Sunday At The Coliseum: Ruby 1 – Lions 0

3 Being Ruby - Cat in Coliseum - land bw


Week One: Ruby 1 – Lions 0

Week 1 of my project implementation is almost over, 80+ hours later, hence no blogging this week. Still working today [Sunday] prepping for next week’s loads. At least I didn’t need to go in to the office which means I finally had a big sleep in!! Ruby style! Migrating data from one computer system to another is a bit like putting a square peg in a round hole. A bit of chipping away here, massaging and manipulating there and voila!! And if it doesn’t quite fit, then a big hammer! No.. only joking! I’m happy to say the hammer wasn’t required, I do though feel like it has been used on me!!


Project Mascot

To get us all in a team mood, I created a Project Mascot. You remember my Blue Angel from two posts ago? [here]. Well I gave her a do-over with our Project Name and some words to protect us from Diseases and Big Buses [it was a little less polite than that but you get the drift]. It seems to have worked, although I forgot to mention not being hit by push bikes. Yep, right before our first production load I went to move my car and was hit by a bike. On the footpath! A huge slinging match ensued between the pushbike owner and another pedestrian. Seems the pushbike owner was intent on laying the blame on someone else and completely ignored me. Back at work I attempted to tell my colleagues the story ...


Me: Hey Everyone I got hit by a pushbike!!!

Them: That’s nice .. Have you completed task xyz?

Me: Hello ???? I got hit by a bike!!

Them: Yes..That’s nice ..


The Prayer Wall

The next day they seemed to realise that YES I actually did get hit and NO I wasn’t joking. We decided that although the Angel was working in our favour, more help was need for disasters not related to disease or buses. So each night when I finally get home around midnight, I pick out a new ‘Mascot’ to present at work the next day to inspire or protect. It also serves to give me a small window of creative time which I miss with no blogging. Here are Week One’s entries in what my colleague calls ...

‘The Prayer Wall’

3 Being Ruby - Angel - Trim 2-3 sg3 Being Ruby - Ana Capri - Trim 2-3 sg3 Being Ruby - Sybil of Delphi - 2-3 - sg3  Being Ruby - Ancestors - trim 2-3 - sg3 Being Ruby - Dalai Lama - trim 2-3 - sg3 BEing Ruby - Halloween 1 - trim 2-3 - sg

~ ~

So that’s the status of my life right now [working and hot! it is 40c here]. Week Two will be more of the same but hopefully the hours will reduce. The good news is, by this time next week we should be finished, or very close to it, then it is just dealing with the aftermath.


Take care everyone and I’ll see you next week, if not before!


Ciao Julie

The Cat Came Back, She Couldn’t Stay Away

She Was Sitting On The Porch, The Very Next Day



#1 Blue Angel: From the Pont Sant’Angelo in Rome. Photo & editing [Being Ruby]. #2 Anacapri: On the Isle of Capri, Italy. Photo & editing [Being Ruby]. #3: Sibyl of Delphi: From the Sistine Chapel Rome. Scan of poster. #4: Ancestors of Ruby: Vintage Family photo altered by [Being Ruby] . #5: the 14th Dalai Lama: Scan from postcard. #6: Blue Moon: Photo & editing [Being Ruby]. #7: Cat in Coliseum: Stray cat in the Roman Coliseum. Photo & editing [Being Ruby]


Ange said...

Yep - if you're being hit by crazy cyclists when unsuspectingly using the footpath for what it's for, then you definitlely need a talisman! Between the Angel and the Dalai Lama it seems you've got it sorted out! COURAGE chère amie... good things are coming your way ...
Love Ange

Sahildeki Ev said...

I am glad to hear that you are at the half way at your project. I miss your posts..

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hang in there Julie! I hope you are ok from your accident! Love your mascots.....especially that Roman warrior in the coliseum! You are awesome!
Take care, Laura

Mise said...

Ah I remember those IT days (perhaps better forgotten).... I hope it continues to go well. The mascots are a great human touch. Keep sleeping! x

Unknown said...

Hey you!

Great to see a post from you...this one was a good one, it did make me giggle! Loved the hammer comment, computers make me feel like that most of the time to be honest!

Sounds like you are working super-hard, glad you managed to get a lie-in this week-end :)

And finally, I love all the photos, but especially the cat one, it's fabulous :)

Take care of you,
Simone :) xo

Anne Marie said...


Your post and images this morning are so you incorporate images into your work -

I'm sorry - - - I don't understand (or know) what you do for a living - - -

your photos are always so professional -

Greet Lefèvre said...

Dear Julie,
I feel quilty to not had the time to read your posts for the last days! But today I did and they are so beautiful!! I enjoyed them a lot!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Jen Beaudet Z said...

Hi Julie! That is a great picture of the cat at the coliseum! It looks like it could be a poster or a calendar! Hey, you should make a calendar of all your photos!(when you have time):)You sound like you would be a lot of fun to work with! Sorry you got hit by the bike. Take care! Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Sorry about the pushbike. Ouch!
Hubby & I both used to work in software. Love your prayer wall. Brilliant idea! Hope you have a great week and that the hammer isn't necessary. :)

Unknown said...

How awful to be hit by a bike! Were you badly injured? On second thought, if you had been I suppose your coworkers would have noticed the blood and bruises...

That stray cat is beautiful!

Sue said...

I had to use an online calculator to figure out it is 104 degrees there! You are overworked, stressed, tired and melting. I really hope this project pays you very well:)

Of course I love the pictures. I'm still really drawn to the "blue moon" shot. I don't know if it is the color, or the feeling it portrays, but I love that one.

Take care yourself...take your vitamins:)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I hope that all your beautiful Mascots get you through the rest of this project safe and sound! The cat is a darling!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

good to hear that your work project is going well!
and, it seems you have it covered now in the prayer corner. haha, i find some prayers its important to be very specific and some so vague as to cover all bases. beautiful pics.
and ps, im jealous of the temp there. we have had an unusually warm fall but its a tease compared to whats to come. *sigh*
all the best

Luiza said...

I adore the cat photo... It´s wonderful.

A lot of work for me as well this week. Prepairing for 1:st of advent and all.... Feels like I don´t have the time for it.

I really hope you didn´t get seriously injured, by the pushbike...

Wonderful collage. I love it.

Have a wonderful week.

Jane said...

Oh a prayer wall I love that Idea. And aren't people uncaring? I hit my head on Friday (a bit of cupboard broken by my husband fell on my head lucky the nail bit didn't go into my skull) and the same day the aircon broke and when I told my husband I SWEAR he was more worried about the aircon than my head injury. Your colleagues are clearly immune to everyday pedestrian disasters you need to Raise the Stakes ie "Hey guess what I was hit by a green gargoyle on a unicycle and he laughed maniacally as I fell over." That should get their attention.

simon said...

She's ALIVE!!!! :o)
I understand fully- the 70 hours of hours of work a week. It happens the same for me, the same time every year..add to that the bush fire threat, (we live surrounded by the Blue Mountains National Park),with a bush fire only 2km away, a bout food poisoning resulting in no sleep, my daughters boyfriend issues,( I am waiting for a major drama from him)

I come to work this morning and say.. "there was a bushfire only 2km away and I got food poisoning".. they say "thats nice, is the conference organised for wednesday" etc etc...

Sometimes I think living a simple life in france, with good food and good company is all i need... ( now, where IS that Cathay pacific flight schedule??)

Seriously- thats for another entertaining post.. :o)

Elaine said...

Ugh, don't you just hate it when work takes over your life AND saps your creativity? Love the kitten photo and all your angels.

Hope you can take some time off soon.

Giulia said...

Oi oi oi. Julie. Yikes. Will be back. Saw the adorable & brave Roman kitty pix & had to stop in quickly.. I hope you're OK. This is the kind of thing that happens to me. Ouch. Good luck this week & will see you in email by week's end. (Everyone who sees the kitty pix on my wall loves it!)


Susan & GG

Samy said...

Hey Julie,
I am so sorry for not visiting your blog lately, I have just been too busy, sounds like you are very busy yourself, so hopefully you didn't notice.
Lovely pics as always and all the best for this week :)

Kellie Collis said...

22 days in a row is insane, I hope you are taking care of yourself and have down time... Fingers crossed it wont go on too much longer. x

Southern Aspirations said...

love the photos, love the prayer wall... CANNOT believe you were hit by a bike?!

You're almost to the finish line!!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

So glad to hear that things have calmed down a little for you, although not much by the sounds of it...... and you have also managed to have a little joke at work to relieve some of the pressure.
Beautiful photograph as well. XXXX

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

That little pussy cat just looks adorable sitting there amongst the ruins.
Who says your life is boring! Not only are you working your butt off, you get hit by a bike and then no one believes you!
Best of luck for the next stage ... hang in there ... and there definitely is light at the end of your tunnel!
Take care of yourself

Millie said...

Should we be sending over food & care parcels Julie? I hope your Team is planning a big celebration once your project's finished, you'll have certainly earnt it. I would have grabbed that cyclist by his tight lycras quick smart & given him a big talking to about manners. May have even confiscated his bike for good measure too!
Millie ^_^

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hey there Julie,
I am sure that I commented on this post but something must have gone wrong, as I don't see my comment there.
Anyhow, so sorry to here of the accident with the bike and I hope you are O.K. and no damage was done.I hope that you haven't been told that you will never play the violin again!! You are working so hard and I seriously don't know how you do it. Take care of yourself, won't you ?
At least everyone is up for some of your wonderful sense of humour which, hopefully, lightened the mood.
All the best for the next couple of weeks and make sure you are eating/sleeping and looking after fron Jackie/Mum !!!! XXXX

Angela Furlong said...

Good luck with the project... your posts make me laugh so much!
Angela x

Lee said...

Dear Julie, I hope the prayer angel is working overtime to deliver you respite from the insane workload. I hope there's light at the end of the tunnel. Take good care of yourself. Lee :)

P.S. I remember all the cats at the Colloseum - this one's a cutie.

M said...

Now how's that for a peaceful, inspiring bit of reading and viewing after a long day at the office. :-)
Thanks for posting, Julie.
All the best,

Mélanie said...

Happy thanksgiving !!! take care

Pooch Purple Reign said...

we re still hangin in at 8-9 celsius. that is crazy for the end of november !!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Julie you are a real trooper. I so admire your perseverance and tolerance. You are a woman to look up to. I love the mascots, with the kitty being my favorite. "Us against the big sometimes scary world". I hope you didn't get hurt? Couldn't believe with your love the Le'Tour, you get hit by a cyclist. Of all things!
Take care of yourself and thinking of you my dear xx