Roll Up Roll Up It's Showtime in Sydney

Easter In Sydney

Hi Everyone. As autumn starts to settle here in Sydney we are once again blessed with what I like to call Easter Sunshine.. [in between bouts of rain that is !!] A diffused dappled light much kinder than the harsh glare of summer and apt to trick my brain into thinking spring is arriving.. Blame the sunshine.. Blame Easter! 

Being brought up with a confusing mix of English traditions and American television .. my thinking can't help but fall in line with our northern cousins.. Thoughts of spring, ducklings and those faux faberge candy eggs. You know.. The ones that came dangerously close to chipping a tooth or two. Yes those and all the other trappings of a Springtime Easter come to mind... 

So when armed with the task of creating  prints for a friend, I found these  springtime candy colours influencing the outcome.  It did get a little addictive [or should I say OCD] ... I created more iterations than you could poke a stick at.. Andy Warhol himself would have been proud.. Problem now is I can't choose.. and every new image is also getting the 'candy treatment'..  [and the multiple iterations].. So forgive the repetition ... And..

Let's get on with the show!! 

The Royal Easter Show

One Easter tradition that is pure Aussie ... is a visit to the yearly agricultural show .. or as we call it.. 'The Royal Easter Show'. People from all over the state gather to display their agricultural goods and livestock. Originally a trade show 'bringing the country to the big city', the event was housed within the grounds and historic buildings of Moore Park and the Hordon Pavillion.

My memories of this childhood event are partially my own.. and partially some imagined world populated by stories and images passed down by my mum.. A phantom fairground populated with the mums and dads of the 40's era. Hawkers plying their trade on Sideshow Alley, antiquated merry-go-rounds singing some long forgotten warbled song and freckle faced kiddies greedily savouring the remnants of fairy-floss smeared across their dust ridden cheeks.

All my memories include a soft hazy light which in truth were dust storms created by the footfalls of the ever moving crowds. A constant procession to no particular place, but seemingly always in search of the next exciting moment. At days end those same procession of show goers would quicken their pace, rushing to the grand arena, in hope of securing a place in the stands. For nightfall would be bring the best spectacle of all.. the fireworks!!!  Perhaps that is what the hazy glow of my memories was.. the  phosphorous scented cloud of a spent fireworks display.

Sadly, all too soon, the business called show business, would shut up their shopfronts and the tired and disheveled show goers would join the even longer procession making their way back to the family Holden. No one remembers the drive home.. well at least not we kids.. I sure hope my dad did!

The show now resides at Sydney Olympic Park.. Filled to the brim with displays, thrill rides and sideshow alleys... It is now bigger than ever... and as you would expect.. so is the entry fee. However it has lost it's charm for me... Perhaps it's the lack of grit and dust, but those sentimental memories are now nowhere to be found.. My memories are left to roam alone through the grounds of Moore Park  and our childhood laughter to echo in the empty halls of the Hordon Pavillion, searching for the perfect candy ladened showbag.

Have Fun This Weekend

And Don't forget 

The Full Moon is Monday, 18th April [Sydney Time] & 'To The Moon Alice' goes global.
I'll be including a linky tool for anyone wants to join in

All photography, text and artwork [beingRuby©]
Photos of Royal Easter Show are from my visit 2010
[ya think!!]

In response to Susan [Giulia]: Moore Park is now the home of Fox Studios and Markets.  Some of the original structures still stand today and never fail to bring back these lovely memories for me. I'll try and get some shots for a future post.


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Wow! Gorgeous shots and I love those candy colors!

mermaid gallery said...

Julie! Those are simply amazing!...the colors are so candy floss and take me back to my!...I would love to attend that fair and ride that roller coaster....and see all the livestock shows. They probably have the border collies working too. Have fun...and then take us, Susan

Shellbelle said...

When I get here I always want to say, WOW! Love these colors and the shots, but my favorite is the last one of the ferris wheel. I love the sense of movement you've created and want to jump on and ride forever!

I know what you mean about events like this not being the same as when we were children. Most of them today are so HUGE and the sense of community has been lost. I remember going and you ran into everyone you knew, now that seldom happens. Sad, but like you, I hold onto the memories of my youth.

I'll be here for the Full Moon Party!

mermaid gallery said...

too funny, i said roller typing gets ahead of my's always a little slow before the coffee...I don't even go on roller coasters! ever!...the ferris wheel is much more my style....glad you like the pics of Mexico...I love it there! ....have a wonderful time at the fair! again, susan

Giulia said...

Oh I loved your reminscences, Julie. And of course, I lurve the photos because I have a version on Giulia Geranium. I'm so happy to see those colors every single day. Now I'm off to look at the NSW Archives at the latest photos. My first posts using them were of ones from the Royal Easter Show. If I ever get to Sydney, I hope we can go, even though it's not like the old days. I wonder if the park is still there, where they held it originally. Just to visit it?

Well...have a great weekend, m'dear.

Stephanie said...

Love these photos and your fairground memories!! These are so beautiful!

rjerdee said...

Wow, Julie...these ferris wheel photo-paintings are scent-sa-tional! I can smell the cotton candy...rather like all the Easter candies around here.

Moon Monday? I want to join but it'll be a little hard for me after my busy camera is so limited, also my storytelling skills...I'll see what I can do. I'm still doing my moonwalking so maybe I'll find something to blog about :)

Unknown said...

What a wonderful dream-like quality they all have....lovely indeed....smiles.

Loree said...

What a lovely post - so full of memories. Childhood memories are the best. It seems as if everything was magical back then. Enjoy your weekend.


Wow! LOOOOVE the photos!!

Happy weekend!


Blondie's Journal said...

Your shots are truly delicious!! Very cotton candy~like and also bring back memories for me of the county and state fairs! They were always centered around the food, then the rides, then the that order, for me!

I hope Easter is a bright sunny day for you, regardless of the season!


desde my ventana said...

Really your images are like a dream ... so so beautiful and with lovely memories of the past,
Have a happy pre-easter weekend,



Melissa said...

julie- i am totally with you sweet...the *show* absolutely lost it's *allure* when it moved and cleaned itself up!
i loved reading this - i feel exactly the same...your memories are my memories....i loved the dust...the crowds...the simplicity of it all...

i'll be thinking of the RES this month whilst taking my kids, and nieces visiting from oz, to London...

enjoy yours...melissa xx

beachcomber said...

hi julie..well this time you've got me remembering my childhood!
your story made me feel like i was there again.
it was sad when the show moved to a modern venue. i loved the old arena and historic buildings at moore park, a great setting for the rural displays.
i can remember dirty feet, amazing fruit and vegetable displays, animals. the wood chopping, showbags, rides and side show alley particularly half man half woman..
your photos are absolutely devine!!!
cheryl x

oldgreymare said...

candy colored excellence. beautiful Julie : D


michelle said...

Gorgeous my friend!! Every candy-colored photo is pure beauty! What wonderful memories you have and what a special place and time.
You know, I never thought about Easter being in the fall, I just assumed it was spring everywhere. I so need to get out more! :)
I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Ah Julie you have brought some memories here for me about the Show...going there in the 60's..dust at the feet..!!! Have never been to the new spot...Too right, Easter does remind me of Spring...I do love the Autumn weather though, Enjoy the weekend...Dzintra

Claudia Lane said...

Dear Julie you are so so talented...I know I've said it before! I just love these images and the colours...too divine! Thank you for the treat!
I love he idea of going to the show and discover some lovely new products in the different pavilions, what a delight!...
Have a great w/end (wet, wet, wet by the looks of it though!)

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Everybody has said what I wanted to say, these are fantastic Julie, such wonderful colours, and really great compositions. I love the fairground shots as much as the rose, they are stunning.
So when is this going to become professional for you?! We all know you're good enough.

Love your linky idea for the moon, I'll do my best

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE ALL THE IMAGES, but the one with the merry-go-round and the background striped flag or tent is TDF! My goodness, you are super, Julie!!!! ENJOY YOUR AUTUMN DEAREST! Thank you for the images; I will use them by the end of my beach adventure...Anita


Such magical beauty you have captured, Julie. Deliciously delightful favorites in your repretoire, if that's possible to pick a favorite! The colorways are divine and dreamy. I'll have to keep coming back to see them! ...perhaps purchase some time? ;) Angela

Carole said...

Hi Julie,
Makes me want to go the fair!!! I love seeing all the farm animals....and eating all the junk that you can only get there.
Don't feel bad about your's like Winter here today with heavy winds. urrrr!
Gorgeous photos and such pretty effects you achieved.

sorry haven't been writing much but I know you understand.
miss you,

My Grama's Soul said...

Isn't it lovely that oftentimes our memories are SO MUCH BETTER than the real thing. Your photo shoot of memories is just fantastic!!



Rhônya Holman said...

These photos are absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. No words were even needed.

Sunshine and Smiles to you. =(^.^)=

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Gorgeous love the candy treatment!! so pretty xox

Renée Finberg said...

you are the best.
thank you for the most fabulous comment....
as always.

i am crazy about your art in this post.
i love carousels....and your shots are magical.

i wish i had been a little kid at one of these
'easter shows' with you.
we would have had a blast!!! big hugs xxx

Beach House Living said...

These are magical and you have brought back some of my own childhood memories...and yes they have since lost appeal instead of a vendor selling homemade pies there are phone and insurance companies with booths.

lila Braga said...

OMG!!! Ruby this post is fabulous...the images are so GORGEOUS!

Glamour Drops said...

Your lovely images do indeed evoke memories from days long past...they have that golden glow of fondly~remembered fleeting remembrances.

Is it that things are always more magical from a child's perspective, or is it because the show has become more commercialised and less agricultural? A bit of both, I suspect; and for me, for memories of childhood shows are sweet and savoured.

From your newest follower! Hi from Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

Just like your comments about wanting to adopt a Northern interpretation on Easter I find the same with Christmas.....until the QLD humidity hits me in the face and I am reminded "I'm dreaming of a white christmas" will always be just that....xx

design elements said...

so beautiful, Julie. When I visit your blog I always want to say wow. Gorgeous. I'm speechless...Happy new week and many hugs to you

count it all joy said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the Easter show at Olympic Park. It has irrevocably changed for me also. My favourite was always the regional Fruit & Veg display in the Hall of Industries. I think it's now in the "Woolworths Dome" or some such tragedy.

I'm still a wee bit partial to the woodchopping though...wherever I find it:)

Meredy xo.

Angie Muresan said...

I'm wondering if your weather isn't too different than ours around this time of year. And your memories... I love them. I enjoy reading about each one, Julie. Hugs and love!

Foto Bugil said...
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