BLACK & WHITE Sunday: Introspection [& Chandeliers]

Today I am going to let you in to the inner workings of my mind! [Run now it’s the safest option!!]

Luckily for me, I seem to have finally found an outlet for my constant ruminations. A visual outlet where the mind can take a holiday, the calculations and hypothesis are left at the door.

accidental wisdom

I am an analyst of detail, by trade and nature. Unfortunately there can be both positives and negatives to this attribute. Constantly re-reviewing and reconsidering every aspect of your work will sometimes spill over into your daily life and the results are never pretty. Analysing every finding can alienate and ‘ruin-ate’ precious moments as quick as you can say ‘Dr Freud’ I have a problem! Finding the ‘off’ button for these invasive mental permutations, can in itself become a laboured task resulting in temporary insanity, raised eyebrows, and the instant clearing of a room!!! Yes those men in their little white coats are just biding their time!!

Lately though, I seem to have found a creative outlet for this annoying trait. A method to review, refine, invert, revert and 'per-mutate', that does not require mental acuity and in fact allows me to unwind, relax and just find beauty and calm in the ‘sometimes accidental’ resulting images. Yes the beauty of this technique is.. there is no technique at all!! In fact I think it has become almost a meditative process for me. So today I bring you the results of my latest creative meanderings. The positive, the negative, the introspection and retrospection, conversion and inversion [without the angst!! ha ha]

My poor unsuspecting subject is the St Sophia Basilica in Istanbul. I never tire of my two favourite images of her, taken on vacation in 1993. The full versions of these images were posted in previous Black & White Sundays [here] and [here]. I am yet to bring you the original colour, but if you can take some more B&W … here are some permutations of those previous images showcasing her wondrous chandeliers. All happily devoid of any technical decisions. [Naturally, I deliberated over which variations to post!!!]

St Sophia Basilica


1 Being Ruby - ST Sophia - Black 1

Faith Hope & Love

2 Being Ruby - ST Sophia - White 1

3 Being Ruby - ST Sophia - White 3

4 Being Ruby - ST Sophia - Black 1

6 Being Ruby - ST Sophia - White 2-2

5 Being Ruby - St Sophia - Black-blue

7 Being Ruby - ST Sophia - White 4


8 Being Ruby - ST Sophia - Black 3

basilica di san marco

And the long awaited third Basilica .. Basilica di San Marco in Venezia. Yet more permutations of travel snapshots using similar ‘non-technique’. I’ll bring you more of these another Sunday.

Being Ruby - Basilica di San Marco - 1

Being Ruby - Basiclica di San Marco - 2

B&W Sunday2

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#1 For those that enquired... I don't have Photoshop [yet]. I just use a basic photo editor and play around with the contrast, tone and colour

#2 Strangely I had not previously researched the namesake saint of this beautiful Basilica until today. St. Sophia is the patron Saint of martyrs, widows & orphans and her name means Wisdom. She was the mother of the three virgin martyrs, the virtues … Faith, Hope & Love [Agape] and their memory is celebrated on September 17

IMAGES: All by me [being Ruby]


Rolfe Bautista said...

I love the photography. Are they of the bromoil technique because they certainly look like such.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

OOoooo... Yippee, Julie. The Basilica di San Marco is the third in my trilogy of Basilica's , so I will look out for the postman with my photographs !!!!
I love the latest one...the first image is lovely....the 'bling' of the Basilica world !!! Sorry, I think I might have lowered the tone slightly. I'm not trying to take anything away from it's beauty, but it's roof seems to sparkle.
I love the treatment that you have given the smaller images of St. Sophia Basilica....they give it a rather child-like quality.
Yet another artistic Back and White Sunday. XXXX

Julie@beingRUBY said...

hehehe Jacqueline you crack me up. There's no 'tone' on this blog. I love the 'bling' also.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

The last chandelier photograph is the one for me, it's muted has lots of grey tones, no sharp contrasts (I think I'm trying to overcome the "contrasts" in my life, ha! See, when I was born sun and moon stood opposite).

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Wow Jullie, these are gorgeous. I too like the first one best. How do you do that? Have you considered selling these on etsy? You should! I'm glad you found a an outlet for your creative mind!

Anonymous said...

Ah I understand exactly what you mean. I tend to overanalyze everything I do. It becomes so hard sometimes to just ..move on! It has to be perfect with me. I try so hard not to be this way anymore, because you may go crazy.. Sometimes there is no time to be that way, thats the one thing I learned last year in school, you have to be proud with whatever you have, perfect or not. Because at the end, its your work.

Have a lovely day!
Great post!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Julie,
These photos are really interesting and beautiful....just like you! Is it all done with photoshop? Very cool.

Sarah Laurence said...

It's interesting how certain objects look best in black and white like these gorgeous old chandeliers. It was nice to connect with you too.

simon said...

whats on the 17th?

( I am tired of telling you how good the photos are.. these take me back 100years!)

I laughed at the opening lines... geez I clear the room of family and friends when I get a "bee in my bonnet" about a project or task. My specialist ( for my blood not my mind ha ha) say I am obsessive compulsive.. I just call him House...

If you find an interest that helps, its brilliant. For me its Birding, used to be mountain bike riding.

Yep its another great post on Black and white Sunday

and now.... I will drive 4wd into the Burralow National park for a cup of tea... Yippie!

simon said...

ps- you have aged heaps in the profile picture... was it a stressful week? ;o) ahaha!

Carole said...

You kill me!!! These are soooooo GOOD. I was just going to post my B&W and their just so boring. I thought the last time I did the kiddies in all that different effect it might have scared people.
I love how you did the reverse B&W too
Ok I need to take better look.
Isn't it fun????

Sue said...

This is all so new to me, that I have no idea how you did this. It was a joy to look at the difference in the photographs. I loved you personal "confession".

Elaine said...

Stunning photos as usual. A visual treat.

Great post!


love your photography ! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday too....

erin's art and gardens said...

love them all!! so so much! fun! i don't use photoshop either...only cuz i haven't had the time to figger it out! that's my goal for the fall when the gardening biz dies are funny too. i always enjoy coming here and would never bore of venice!!

Millie said...

Fantastic job Julie! Presenting what already is a masterpiece in such a creative light really takes my appreciation of it up to a new level.
Millie ^_^

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

Beautiful Julie! ... as always!

Courtney said...

So pretty, Julie! And I loved learning more about St. Sohpia, since my kitty shares her name.

Trouvais said...

Hello Julie. Congratulations on your 100th post! I'm really enjoying your blog, from your wonderful "deep thoughts", to the great collection of Ruth Orkin photos. Another photo that is emblematic to me of strong, live your life fully womanhood is Georgia O'Keefe on the back of a motorcyle. She looks like a very engaged woman. Trish