To The Moon Alice: This Is Australia

This Is Australia
January 2013 - To The Moon Alice

Not only was I late with my first post of the year [see last]
I'm also late with January's Moon Post. 

With February's full moon jumping the queue, pushing to the front of the pack, taking no prisoners, I'd better get a move on. Hold your horsies little February, January gets her turn first! 

A Big Thanks To YOU!

Have A Wonderful Week
 Artwork  [copyright beingRuby©]
Created from original photography:  [beingRuby©]
Location: Somewhere north of Sydney, Australia


beachcomber said...

gorgeous shots julie! love the combination of moon and lighthouse.

Lynne with an e said...

Great to see the light shining out guiding us to your shores; seen through the hazy heat of a summer that's upside down to we residents of a frozen northern clime. Sweet sight for snow-sore eyes!

La Petite Gallery said...

Julie, that moon is soooo big, can it be real?? Beautiful shots.
Renee just left for work, she was scraping the snow off her car.
I wish I could have helped. Can't wait for spring.

Loree said...

Hi Julie, hope all is well. I love the light-house shot.

Sue said...

I love the photo lovely. Hope all is well!

Claudia Lane said...

Gorgeous Julie! Cx

Jennifer Beaudet said...

So beautiful and surreal! Such an amazing shot and you've made it perfect with your creative skills. Great to see your posts. I've missed the moons!

Roberta said...

Happy Beautiful Full March Moon Julie! Thinking about you and hoping all is well! xo