LE TOUR 2009: PARIS – Fin

21 Days, 4 Countries, 7 Mountain Ranges, 199 Riders from 20 Teams. But there can only be 1 winner.... This is the Amazing…[oops… wrong race]


This Is

‘Le Tour de France’

and the winner for 2009



and YOU

1900 -  5-2 - parisenimages-fr

and ME


and the ordinary folk


who took to the streets

1900 -  2 - parisenimages-fr

to watch this amazing spectacle


OK maybe



So today The Final Stage of Le Tour concluded it’s relentless schedule

in the City of Light ..


Home to ‘La Tour Eiffel’

wiki - 1902 - 396px-Lightning_striking_the_Eiffel_Tower

Coco Chanel

Coco - 2



& 'La Moulin Rouge'

People came out in force

wiki - 755px-American_troops_march_down_the_Champs_Elysees

by any means available

vintage mini

to greet the riders

take refreshment

La Coupole

And line the Champs Elysees

France-Paris-ChampsElysees photbucket

To see the riders make their entrance

historique_1975 - first finish on champs elysees

And the winner cross the line to victory


[Jacques Anquetil – 1964]

So here’s to


The winners of past

Henri pelissier - won 1923[Henry Pelissier – 1923]

Maurice-Francois Garin - won 1903 - le petit ramoneur[Maurice Francois Garin – 1903]

Firmin Lambot - won 1911 and 1913[Firmin Lambot – 1911 & 1913]

historique_1919 - Eugene Christophe [Eugene Christophe – 1919]



the new friendships

made along the way


So this is Julie from ‘Being Ruby’ signing off from ‘Le Tour’

Hope you have enjoyed the last 3 weeks

It’s been relentless, exhausting, exhilarating, and FUN

toursmokersart-1 - sportswarehouse

I will be sad to no longer have the steady measured voice of Phil Liggett to lull me into dreamland [Thanks Phil]. Nor the hypnotic flashing images of the French Countryside rolling by [Thanks to the People of France for hosting this great event in their wondrous backyard]. And finally THANKS to ALL OF YOU who came along for the ride, your comments are much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed some of this adventure.


So for one last time, BACK TO THE BOYS


Congratulations – Alberto Contador 1st ESP

Sorry Cadel Evans AUS It was not your year!

Yooo Hooo Lance Armstrong 3rd USA Looking Good. You are a freak of nature!

Watch out world – Mark Cavendish GBR – is new in town!


FULL Standings and race details can be found [here]

IF you need to reminisce [here are the archived posts]


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wiki - 396px-Mona_Lisa



Archival ‘Le Tour de France’ images: LeTour.fr, Paris Roof tops & Coco Chanel: Unknown [apologies], Paris Lightning: wikipedia.com, Montmartre: BeingRuby, Art By Toulouse Lautrec: Google images, Paris Archive Images: Parisimages.fr, wikipedia.com and Unknown [apologies], Paris Current Images: wikipedia.com, photobucket.com, Other: Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower [lightening] – wikipedia.com, Lance Armstrong: Dishiness.com and also found at ‘Dumbwit Tellher’, For Archive Post Thumbnail credits: please see details from that post


nevin said...

What a beautiful post! Good on you! I am a big fan of Le Tour de France! So the my husband! Alberto Contador is a winner! He was just fantastic! But my favorite was Cadel Evans of course. Armstrong is a brilliant man. I can't believe it is fin! It was fun as always.. Le Tour de France!

Thank you so much for this beautiful post! I even show my husband !

Unknown said...

Wow, now THAT was a post.....PHEW!!!

Great old photos of Paris, I loved those....we went to eat at La Coupole last time I was in Paris, it was really fun, great atmosphere.

I am not even sure what to make of the naked Lance Armstrong photo....yikes!!!


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Julie - what can I say, you gave the best tribute to the best race on the planet. Your images & your way with words are above & beyond. So incredibly entertaining. It was a terrific finale. My husband & I were agreeing with Andy Schleck today when he remarked that he was sad that it was all to end today & everyone would be going their separate ways tomorrow. I laughed because I too will miss Phil's smooth voice. After 3 weeks each year he is like a Uncle that comes to stay for a holiday. Many thanks too for linking my blog to this post. Yes, the 96th Tour is now a memory but a fine one @ that. especially after experiencing it through your eyes! All the best,

Anne Marie said...

love your first b&w photo of the clock - awesome!

and woohoo to lance!!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

One of the greatest tests of endurance the world so happily beholds - the Tour de France is the only race we follow. I'm not sure if it is because of the gorgeous landscapes or the amazing strength and determination of the riders, most likely it is both. Your post was the perfect finale!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Thanks Julie , for your wonderful coverage of Le Tour de France... I have enjoyed every minute of my journey through France, Spain and Switzerland ( and Andorra, that's that little country, isn't it !! )and didn't we have a great time... the countryside, the mountains, the lakes, and finally Paris. I know that it has been hard work for you but,let me tell you, it was well worth it. We have all loved the ride.Merci beaucoup. XXXX

simon said...

fantastic post and the photos just ,make me want to get back on the plane....

Brilliant! Armstrong sure is a freak of nature!!

Carole said...

yes what a ride and I didn't even have to get off my butt to experience it. i have to agree with Jackie it was a lot of work but you did an excellent job making it fun and informative.
Congratulations to the winner!!!
move over Lance let someone else win for a change!

Courtney said...

A lovely, lovely photo-journey. Thanks so much for putting it together. And Go Alberto!!

beachvintage.com said...

Love all the black and white pics. Especially the one with the 2 woman having coffee.

cate said...

I have never found the Tour de France soo interesting!!! & it is all because of you & your fantastic posts Thank you for all the energy... :) Cate

Maya said...

What a great post! I actually did hear the results last night on TV (every once in a while I do watch the news). This has been such a fun ride with stunning imagery!!!

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

You must be exhausted, almost like you rode the Tour yourself! Okay, maybe not that tired. Great job, though, on keeping up with the race. If not for you, I would have been pretty clueless. And you definitely have some wonderful, old photographs.

I left you a award on my latest post.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Wow, what a fun ride. You are one great reporter! Enjoyed my French adventure with you! I actually paid more attention to the ride on the news because you were doing this. Three weeks, that is one long ride through the countryside.

Alicia said...

Well back to the grind darling....
By the way Hailey watched the end & when he explained that it was Tour de France not Tour de Pants...she told him..well that makes so much more sense. I thought it was weird tht they got a yellow jersey when its about pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

koralee said...

I so adore your post...thank you for taking me along for the ride..I learned so much ...I love your blog!!!!

Millie said...

Bravo to you Julie & look out Phil Liggett, his job is NOT SAFE! You would be such an asset to the Tour, I reckon you'll get the call very soon.
Millie ^_^

Oliveaux said...

Oh am so sad its over. I agree - it always lulls me to sleep...what are we going to do now? Ax

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh my Lord, what a post ... obviously I've dropped in on the wrap up and have missed all the posts on the race excitment. Never mind, one can always catch up in blogland.

Thank you for dropping by and I agree Cate was excellent in "Grey" and I haven't seen her look bad in an outfit yet, lucky girl!!

xxx DJ

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting! Love this post on the race. Your Black and White Sunday really hits home. I adore those clocks. I looked for a long time to find one for my header for my blog. These are just super. I am now a "follower".

Have a great day.


Giulia said...

Dear Julie,

Now, I'm exhausted! I just visited a chateau, a lake house, kept up with the Tour de France (delayed to my shame), & now must lie down.

Seriously, it was wonderful. Great imagination & humor. Loved it. I shall be able to visit more often soon. It took this poor old PC about 20 minutes to download Being Ruby. Therefore, I feel I should leave a witty note & so on. But nothing can compare with this, so I leave & bid you happy soon-to-be Wed. in your corner of the world.


erin's art and gardens said...

hello...and thankyou for visitng my blog (especially, if you are a beach-lover like me!) what a great post you put together! i especially love the photo of lance armstrong...what a bod! amazing!

The House That A-M Built said...

What a finale... what a spectacular 3 weeks it has been. Hats off to you Julie..... this deserves a 'Blog Emmy' of some sort! A-M xx

Kellie Collis said...

There is something so endearing about Phil's voice! I look forward to it every year! x

Faded Plains said...

What a great post...loved all the photos...thanks for the ride.

Exquisite Accessories said...

Well thanks for that Julie, I enjoyed every bit, you have put such a lot of work into the last three weeks the images were great & teasing me with Lance Armstrong phew I have gone all of a fluster (hee). !!!!

Renée Finberg said...

this is unreal !
i love this . you are so witty and stylish.
great post !

thanks for stopping by


Slices of Beauty... said...

Grand finale indeed!

Julie B. [Holland] said...

heyy ,Julie in Australia ... its Julie in Holland did you see the new movie coming out .. Julie and Julia.... with Meryl Streep as Julia Childs...the trailer looks like it might be cute... Julie in Holland :)

Porchlight Interiors said...

What a wonderful time it would be to be in Paris - to watch the end of the Tour (not that there is a bad time to be in Paris)! Happy weekend! Tracey xx

Lou said...

Oh WOW! I am a total Tour addict! How positivelly wonderful that you were there and to capture such fabulous shots! I so hope you might be there again this year! I plan to go one day in the future to.. but in the mean time depend on TY coverage and now your most beautiful blog!
Lou xx