Versailles: Look to The Heavens


Look To The Heavens

Ceiling: Derived from the Latin 'cælum' meaning heaven or sky

That's where you should look next time you are visiting Versailles
For it is there you will find  hidden treasures dancing in anticipation of your visit

I've been to Paris four times.. but it was not until the last day of this recent trip that I managed to drag myself out to Versailles... I had meant to go a few weeks earlier and meet up with the lovely [Ange], but things got hectic before my flight to Rome so it was postponed until I returned to Paris for my final few days in France ..  

I took the train out and assumed it would be quite easy to find the actual palace.. All I have to do is follow the crowd.. So that is just what I was doing when I turned a corner and WOW..  Words defy me.. Actually they didn't.. There were a few words uttered that I really shouldn't post here, quickly followed by the thought.. 'No wonder the peasants revolted'... This massive palace, strategically placed at the end of a broad avenue and atop [what looked like to me] the highest point in the vicinity.. A position of dominance and power.. Glaring down at it's menial public!! haha.. But seriously.. It certainly grabs you with this feeling of awe... Awe and dominance.. That was my first impression.

By the time I arrived it was past the midday hour and swiftly moving into late afternoon.. No problem I only wanted to see two things.. The Hall of Mirrors.. and La Petite Trianon.. So I joined the long winding queue to purchase my tickets to decadence... Upon request of said tickets the answer was 'Non!!'.. 'Non?' What do you mean 'Non'?.. 'Madame there is not enough time to visit both'... Really? There was still almost 4 hours left before closing.. seriously.. Not enough time? I mean I wasn't going to dilly dally... Bucket loads of tourists are not my thing.. So I had planned on getting in.. getting my shots.. and getting out.. Not a dilly or a dally would I make... The answer was still 'Non'.. so with a quick decision I chose the Palace and The Hall of Mirrors.. [goodbye Petite Trianon .. I will see you next visit].

Famous last words.. I 'dillied' and I 'dallied' like the best of them.. and upon reaching the Salon of Hercules... I lingered in awe of the painted ceilings of Francoise Le Moyne..  I spent so long in this room just taking in all the incredible beauty.. It didn't hurt that the overall room tones were blue and green.. which just added to my delight and feeling of calm.. Actually calm might not be the correct word... as I distinctly remember my poor aching neck from trying to take in every angle of that ceiling... If I could have lain on the floor to take the shots I would have.. but that might have caused some unwanted attention.. so finally, exhausted with beauty, I left the room sure that that was it! .. Nothing was going to match that sight!... 

That was.. until I came to the famous Hall of Mirrors.. I'm pretty sure it was at this point I uttered the words 'All this beauty is giving me a headache...' No wonder Marie Antoinette became blaze .. There was too much to take in!! One could become desensitized to beauty in these surrounds.. So much beauty ... So much detail. Each and every square foot depicting some nuance or story that was begging  your admiration.. and I did my best to comply...

By the time I escaped the clutches of 'Beauty & Excess' my mind was whirling and a calm stroll through the gardens was just what I needed.. Not to be.. It was at this point the heavens opened up and sent forth a cleansing shower that saw all the little tourists running like scared rabbits... 'Petite Lapin' ...  One of the few French words I remember..  So there will be no garden shots from me!! Although the sudden downpour did assist me to achieve a few shots of the Palace buildings and facade without too many little 'lapin' hopping through my field of vision..

Next Post
As you can see I've given up on chronological order..  I think I'll quickly jump back to the beginning of the trip with either another Normandy or Paris next, before moving on to Italy and Roma.. Don't worry there's still plenty more Versailles to come.. Interiors [including Marie Antoinette's bedroom] and Exterior shots of the Palace.. And of course.. More Chandeliers!!! There's also still plenty of Normandy and Paris to come.. Which I'll interject here and there as we move on into Italy. .. So basically.. 

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ALL Text, Original Photography & Artwork [copyright beingRuby©]
ALL shots taken in  Versailles, France .. September 2011

'Pardon the repeat of the Lady Looking Up.. 
It was imperative to my well being to post her in colour & B&W!!'


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Versailles was certainly a highlight of our trip 12 years ago! We sat outside on the steps with a bottle of wine and ham and cheese and baguettes and watched a protest on the grounds. And that was just the beginning! Fantastic sights and beauty everywhere. Your photos and unique perspective are fabulous! :)

michelle said...

Julie these photos are gorgeous and I can only imagine what it looked like in person. I am sure I will never get there but to see this beauty through your eyes has been such a treat for me. I loved your last post as well, such playful photos.
Enjoy your day!

Splendid Sass said...

Ok, Julie, these photographs are amazing! The firs tis one of my favorites but the addition of objects throughout is lovely.
Keep them coming!

I Dream Of said...

Julie, your photos are heavenly and take me right back to Versailles. I think it's always nice to leave something behind unvisited, it gives you an extra reason to return next time!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Keep 'em coming - no matter what order they're in - they're gorgeous! I want to go visit so badly! Now I know I need to allot an extra day to see it all.

mermaid gallery said...

i have never been there so i appreciate your taking us ....very impressive alright! ...i can feel that neck ache though....they really should have chaise lounges to view from.....all that culture takes a while to digest. I was very young when i traveled to paris and spent most of my time there just wandering about aimlessly......i loved the street scene.......(i was broke so any activity that involved money was not on my itinerary)..i did eat a lot of cake.....

Roberta said...

Thanks for sharing such beauty through your lens Julie. Sounds and looks like you've had the trip of a lifetime, but I know you'll go back:)

rjerdee said...

Oh Julie, this post is to die for! I'm in awe of your abiility to hang on and shoot all these details...I can't enter an historic building or museum without being exhausted and saturated within two hours.

and they really let you shoot like crazy in there?

oldgreymare said...

It is delightful to see these rooms through your eyes, made even more magical by your vision.
keep them coming..more more

Loree said...

it's one of my dreams to dance a waltz in the Hall of Mirrors. Ha right :) Wonderful shots and angles.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I'm glad to hear you dillied and dallied with the rest of us!

Beautiful shots.

Ann said...

My compliments to you- you truly captured the best of Versailles!

I have to admit, I went this past Sunday awaiting to be blown away, but it was very difficult for me to get over the rudeness of the people working there and all of that gold! And you know how I love gold leaf! Yes, it was incredible, as the Vatican's treasures are incredible, but at a huge cost to every day people.

I am so glad you caught its beauty as you did and I thank you for that.

P.S. So, we spent the extra time and $$ to see Le Petit Trianon (which I really wanted to see more than anything), excitedly walk back and it was CLOSED up tight! An hour before closing time. What?! Ha- our problem- no one stooped so low to answer our questions why. So, when you go again- ask to be sure it's open and go first!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

When I went to Versailles, or Paris for that matter, the beauty was overwhelming. I could not focus, for every where I looked, I was stunned in my tracks. To look upon ages of history and the finest materials possible, one is reminded that we are on a continuum of creative expression and one day OUR WORKS will be looked upon...your photography is of superior quality and vision my friend! Anita

Lynne with an e said...

Sparkling,enchanting, grandiose and artful! Your photos capture the ambience well. All that's missing is the slightly mildewy aroma that permeates the palace.

Bree Oliver said...

If only my pictures of the hall of mirrors looked like these!

simon said...

The hall of mirrors was being restored when I was there in 2005 and even so it was very impressive

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Julie......what memories you have brought back for me. Your photos are exquisite.


Claudia Lane said...

Beautiful and inspirational as always...
you make me want to be there now :)

Have a great week Julie

Claudia xo

Carole said...

Its been so long since I went to Varseille but I do remember the Hall of Mirrors was my favorite. SO large and so opulant it's very overwhelming. It does make you think how much is too much? I guess too much gets your head chopped off:)


La Petite Gallery said...

I never made it there.
I couldn't and didn't want to leave Montmartre.
Now I wish I had gone. Your
photo's are so great. Keep clicking, I am living vicariously
through your photo's.
Big hug, be safe.

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

So glad you made it to Versailles!
Love the photography (as always) and looking forward to more, more and more ...