can barely run my own camera and don't know how to grab a picture from somewhere else.

vicki archer said...

beautiful as always Julie....Have a very happy weekend, xv.

alice said...

OH Julie, Those pictures are breath taking! I don’t think I know enough adjectives to describe how they made me feel. Thanks so much! Also thanks for commenting on my musings.
smiles, alice

Unknown said...

Such a magical place and such gorgeous shots of it! I'm especially glad you waited out the other tourists to get that very special photo. I would have gone shopping ... you made the better choice!



Pooch Purple Reign said...

OMG that is sooo beautiful. o yes, i will be there. twice to italy, but so much to see!
have a great weekend...

sweetcheeks said...

Thanks for stopping by Julia. Your photos are wonderful. They leave that magical feeling imprinted on the brain. You do such great stuff with your photos.........I am determined to learn the tricks with my little point and shoot and PSCS4. I am a tad slow but I'm getting there.
You ask about clothes lines.........I'm not sure anyone under 40 knows what one is. The home owners association where we live banned clothes lines and satellite dishes and then when threatened with a law suite they relented. We all know how terribly important appearances are. We might have energy consumption out of sight but our pants are dry! Even our lawns are watered during rain storms. We are a crazy bunch of people.

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Hi Julie! This is the most beautiful place and your photography of it is amazing! I understand your addiction to Photoshop, I love layers! Oh and I can't forget filters! This was a beautiful very enjoyable post. It took me away to a better place for a moment! Take care! Jennifer:)

e said...

Welcome to my world, lassie! :) Isn't it amazing?! The choices are endless. I'm so glad you're enjoying working with textures. I knew you'd love it. These first images are fabulous. Enjoy! :) Lizzy