The Red Shoes



Not These Red Shoes


These Red Shoes


When you least expect it!!
[maybe I should have called this the Ruby Slippers!!]

Just a quick post for Chania's Photo Challenge.
Thanks Chania just when I thought I couldn't find red.. There it was..
Will be back with my Full Moon post soon. Until Then...
Have a great weekend..

Julie b


Seagulls: Photography and artwork by Being Ruby©
The Red Shoes: Source unknown - sorry had this one so long can't remember... restored in photoshop by me


Splendid Sass said...

Oh so pretty AND sweet!
Have a wonderful weekend, Julie.

oldgreymare said... Dorothy's ruby slippers...

how sweet.


erin's art and gardens said...

perfecto!! like i have said "a little bit of red goes along way". a brilliant example. Love them red shoes!!

the old boathouse said...

Hey lovely lady in Red...I wish I could be dancing with you haha. hope all is good down your way..sorry I have been super slack with ye old comments...dosn't mean I havn't been checking in on you.Red is always my fav, cheers Katherine xxx

Jane said...

Yes!! and the red of their feet really is quite bright. Have a lovely day xoxo

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~**~Those are so precious!! Love them! ;)Rachel~*~*~*

Gypsea Nurse said...

All th eocean and the full moon.. what great treasure to be found... what extra ordinary experiences to be had!

The Moerks said...

Love it, love it. Red Shoes is perfect!

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

What a great idea your post is!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend,

desde my ventana said...

Hi Julie,
Creative, surprising and beautiful...just a perfect post.
Have a happy weekend,

chateaudelille said...

Very clever!Fiona

Pooch Purple Reign said...

SO cute. great pics. have a fun weekend
~pooch xx

Bonheur maison said...

Hola Julie,amo los zapatos rojos,maravillosa producción.
Gracias por comentar mi blog!!!! Me sentí muy orgullosa,
Que tengas hermoso fin de semana.

Razmataz said...

I never would have thought of the birds having red feet, but they lovely that photo is. Thanks for joing us this week.

Giulia said...

Julie--Rec'd your message & came over before going back to drink coffee...synchronicity, yes. These are lovely (both)...though I venture the birdies have a happier life than "Victoria" in the film. BTW, did you see the rather jazzed up original poster for the movie? I just looked...they seem to have been going for both a female AND male audience:)

xoxo from DC

mermaid gallery said...

the ballerina is sublime...the gulls foot loose and fancy free....

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Ruby
I lost your last posts but already I´m here!
Visiting you is always a nice,funny,magic and lovely moment for me

Beach House Living said...

Very clever. I like photos of shore birds as you know.

annie @ PlumSiena said...

Aawwww! How perfect can you get?

You're certainly a romantic at heart. Even your name(s)!


Carole said...

Just so elegant....well the ballerina that is...the seagulls are cute!! lol
Even her hair is red!
I didn't think you were a RED girl either. Me neither. It's the power color which is why men often pick it as their favorite I think?

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

I love this post Julie!
A pop of red always does wonders ... and your concept is brilliant!

the old boathouse said...

Ahh is that you Julie...balancing so elegantly and swooning so perfectly??ha Hey Wizard of OZ on Tele last night...and a big warm orange moon...signs of Ruby wherever I turned, xx Katherine

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love it! A touch of red ...fabulous!
You are such a sophisticated photographer...
...with a delicious sense of humor!

Angie Muresan said...

My daughter just got a pair of ruby slippers. She's been wearing them nonstop.
Love and hugs, dear friend.

Decorus Vita said...

one's life is not complete without red slippers or...........feet. You captured it well. It is always such a delight to drop by your post.

Elaine said...

Love all of the red shoes. I love photos of ballerinas and that one is a beauty!

The full moon was gorgeous! Looking forward to your post.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Knee high boots in red.
Funny, I was looking online for red shoes yesterday!

agawphotography said...

Beautiful blog, great pictures!

Julie-Ann said...

Oh how clever and observant of you. And what bird doesn't love a pair of Red Shoes lol.

Susanne said...

Both very elegant.

Mise said...

What a perfect juxtaposition of images. Both lovely, both all the more striking for their pairing.

Stephanie said...

lovely lovely lovely, Julie!